Head On Crash Near McKinleyville Is Fatal to Eureka Resident

chpstarPress release from the California Highway Patrol:

On Tuesday, June 27, 2017, at approximately 2225 hours, for reasons still under investigation, a Eureka, CA, resident was driving his Toyota 4 Runner the wrong direction on US-101 (southbound in the northbound lanes) just south of Murray Road in McKinleyville, CA.  32 year old Gyle Maruska of Arcata, CA, was driving a 2015 Dodge 5500 pickup and trailer northbound on US-101 approaching Murray Road.  The two vehicles collided head-on killing the Toyota driver.  Mr. Marsuka suffered only minor injuries and was not hospitalized.

Alcohol or drugs as factors in this collision remains under investigation.

The Toyota drivers’ name is being withheld pending next of kin notification.

Only one lane of US-101 was closed for a short time.

Earlier Chapter: Wrong Way Vehicle Crashed Head On Into Another; Extraction Needed



  • Just one viewpoint

    Another person driving the wrong way? And he died? Horrible! What is going on? This is why I am paranoid driving with my grandchildren on 2 lane roads, but the highway, with someone driving on the wrong side, what can you do except be aware of every single car on the road. Terrible.

    • Sharpen your pencil

      Umm, you are supposed to be paying attention to every car on the road…… The view on the side of the road is of no value to your life.

    • Yes you should be paying attention to ALL the cars on the road. Sheesh. Not playing with your phone or radio. Too many horrible drivers and tweaked out drivers. Wrong way drivers happen a lot here. I won’t drive in left lane near Stanford as RVs sometimes pull on the highway wrong at the divided freeway there. Seen two in my life. This vehicle wasn’t a tourist so it concerns me.

  • A couple weeks ago I observed a car going the wrong way down 6th street for about 4 blocks.

    • Yeah, i see it often in Eureka. I even did it (in reverse, sort of) once myself on outer Henderson, thinking it was one-way its whole length; i was in the left lane ’til i saw some odd things that made it click in that i was on a two-way street. I really think, when the person is going a reasonable speed, it’s just honest mistakes… they’re not necessarily out of their minds. Still, it’s enough of a risk that now i always stay in the right lane on 6th, 7th, I, H, etc., just in case.

  • Actual Old School

    I remember an incident in the later 80’s where CalTrans improved the Kenmar Rd (Fortuna) exit. Shortly thereafter an elderly man entered the highway going the wrong way and got killed. We figured he was confused- after entering the highway at a certain spot for decades and then the old spot was now a different entrance. I’m reaching that age and I can understand such mistakes!

  • When in globalized land, drive like the Europeans. Don’t fret about passing American dmv tests, any old experience will suffice?
    When missing an obstacle in the road, it’s always good to have a keen eye on what you’re about to run into if you swerve?
    Somebody having a bad Monday on a Wednesday for the rest of us?
    Whatever the case, my condolences to their loved ones. R.I.P. Dear Soul who ran out of resets.

  • My cousin got slammed by a person going the wrong way on a one-way road she didn’t look both ways turning onto the One Way Road. Look both ways even when entering a one way road is a lesson that I always do now

  • Seems like there have been an awful lot of accidents in the county recently…what’s going on? Is Mercury retrograde or something? Is drug use higher than ever? Have we hit critical mass and it’s no longer safe to leave home to drive anywhere?
    Curious in Fortuna

    • Anger/confusion over our political climate. Growing and excessive use of cell phones and any number of other toys in the car. (How is it legal to watch a damn movie while you are driving? Wow, how stupid can people be?)
      Oh yeah, people STILL drink and drive too. Blame other drugs all you want, BOOZE still takes 20,000 lives every year.

      • [edit] Are you actually attempting to convince people that our country’s political climate is causing people to drive the wrong way on our roadways? Come on, give me a break… Also, it is absolutely unlawful to watch a movie while operating a motor vehicle.

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