Frustrated Road Crews Leave Alderpoint Road Unfinished After ‘Sabotage’

Humboldt County truck with broken rear window.

Humboldt County truck with broken rear window. [Photo provided by Humboldt County Public Works]

Yesterday, Humboldt County Public Works crews left Alderpoint Road after someone apparently purposefully broke out the window of one of their trucks where they were resurfacing the road near Windy Gap. “We’re not going to go up there for awhile,” explained Steve Finch, Road Superintendent. “We’re going to go out Shelter Cove way where we can work safely.”

The crew had left the truck with its lights on in the work zone but around the corner from where they were currently working when someone broke out its back window.

Finch said that this was not the only issue they have had on Alderpoint Road. “Last year, we had people blowing through our flaggers’ stop signs and yelling,” he said. “One [county crew member] got spit on. Lots of people that wanted to get out of their car and fight.” Eventually, Finch said that they had to ask a California Highway Patrol car to cruise the area while they were working to keep the behavior of drivers from being so confrontational.

Not only does the crew feel unsafe but, it will take two weeks and $365 to get the truck fixed.

The truck pulled the tank which carries the oil that helps small bits of gravel adhere to the road surface. “If we can’t get another, then we can’t hot mix for two weeks,” Finch explained. This could affect not only Alderpoint Road but other rural roads slated for resurfacing.

“I get a ton of calls and Facebook posts from people wanting us to work on Alderpiont Road,” said Second District Supervisor Estelle Fennell. “But this act of sabotage…is going to cost the county to be fixing the truck. I’d rather be spending the money to fix potholes.”




  • If I see you working on Ettersburg Road, by damn I will buy you a case of cold ones!

  • Veterans friend

    The CHP often has a car by construction zones where there is little danger & no problems. An off duty officer gets to make overtime pay I believe. This seems like a worthy use of that scheme.

  • Nooooo! What the fuck, thanks a lot asshole, everyone was so happy to finally have our road being fixed! It’s so bad! I’m sorry someone did this if we know who it was they would pay! Please don’t think everyone out here doesn’t appreciate you guys because we DO! Now everyone has to suffer because of some idiot! [edit] Sorry this happened county guys. (Ok I’m done ranting now) PLEASE COME BACK

    • Life time local

      This isn’t right everyone is suffering because our county acts like a five year old. So one let’s say colored child was mean now I will never speak to any colored children. One person on this road did an act of vandalism that should be paid full in full by insurance. This was not the population of this road lashing out. This was one person yet the whole community is suffering. I understand how southern Humboldt gets an us against you mentality with the county. Our county needs to stop blaiminv all of southernHumboldt for a few bad apples.

      In my opinion this actually promotes vandalism. This tells me if the people on alderpoint road are mad about the condition of their road they should go vandalize county vehicles on other roads so they abandon the work on those roads and come to work on alderpoint and bell springs….. I’m so over this kind of reaction. I am so over being descriminated against by the county for various reasons. Sounthern Humboldt needs to fight back against this bullshit. We don’t get our tax money we should and south county goes to shit while north county resurfaces smoth roads. Hell they resurface smooth roads in town on the regular…. what so they can act like so hum is in good condition because town is.
      The wrong way to deal with vandalism= punish a huge community of people for the actions of one. Humboldt county is a good example of what not to do!

  • I hear the same type of stories from construction crews throughout the County….diesel stolen from equipment, equipment vandalized, drivers disregarding flaggers, speeding through construction zones, on and on. And, the perpetrators are mostly grow dozers, or growers not wanting to be bothered by slowing down or stopping. Hell, that is just too much of an inconvenience, after all they are there to grow mega weed and it is way more important than fixing the road!!

    • wow i had no idea .this is not ok. i always go slow and blink my lights so they know i see them. i . if it wasn’t for these guys fixing out roads i would still be doing the 9 hour trip to santa rosa. does anyone know if they have something like a game camera they could use for plates. chp must have something that would work. im going to look in to this. i dont like bully’s.

    • So are you a fortune teller or do you simply blame growers for everything???
      Do you have any proof for any of your allegations??

  • Have a better day

    So lame. People need to grow up. Let the men do thier jobs. A few jerks ruining it for everyone.

    • on the other hand, public works is misbehaving in their response. it is not reasonable to allow all the people who live out ap road to remain at their current level of danger that exists with the current condition of that road. we are not in school. we are on one of the most dangerous roads i have ever driven. there’s this little thing called forseeability… it is forseeable by an person of average intelligence without any training that somebody could easily die using that road in its current state. and some hot oil does not begin to rectify that. but doing nothing because your window got broken is not defensible in court when you get sued. which i will if my family gets hurt.
      everyone is sorry. they know theres a problem now. you can work with the majority. maybe theyll watch while you work and apply peer pressure on the bullies.

      • Life time local

        I agree yo mama. I am working hard to try and get the county to put some funds toward this road. It is inappropriate for public works to subject alll of the drivers to so much danger because someone broke a window.
        I don’t think our county is going to listen. I was recently told they don’t have funds and think the residents should just raise money to fix it then donate it to the county.

  • Doesn’t even make sense? Who wouldn’t want the road fixed?

    • I know plenty of people who keep their dirt roads crappy because it keeps the speed down . The nicer the road , the faster they go .

  • The practice of parking a patrol car at the site where there’s construction is commonplace in the city. It is a crime deterrent and bares some tone of law enforcement presence to keep people from traveling too fast through the safety zones. The statistics have proven this has decreased the number of injured roadworkers significantly. Seems like a reasonable solution.

  • Salmon Creek will welcome road crew with Coffee and Cookies! Please.

  • Alderpoint is full of outlaw a-holes, does this surprise you?

    • More than just alderpoint drives this road, it connects to highway 101, bell springs, palo verde, ziena, kettenpom, Harris, wool mtn, blocksburg, dyerville, fort Seward, and dozens of other community’s, there is assholes everywhere and apparently it just takes 1 to ruin it for everyone. This whole county has outlaw assholes where do you live? None there?

      • Not to mention Ruth Lake now that hwy36 will be closed from 8:00am – 5:00 pm (with a i hour lunch break) beginning July 5th !!

  • Thanks idiots. Makes my drive out whitethorn that much better

  • Idiots!!!why would you hate on people who are fixing your ROAD!!Their not the enemy. Geeze ungreatful!!!I guess somebody has to watch their rig,so they can work.😣

  • Just another poor example of the crazies that can’t show respect and appreciation for county workers who are REALLY working to better the road conditions for ALL. While they tear up the AP roads with all their ‘construction and gardening’ supply transports they are hauling and eating the roads up. Meanwhile, the rest of us have to play ‘dodge drive’ up and down that road so it doesn’t bust up our vehicles. Here’s an idea.. How about adding a taxation to those growers that registerer for the new gold rush and have them contribute money to repairing the AP road that THEY are always on with their big rigs, hitches,horse trailers, water trucks, rentals and all other equipment. Maybe that would get them to respect the county workers and give back to their local community, instead of destroying a major thoroughfare that we all use and depend on..

    • How about adding a taxation to any piece of property with more than 25 plants, registered or not. It doesn’t matter what you’re growing in those greenhouses, they need water and the structures and ground work need permits. Inspections by the building department and the water boys would expose the outlaws to a dose of reality. The problem is that all the politicians around here are too busy getting rich by prostituting the environment at the expense of the taxpayers. This place could be rolling in dough if it weren’t for the chickenshit, crooked, hypocritical liars we call our leaders around here.

  • These are the guys that work thru storms to keep our roads open WTF . 3 years is what i give it and all these greenrush growers will be out of here . Hey Kym how about mentioning the new 10 thousand dollar a day fine for growing with out a permit that went into effect yesterday

  • Cause and Effect is a difficult concept for some people…

  • Looks like a rock hit the window. Could have been kicked up by a truck. This does not make sence. There is more to this storie and it probably lies inside the drama of a small town and everyone knowing everyone.

  • Wait, what? No other solution offered, like hiring a patrol man, setting up trail cams, bringing along the honey with their shotgun, nothing? Just, … hey, look! Someone broke our window, so we’re leaving you high and dry.
    This is a very important road in the county.
    What’s REALLY going on here?

    • Sounds like an opportunity for good people in Alderpoint to come together and put a local or 2 near the site to keep an eye during work, and to demonstrate local support for the repair efforts.
      Up to you, neighbors!

    • What’s going on? Nothing that complies with California state statutes of road maintenance requirements that’s for sure

      Since when are criminal actions dealt with by cutting off infrastructure services to an entire community, have they never heard of the sherrifs or CHP?

    • shak that’s the right question. i had no idea this was going on. im gong to look into to this and find out.

  • Last year I drove out alderpoint road. At the fork there were crew trucks and people working. Just up the road on that first turn there was a broke down car. I watched this lady maybe in her 40’s and her son maybe 16? Throwing rocks and busting the windows out! I had my 12 year old daughter in the car and as I’m in disbelief of what we just witnessed she says mom why would that mother do that with her kid? It was shocking and disturbing! I yelled something at them along the lines of why are you smashing the windows out? They turned away and jumped in their car! There was our sign! This place is nothing like it used to be! I used to spend summers out there at my gmas property and it was nothing but wonderful memories! Not anymore!!!

  • Please, someone set-up a $$$ collection on Alderpoint Road. How long would it take to raise $365 ? Windy gap and east, step up.

  • This asshole probably shot the Zebra in Petrolia.

  • Probably the same guys robbing and burning broken down cars. One game camera and a dummy car would solve this forever. Someone knows who’s doing it, maybe this will finally inspire them to deal with it.

  • So many people use that road, not to mention drivers headed to Ruth Lake now that hwy36 will be closed from 8:00am – 5:00 pm (with a i hour lunch break) beginning July 5th !! Maybe a community watch is in order if law enforcement can’t be out there? Just sayin’

  • If their truck was not in view, how can they conclude sabotage of vandalism? As pointed out above, rocks do fly off of tires. Limbs fall from trees and even stranger things can happen. No witess, no sabotage?

    • Interesting. The wind blew a branch that broke a window in my neighbors house last year and the branch wound up 20 feet away 1/2 buried in the ground. Everyone who works on car windows knows that they break all the time from rocks being thrown up by car tires which is not vandalism or sabotage

      If they properly outfitted their vehicle with a vehicle security camera ($17 and up plus Memory card $8 and up) then they would know what happened and if it was vandalism then they could charge the criminal and recover the funds and this is one more reason why they should not punish the entire community

      • You must not have read that it is more than just the window !

        • Oh my bad!

          • But still, If they had a $20 vehicle security camera or a cop onsite as is normal elsewhere then they would be able to identify the perpetrators and go after them for the money

            • Cop on duty watching a rural road crew: not in the budget.

              $20 security camera: maybe in the budget, definitely in the thief’s backpack after the vehicle break-in.

        • Hey I just re-read the article 3 times and aside from discussions of previous occasions when they describe getting yelled at and supposedly spit upon and supposedly encountering people who “wanted to get out and fight” whatever that means. If they were actually threatened with violence or spit upon by someone in a car they could easily report the license plate to the sheriffs or CHP so that claim seems a bit dubious frankly but anyway the only vehicle damage listed in the article seems to be the broken window. They also say that this window was on a truck which was used to carry the oil for the gravel adhesion but there’s no mention of any damage to anything except the window as far as I can see. Are you referring to the shouting from previous occasions or have I still missed something in the article?

          • Dude just stop. They’re gone.
            Go spend 8 hours of your day standing over a steaming tar rig to fix your shitty road…. in the 100 degree weather….
            While getting fucked with by the very people your helping.
            Lot of that going around the county lately.

  • Idiots. If it wasn’t for weed Humboldt county would be populated by marginally educated, low IQ minimum wage job seekers.

    • I remember before the grow explosion this county had some smart interesting people who sometimes worked a couple jobs to make ends meet but were good neighbors. There were fewer killings and road accidents.

    • Sounds to me like you are talking about all the crime that weed is bringing in. Like some of the trimigrants & growers that bring their drug and alcohol problems with them, and all the collateral damage they create. You obviously don’t know any professional people that live and work here. Don’t forget the people that retired elsewhere and brought their money and brains with them.

      Not all the growers that migrated here are Einstein’s either. Yes, there are some people that are uneducated and not very worldly here, but to say that everyone that lives here would be a hayseed without weed, is ludicrous!

      We are all living in one of the most beautiful and diverse places on the planet to live. Just think if we could slow down the drug and alcohol problems we have and get back to restoring our natural resources, how nice Humboldt could be again!

  • What the fuck???? We were sooooo happy to finally have the road being worked 🙁 :(:( Cal trans- we appreciate all the hard work you do!!! This is so fucked up!

  • Whoever did this is a criminal who committed a crime against the community and should be reported and prosecuted to the maximum degree of the law however state statutes require that all public open roads be maintained in a safe driving condition and all drivers in the state of California have a legal right under state statute to expect the roads to be in a fully safe drivable condition. We have police in our society specifically to deal with individual criminals so that we do not need county workers to run away in fear and refuse to do their jobs because they are unsafe. Instead the government has a responsibility to protect workers on public projects and all people at all times from crime, as well as to maintain public infrastructure regardless of the actions of individual criminals because massive punishment of the entire neighborhood is totally illegal and unconstitutional. Road workers have a right to not be endangered and the county and all of our citizens have a right to have our public road equipment protected but we also have a right to timely road maintenance and especially to not be punished for the actions of others. This is why we have laws and police and courts. The county road department is not a police agency or judicial branch member and they must be protected from violence and vandalism at all times by police if necessary and they must also do the a road maintenance job and not unilaterally punish entire communities for the actions of one individual criminal

    • They have plenty of work so they are serving the community . It’s not like they are just sitting on their asses. The whole county needs road repair not just ap. If they had the money they could be fixing the roads for the next 4 years

      • The points you make a very valid but they do not excuse the temporary abandonment of this neighborhood explicitly as a punishment for a single criminal act, they obviously have the budget to repair the road or they would not have been here repairing the road. We all know the county budget is tight but they can go to the state and the feds and other sources for road funds and they’ve taken in millions of dollars of new revenue this year that they did not have in previous years . Obviously they can’t fix all the roads at once but if they’re interrupting their existing schedule because of this there is no law allowing or justifying that. Perhaps even more fundamental is the fact that a simple common sense $20 vehicle security camera would allow them to catch any vandals and charge them so they would not have to punish neighborhoods which itself is illegal. One illegal action should not be used to justify another

        • You’re absolutely right. Some vandal blows through the area doing damage, maybe that area is on way to the vandal’s mom’s house. Or some other vandal has it in for someone on the crew, and waited until they were parked out in a remote area.
          If we’re going to speculate, then let’s get in there and really do some speculating:
          “So there was this alien spacecraft rolled into So Hum for supplies. Grock, the captain, let Smoog take the steering weasel for just a minute, and of course Smoog, not being used to the new weasel, …………”

        • At this point, the road crews might really appreciate it if someone would help them get up to speed on road cams.

          • At this point, after years of collecting the funds from the property owners, combined with the years of news headlines of vandalism along the roads, this is a moot blame the citizens and make the citizens pay up even more point.
            Fix the roads or give us our money back so we can do it ourselves, free from permits and over charges, the old fashioned people’s way.

        • Well said Mr. Thomson.

  • Set up a camera and catch these POS’s

  • Yep. [edit] going home cause a window broke.
    Whatever it’s 300 bucks.
    Get a grip snowflakes

    • You obviously didn’t read the whole article.


      “The concept of a “snowflake” as a derisive term first entered the cultural zeitgeist in Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk (the irony of staunch conservatives using language popularized by an openly gay author who writes shock-value stories about debauched sexual experiences is overlooked.) ”

      “Calling someone a snowflake combines every single thing a college freshman loves: trolling people on the Internet, a self-satisfied sense of the superiority of one’s own impeccable powers of reasoning, and Fight Club. Nineteen-year-olds around the nation read Atlas Shrugged and then watch Brad Pitt wax poetic about how real masculinity means getting to punch Jared Leto in the face, and now feel enlightened. The world is garbage, because only because other people don’t see through the bullshit like you do. If only people could put their feelings aside and look at the cold, hard facts.”

  • they sure had a chp with them Monday, I didn’t go that way yesterday so I don’t know but something doesn’t add up here? They are just going to leave? They have a broken window Which may or may not have not been broken intentionally? and they say just screw everyone we’re going to fix the cove road instead? I see footprints on top of the fuel tank right blow the break was it kicked? some thing isn’t right with this.

  • I am very saddened. I was so happy to see some work being done on Alderpoint road and had hopes the would get to Bellsprings. People can be so…. Inconsiderate to say the least.

  • Maybe we need dart guns filled with testosterone inhibitor and tweak antidote serum?

  • It’s time to leave some cars out with cameras on them and put some of these scumbags away.
    Arson is a serious crime
    Vandalism not any better.

  • Worked on G-vil road crew in the 90’s. Got flashed by a gal while working traffic control. More civilized times, I guess.

  • So as far as I can make out, they have absolutely zero evidence that the vandal lives in Alderpoint. Works in Alderpoint, knows anyone in Alderpoint, or has any connection what-so-ever with Alderpoint. But, “Hey, the crime happened on your street, so we’re going to punish you.”
    This is some straight-up-BS.

    • So the workers don’t know where the people who did this actually live so they should just stay there and get their windows broken and spit on and threatened with physical harm? Because they don’t know where the offenders are from?

  • My father has worked on roads and bridges for 41 years now, and I can’t wait until he finally retires so I don’t have to worry about a reckless, impatient, or drunk driver injuring or killing him. In my opinion, the people intentionally blowing past a flagger with a stop sign should be charged with aggravated assault!

  • I enjoyed waiting on Briceland Road yesterday. I knew they were fucking fixing it… finally. I am going to carry some cold drinks for the guys from now on. Forget Alderpoint rd. they hate you up there. We on the west side love you. If you need some buds I know people who will be happy to help. Leave a note here what you guys/gals (There are some good gals working too!) want or need. Wash your car/truck? What do you people want? Cookies? Sandwiches? Popcorn? Potato chips? Cokes? Water? Beer? Gin and tonics? Tequila? Popsicles? Name it! Respond to this message.

  • Trillium Hummingbird

    Pave Briceland from Redway to the river, and I will throw you a party! Barbeque, beer, and fixings!

  • Welcome to shelter cove! We love the hard work ya’ll put in.

  • AP Road is in Bad Shape

    The County quit on the AP road last time when they were spit on and reviled by idiots. I understand the impulse to avoid bullies.

    I was so happy to see the road workers today; again somehow an idiot has abused the crew.

    Unfairly, everyone who drives east of Garberville is being denied infrastructure repairs. Also, AP Road is an important emergency backup route for Hwy 101. It is in the interest of public safety to get it repaired solidly before 101 closes again.

    Yes, there is certainly at least one destructive vandal arsonist.

    Yes, the sheriff has been told the name of at least that one. Law enforcement needs evidence connecting a criminal to a crime.

    I appreciate the suggestions to help law enforcement gain that evidence. I also agree that law enforcement needs to protect our road crews.

    The Alderpoint Road needs repair.

  • If there are good people in that community, either chase out the bad or pave your own roads. Seriously. It’s not complicated, just takes some hard work and a little investment in equipment. Too much to ask? Thought so.

    Take take take, complain when people get sick of it and leave, find new mark, rinse, repeat.

  • That is so disappointing to hear! I was so happy to see the work that was done on AP so far. Wouldve saved alot of people alot of money to be completed in just repairs alone.

    Thank you, to which ever degenerate fuck up stopped the road crew from doing their jobs. Get a hobby, get a girl friend, get a job, do something positive instead of destructive.

    Sorry, soooo mad about that.

  • Sucks that someone did this, but can I make sure I get this straight? A broken window meansthey can’t work, and will take 2 weeks to fix? You can’t work with a window in a truck broken? The fuck??

  • The green rush and legalization is so much fun. Smiles everybody, smiles.

    • That whole part of Humboldt is fucking weird and very scary. I won’t EVER go out there again.

      • No weirder than anywhere else in humboldt, for some reason people like to hate on the east side, I have been all over humboldt in the last 40years and everywhere is weird and scary if you run with the wrong crowd. It’s the same on all sides. Unless you mean the road then yes it’s very scary.

  • Taxes are payments for services provided by the government. If the road crew abandons the Alderpoint road, does that mean that no one living on the road or eastern Sohum needs to pay their taxes now? Seems fair.

  • reads like the Alderpoint road is too big of a mess for the county.

  • All these people complaining because the road crew is leaving. THEY DON’T FEEL SAFE, FOLKS!! POLICE YOURSELVES. Don’t put up with shitty neighbors.

  • It’s too bad there is not much of the logging industry left in So Hum because if there were logging trucks still running on AP road like there used to be you know the road would get it’s required maintenance. So suck it up So Hum, this is what you get.

    • For what not having enough trees to log? If there was they would be getting logged, all the grow damage is perfect cover no one would care if you were logging.

  • We all know there’s lots of people out alderpoint road that shouldnt even be in Humboldt but locked up somewhere safe like pelican bay.
    With all this going legal its time for the law to adress the criminal element, let them know they arent welcome here anymore. Theres many places up there that hasnt had police presence in a long time and its time to let them know no matter how far out they are they are within reach of the laws long arms.
    Round up time!
    There is also a need of helicopters patrolling making sure folks aren’t tearing up the Forrest without proper permits, there’s no debating that the remainder of the wildlife and trees need protected from some of these human animals that think they can do as they please. No cheech out of reach.

  • They have the funds to set up sting operations on store clerks not asking for proper ID’s, but they don’t have the funds to set up a sting operation for vandals busting up & putting on fire the cars that break down on the road?
    Sorry. I don’t buy it.
    The Law of the Land says that governments can not take private property without just compensation. I’m not a rocket scientist, but I do believe that money is private property. The people paid good money, at gunpoint mind you, over the years to have their road maintained. Where’s their just compensation? Because their money was stolen from them, they don’t get any just compensation? Is that it?

  • Well said ,last I checked growers were making a lotta $$ off that weed and not contributing anything for maintenance in there own county just continully shitting where they live like animals ,,keep it up it’s only a matter of time before Trumps war on drugs 2 , drives you from your homes ,,from the outside it sounds like humbolt needs a transformation, nuke it ,bulldoze it and start over the drugs and druggies are so bad and so violent up there the property values are nothing ,good people are afraid to buy property and we have the right go on a country drive without doped up hippies,gang members,heroin\meth addicts on the prowel 24/7,,you people need the law to take your property’s from you and then drive you the hell outta there you’ve destroyed one of the most serene places in CA it needs to resurrected for all that dope $$ you guys make,, 90% you live like pigs, vagrants, dopers ,and thieves it sickens me the law continues to let it happen,,that will stop someday soon murder mountain scum ,,,go legalization good riddens to you all

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