Osprey at Ruth Lake

Osprey mom by Talia Rose This mother osprey has three young in her nest or aerie as it is called, photographer Talia Rose tells us. Ospreys normally live near waterways as they survive primarily off of fish. This photo was taken near Ruth Lake where there are several osprey aeries. Below you can see the same mother with two of her chicks.

Osprey and two chicks by Talia Rose

According to National Geographic, the osprey eggs hatch at intervals. One sibling is older and stronger than the others and may, if food is scarce, gobble up all the available nourishment thus starving its siblings.

If you would like to see more outstanding nature photos, her work, along with that of Alan Peterson from Redwood Planet Media can be seen this Saturday at Arts Alive at the F Street Foto Gallery upstairs from Swanlunds Camera at 527 F Street in Eureka. There will be a reception from 6 – 9 p.m. Can’t go Saturday? Don’t worry. Photos will hang through July.

Sunset at Ruth Lake

Sunset at Ruth Lake by Talia Rose




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