Two Groups Awarded Grants to Reduce Youth Drug Addiction

Press release from the Eureka Police Department:


The Eureka Police Department is pleased to announce the recipients of the Grant to Reduce Drug Addiction among Youth. The City of Eureka Community Access Project for Eureka (CAPE) has been awarded $15,000 and the Redwood Creek Camp has been awarded $10,000.

In May of 2017, the City of Eureka offered grant funding to a local non-profit or government entity which has demonstrated a commitment to reducing drug addiction through education, intervention, and/or mentorship. The recipients will have one year to demonstrate that it has supported the community by successfully educating, reducing demand, or treating addition among youth. Grant funds are provided with money seized through the asset seizure program.

The City of Eureka CAPE program works directly with local non-profit organizations, social services and school districts who directly serve houseless, foster, low-income or otherwise disadvantaged members of our community. The program has provided job workshops, family literacy events, play groups focusing on cooking healthy meals in a motel setting, rent preparation workshops, transportation to recreational programing, scholarships for programs, and much more.

With grant funding, the CAPE program will develop an anti-drug campaign partnering with local at-risk youth to write, film, edit and produce six different public service announcements. Youth will learn new skills in a positive environment and educate themselves and the community on dangers of drug use.

The Redwood Creek Camp is a week-long summer program for at-risk juveniles devoted to inspiring our youth to strive for a better way of life. The program provides activities that serve as safe and healthy alternatives to substance abuse. Activities such as horses, photography, archery, wood working, and rappelling are offered in a therapeutic and structured environment. Program success is measured by lasting relationships with mentors, school attendance, no new reports of delinquency, and annual camp participation. Grant funds will be used for program costs, scholarships for campers, food costs, activities, and more.

The Eureka Police Department looks forward to partnering with both recipients and appreciates their dedication to serving the youth in our community.



  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    Interesting news. What drug do they want kids not to use? The one the county hands out permits to manufacture?

    This is about the stupidest waste of money in a broke-ass county which lacks almost every basic service, and which is teeming with druggies of every ilk, that I can think of. If you want kids to not use drugs, remove them from parents who use drugs. Remove the kids from our society of drug users. Remove the kids, from the effects of the most dug in drug culture in, possibly, the entire country.

    Maybe that would help.

    Parents who do drugs, have children who do drugs. It is learned behavior. The end.

    • Nah,[edit] Foster homes are sometimes just a bigger freak show. Often kids raised by druggies are not druggies, just like kids raised by alcoholics are often not alcoholics. Parents are often overrated in terms of the impact on their children.

      • Taurus Ballzhoff

        Learned behavior. Like denial… Parents with no impact on their children will result in a sick society, much like HUmboldt County.

        • I agree that it’s important for parents to spend as much quality time as possible with their children, I can’t agree with the rest of your theory.
          Kids experiment. It doesn’t matter how fun, loving, entertaining, active, or perfect the home and parents are, kids are curious. Kids rebel. Kids go through personal down time no matter how happy the home.
          It doesn’t help when the parents discover that one job no longer pays the bills. Then it’s 2 jobs then 3.
          Blaming the parents in general is nonsense.
          Blaming some of the parents is correct.
          Blaming society for allowing the theft of time & funds from families and distributing it elsewhere, would be a correct accusation.
          Between curiosity, personal bio rhythms, media headlines, and the constant robbing of citizens is a recipe for disaster.
          Gee, you’d think this was preplanned & lobbied for by the deep state’s child slavery rings we hear so much about & that many politicians are allegedly actively engaged in.

    • Theroadtohellispavedwithgoodintentions

      Enough said.

  • I am glad to hear about these programs to try and reduce drug addiction among the youth. The problems are difficult, but at least this is a start.

    • Taurus Ballzhoff

      Unfotunately, taking the kids (whoever they are) bowling for 90 minutes, would probably have more of an effect. And could be cheaper. Or just gather some children together and teach them to cook an omelet. Much less of a waste of money…

      Parents, try being a good example. Read to your children, leave your cell phone in your bedroom and pay attention to them, do sports, music, crafts. Be a decent parent! Don’t take drugs or drink or use tobacco. Don’t drive crazily. Get a job. Support your family. Teach your kids to value education. Or to value their lives.

      Quit smoking that dope! It does nothing for you, and we have enough dope smokers already!

      Expecting society or the government to take care of you is a trap. Don’t have children you can’t support, which you are incompetent to parent. If you have a drug problem, don’t have kids!

      Gee, this is easy!

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