Citizen Ride Along Received Moderate Injuries, Others Injured Also, in Accident North of Leggett

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Press release from the California Highway Patrol:

On 06/27/2017, at approximately 0945 hours, a 1993 Motor home driven by Harlan Myers of Portland, OR was traveling north on US-101,  approximately one tenth of a mile south of Dora Creek approaching active construction zone.  Due to the construction northbound US-101 traffic was stopped and backed up just south of Dora Creek. An unmarked patrol truck (2013 Chevrolet) assigned to an investigative services unit being driven by Deputy Smith of the Mendocino County Sheriff Office was stopped in the northbound lane at the end of the backed up traffic. The Chevrolet was behind a 2007 Honda CRV and a 2004 GMC Yukon.  For reasons still under investigation, Myers failed to stop the motor home and collided with the rear of the Chevrolet.  This set off a chain reaction causing the front of the Chevrolet to collide with the rear of the Honda and then the front of the Honda to collide with the rear of the GMC.  As a result of the collision, the passenger of the Chevrolet (Trouette), a citizen on a ride-along with Deputy Smith, sustained moderate injuries and was transported to Howard Memorial Hospital by City Ambulance of Eureka.  The front passenger of the GMC (Mora) sustained moderate injuries and was transported to Jerold Phelps Community Hospital by City Ambulance of Eureka.

Cal Fire and City Ambulance assisted with medical aid.  The northbound lane of US-101 was shut down for approximately 30 minutes and Cal Fire assisted with traffic control during the incident.

This incident remains under investigation by the Garberville CHP Office and alcohol or drugs does not appear to be a factor.

Earlier Chapter: Multiple Air Ambulances Requested to Land at Leggett School After RV Hit Patrol Car



  • So, let me get this straight…..

    An unmarked Mendo County Sheriff’s vehicle with civilian riding along, on investigative services duty. I wonder what they were investigating and what the citizen in question (Paul T) thinks about having himself publicly linked to the Autho-rah-tah…..

    • Actual Old School

      I don’t think he cares since he is the head of LEAR…

      • Raises a few questions:

        Why is the CEO of a private security firm riding along with County law enforcement in an unmarked vehicle?
        Was he involved in the investigation? (“investigative services unit”)
        If so, is that legal?
        Do citizens have any say in the matter of a private security force becoming involved with legimate law enforcement?

        Lots of potential there for conflicts of interest.

        • Professional informant, casually snitching
          He’s gotta ride around with Bruce now since they(LEAR) got in trouble got cutting weed next to BLM. They had a solid (not really) interpretation of the law that said they could rent the helicopter and cut on blm, but strayed off blm in their activities. After several weeks the sheriff’s Dept said “we were working in the Laytonville area during that time” not “that was us”
          They never flew around here after that.
          Good times. Paul’s family land was not entirely too far from the eradication incident, so he must have figured it was his duty ha
          Keepin the price up!
          Hopefully nobody is hurt too bad, God Bless

      • Havent you figured it out out yet pot and law enforcement are deeply embedded together to rid the community of people like you

    • charles engebretson

      Respect Athori-tah…

  • Why would you hire out enforcement? Just to avoid the wrath of the residents?

  • I’m gonna go ahead and call bullshit on the “ride-along” claim…obviously, they are covering for a taxpayer-funded chauffeur ride.

  • Oh man, talk about karma, the head of commet (county of Mendocino Marijuana eradication team) and Paul truette, member of the blacktail deer association and owner of Leer asset management company who have been attacking mendocino county citizens for years get rear ended.
    Oh man talk about a news headline

  • Morale of the story don’t be a cop!


  • When I’m the last vehicle stopped in a line waiting for traffic control I leave about a 2 vehicle length gap in front of me and I activate the 4-way emergency flashers. If a vehicle approaching from behind fails to have noticed my vehicle stopped in the lane with lights flashing, the gap I left in front of me gives me options.

    • Actual Old School

      Yes. Me too! It’s called “defensive driving” and it is encouraged by DMV and CHP. But as we know COMMET does whatever they want and they are above the law and common sense!

    • Yep. common sense, especially with some of the drivers around here.
      Four way flashers on, leave a gap.

      • HOJ in Training

        Thank you in advance for doing that, That’s enough of a gap for me to slide in ahead of you, which is a spot that I deserve to be in, since you obviously will be driving slower than me when we get going again….

  • Veterans friend

    Maybe the portlandia guy knew who was in the SO car

  • Paul Trouette is SCUM

    [edit]Paul Trouette of the vigilante eradication firm LEAR ASSETS MANAGEMENT[edit] is a real work of art, Paul steals from local growers and snitches on his neighbors and others in the community. Meanwhile he claims to be an “environmentalist concerned about the forest” …. but he is really just a hate filled hunter! He is the head goon of Mendocino Blacktail Deer Association which is a deer hunting club who routinely harasses and rips off cannabis growers! At 170 and mostly skin and bone he uses his fake “security badge” and wanna be cop truck to harass and intimidate our local community. He is step in step with Old Dog Killer Chris Brennan, the guy who kills everybody’s dogs (over 500 according to Chris Brennan own admission)! Most of their hostility towards our local cannabis farmers stems from the fact the both Paul Trouette and Chris Brennan are fringe elements in our community, elements who nobody likes or trusts. They are both known to steal and turn in growers. Their real problem is in their own psychosis of turning against their friends and community, the disconnectedNess and lonely feeling as well as the pervasive unloyalty to community, family, friends and animals. Their 1950s good old boy attitude of killing critters like bear, deer, elk, bobcats, raccoons, fox, coyotes and mountain lions. The loneliness of the small man little guy complex, both are weak [edit] who must use guns and weapons and police to appear strong and manly, killing animals and stealing from the poor to feel big and macho! [edit]

    • Soldier of USA

      You are the work of art.a misguided doper liberal who doesnt understand the role of security and law enfocememt.Law enforcement and security are authorities in America.You on the other hand are the reason they do what they must to protect our communities from criminals like you.

  • Wow sounds like really angry criminals venting.they teach their children that outdoor recreation is evil.and law enforcement and security who protect our communities are bad guys.while they sell their drugs and poison our communities.typical criminals.

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