Wrong Way Vehicle Crashed Head On Into Another; Extraction Needed

Traffic Collision Car AccidentAt 10:23 p.m., emergency dispatch reported that a vehicle was headed southbound in the northbound slow lane of Hwy 101 near McKinleyville just south of the Murray Road exit. A head-on collision occurred.

A utility truck slammed into a passenger vehicle, according to the scanner. One person was entrapped. An extrication was needed.

UPDATE 11:16 p.m.: One person went to the hospital.




  • Trillium Hummingbird

    101, the highway of death!

    Caltrans, this happens far too often! A center barrier (at least) could help. Also, I can’t help but wonder how often an animal in the roadway is the cause of accidents.

    Maybe an 8ft chain link fence running both sides, the length of 101? Might help!

    Drivers. Slow the heck down. Watch the behavior of oncoming vehicles! Might save your life…

    CHP – PLEASE staff better! Quit scanning with your radar for speeders and watch for DUI’s instead!

    It’s a target-rich environment! Start with busting drunks in Eureka…

    Be careful out there! Drive sober please!

    • Trillium,
      Do you have any idea how many DUI’s CHP gets? DUI is their main focus. Call them up and ask them how many DUI’s they got last year. You’ll be very impressed. 8ft chain link fence down the entire length of 101? Are you nuts? That would cost millions upon millions for our already in debt state. Start busting drunks in Eureka? CHP has jurisdiction everywhere, the county they cover is massive. EPD is who needs to be busting their own drunks in their city limits. Come back down to reality, Trillium.

      • Reality is unmaintained roads kill. Good luck on 101, since you already know everything.

        • I assumed after reading your post that you knew everything.

          • Never said that. Might just know SOMEthing though… I do drive the 101 a lot!

            Be careful. Be safe. Drive sober and safely, please!

        • The roads do not kill, get this fact straight. People driving under the influence of whatever substance it may be, people reckless driving, and people who are careless are the ones that kill. The road does not move places, it does not shoot you off the road, the reality is that people do all these things. Dont pull a Marcie Kitchen and start blaming the roads.

          • Wendy Davis Windsor

            Well said! I see enough elderly people who probably should not be driving, busy drivers:
            distracted driving, etc.

            • So old people are the cause of all the accidents? I take it the ones in this accident were old people?

              • Careful who you call old! Older drivers have fewer accidents, because we know the value of being safe.

    • Let’s put the blame where the blame is due, the ancient Sumerians and their dangerous invention: The Wheel

    • So here is the truth about your illogical and irrational idea of having a chain-link fence divider.
      The first reason is that a chain-link fence does not stop people from going the wrong way on a roadway. There is not much besides signs at the exit/entrance ways that can be done from preventing that. It’s like a burglar alarm, if someone really wants to break in they will regardless of an alarm. Rings true in this instance.
      The second reason is the danger in having a chain-link fence as a guardrail. The National Highway and Safety Department has run extensive tests on what actually stops a 2000 pound- multiple ton vehicles traveling at highway speeds and what doesn’t stop tons. A chain-link fence needs pole supports and poles can become spears quite easily. Chain metal sheers as well and now you have 100’s of pointy ends to “stop” your vehicle.
      The third reason mentioned is cost as mentioned already. Not just the cost financially but do you realize how many miles of fence that is?
      Please, before you speak, think.

  • Just one viewpoint

    Um. ……just drive on the correct side of the highway when stealing a vehicle would help.

  • I don’t love the crash, it was the Sumerian comment that made me giggle!

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