Dog Found Alive But With at Least One Gunshot Wound

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On Monday June 26, 2017 at about 0847 hours the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Communications Center received a call from a reporting party (RP) stating they located a dog that appeared injured. Humboldt County Sheriff’s Animal Control Officers responded to the RP’s location, Old Rail Road Grade Road, McKinleyville-Fieldbrook. Once on scene, Officers contacted the RP and the injured dog. The dog had one, possibly two, gunshot wounds to the side of the neck. It is unknown if the dog was shot in the area of Old Rail Road Grade Road or somewhere else.

The Animal Control Officers transported the dog to a local Veterinary Office for treatment. Vets were able to remove at least two parts of a bullet; however several fragments still remain as they were too small to remove. The small fragments should not cause medical issues for the dog in the future.

The dog is doing well and is now being housed at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter for recovery. The dog is described as a pit bull mix, blue-brown in color, unaltered male about 4 years old with no microchip or ID. This case is still under investigation by Animal Control and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

Anyone who recognizes the dog or has information regarding this incident is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.



  • Two things come to mind right away 1) what a pos to abandon an animal. 2) what a bigger turd for not finishing the job of murder of a poor puppy, you could have just let it loose to find a better owner.

    Hope the dog finds a good home.

  • Lots of sheep ranchers near there. Keep your dogs well fenced or otherwise contained.

  • He is a good looking boy somebody please take him and love on him .Someone please help him.

  • 4 year old unaltered pit bull running loose. Should have just finished it off

  • Thinking allowed

    Of course it could be someone shot the dog who was attacking their stock. I have had some beloved pet stock attacked by two dogs. And yes one was a pit.

    Nobody- not animal control or the dog’s owners- shed any tears over my poor goats. Oh,no. No one but me was there to lift one poor girl out bodily each day so I could clean her shed. She would stand outside the shed, trembling violently and staring fixed at the direction the dogs had come until I finished and she went right back to her dark corner. Both survivors (survivors because my dearest oldest doe was killed as would have been the survivors if I had not come out to drive away the dogs in the nick of time) have torn ears and other scars from being terrorized by these dogs. It was two weeks before she would come out for even a minute on her own and two years before she would go in the area where the little herd had been cornered.

  • so sorry that your goats were traumatised, and a beautifull deer ,but they are blessed to have a nice human such as your self to take care of them i applaud you thinking aloud .

  • …”blue-brown in color” … taupe. The word you’re looking for is taupe.

    Looks like Bigchas is going to offer him a good home!

    • Bigchas should google “pit bull kills new owner”

      • I don’t need to Google anything, any dog treated right will be a good dos, ass hats that just say pit bull are just that, predictable big mouths

        • So true. I have owned 2 Pitts and both of them have been the most loving dogs not only to me but to my grandkids too!!! Like you said any dog given love can be a good dog…good luck with your new baby!

      • I don’t need to Google anything, any dog treated right will be a good dog, ass hats that just say pit bull are just that, predictable big mouth, ass hats

        • Thinking allowed

          Nonsense. A dog bred for hunting will hunt better than others. A dog bred for retrieving will do that better than others. It is nonsensical to say a dog bred for fighting (in the bull, bear or dog pits) will somehow magically not be better at killing.

          And as for owners, the percentage of dog owners willing to spend time and effort in training any dog is not large. But nasty as a Chihuahua can be, they are not good at killing. So having a bad owner is not fatal to others in Chihuahuas. It is, and there is more than enough evidence in record, fatal in a dog as powerful and determined as a pitbull.

          • Shepards and many other breeds have killed more people than Pitt bulls.

            • This is true, other breeds have hurt or killed more that pits. They have bad rep cause fighting rings like to use them, since their jaws can lock! Good owner =good dog. Bad owner =bad dog!

              • Their jaws don’t lock. They just have strong muscles. That is a myth about their jaws. But they are amazing dogs. Any large breed dogs can be dangerous.

        • Yes. If you raise them from a puppy. Good luck with a 4 year old dog that you dont know shit about.

        • Seems to be an echo in here!!! ;-]

      • Person with a soul

        I have owned and foster many pit bulls and pit mixes. I have also fostered over a hundred foster kittens and puppies ( the ones you have to bottle feed every 2 hours)… guess who were the most loyal foster parents… my pits. They cleaned them, cuddled them.. brought them toys. This anti pit bull crap is just that… crap. They also loved my children, sleep with them. Any dog under duress and frantic can run aimlessly. I know. I’ve spent many hours trying to find them. They run blind. Any reports of an injured animal by dog attack? Nope. It’s just a scared dog and who knows the reason that boy was shot. Don’t ever judge before you know everything. My momma taught me that. Best thing I ever learned. Good luck

  • Someone shot him and his unnutered self for a reason. I say finish him off. Next time have a 30/06 rifle ready shot guns are for birds unless your close. Those brain dead killing dogs need lead in the head.

    • [edit] I hope you don’t own any animals. So quick to say finish it off? I have 3 pits and there amazing animals. [edit]

  • I’ve had to deal with these blood thirsty killers also.

  • Wow. All these assumptions that the dog was evil and the person wasn’t. I’d like to share a picture of my “killer” pit bull.

  • The pit lived to kill another day …

  • If the owner had cared about this dog it would have had a collar and name tag. Dogs, even pitbulls generally don’t get shot for no reason and in this case its to bad someones aim was off.

  • Pitbulls Corvettes Harleys and unions are for people who are just a little off in the head .just making a lifelong observation

  • Get a clue…handle your dogs or have your dogs get handled. Five pit bulls and growing never been safer/happier …read ‘sometimes a great notion’ and get back to me ya fuck union basher Sisyphus

  • Firefighters wife

    Pit bulls can be great dogs. Has a lot to do with who has the dog. Showing love will get you love and a good dog. Being mean and cruel and not socializing the dog could get you or someone else killed. They’re not for everyone, but they can make a great addition to the right family. And yes, like some people, there are the ones that are just to far gone and need to be put down or locked up.

  • the pound is gonna be full of these dogs soon , greedy growers use them as guard dogs and encourage them to attack . now that it’s legal many growers will leave and abandon their dogs. my greedy grower neighbor keeps one outside his grow house. he is disgusting .

  • A LOT of people are tired of these “weapons” running around loose. Dogs seem to be more dangerous than guns; a poor-man’s weapon…

    DOG owners: Start, and I emphasize, start taking responsibility for your animal(s). Most of you shouldn’t own a dog or dogs, let alone any other weapons.

  • Hey, Firefighters wife, has your husband ever been bit by a pit bull while trying to put out a fire? Nope or you wouldn’t comment as such. The only thing that pits are good for, is a little BBQ sauce.

  • Person with a soul

    Well… it’s sad to see the ignorance in a supposedly educated society. And so much of it. When dogs get loose… it’s very common to have them get caught up and pull their collars. I have a neighbor who routinely walks his dog off leash… he attacks my dogs through the fence. it’s a cattle dog. Pit bulls are amazing and loving dogs. When my cat brings a mole home… my putti she lays down beside it and protects it. Don’t ever blame a breed.. and sometimes not the owner. Genetics play a big part. This poor dog just might have been in the wrong place.. running scared.

  • Sad about any kind of dog being shot. I would rather be around most dogs than people. The owner is the one to blame not the dog. Hope the dog finds a new owner.

  • Thinking allowed

    Then we agree to shoot the owners? For the consensus among some is it’s always the owners fault.
    If the owners are really at fault, then they should be actually responsible and not just when the dog finally hurts someone. Just being so irresponsible as to let dogs routinely roam should be enough to remove these dogs from their failty owners and ban them from further dog ownership. No more sending little ol’ Prince out to ‘be free’ and poop elsewhere.
    The way the argument goes is you can’t blame the dogs and you can’t blame the owners so there is nothing to be done. Someone has to be responsible for the deaths and injuries. Too many times I’ve heard the same old, same old story- “my dog would never hurt anyone.” Even from some one whose dog has killed before- even from someone standing there watching their dog running up and down the fenceline, growling and barking aggressively. There is always some excuse about how the dog was provoked or stressed or some other rationalization for not controlling your dog.
    Animal control needs to spend less time telling owners of killed and maimed stock that they can’t do anything about it and more time doing something about it.

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