[UPDATE Tuesday 9:57 a.m.: Contained at 30 About 30 Acres] Vegetation Fire Not Far From the Ship Ashore Resort

A large brush fire is burning across from the Ship Ashore Resort.

A large brush fire is burning across from the Ship Ashore Resort. [Crop from a photo by Taylor Westbrook]

A vegetation fire is burning near the Ship Ashore Resort outside of the town of Smith River near Hwy 101 in Del Norte County as of 9:30 p.m.

Fire crew reports that they can see a light column of smoke. But Taylor Westbrook, who allowed us to use her photo above, reports that the fire is spreading quickly.

Cal Fire, Smith River Fire, and Fort Dick Fire have been requested to respond.

UPDATE 9:54 p.m.: According to traffic on the scanner, Pala Road is the best access to the fire.

UPDATE 10:05 p.m.: “It is going to take at least an hour if not two for us to get out to it,” reports the Incident Commander.

UPDATE Tuesday: The fire is still burning. We’re attempting to find out the latest information.

UPDATE 9:57 a.m.: According to the Fort Dick Fire Department,

Just after 9pm on 6-26-17 FDFD, SRFD, & CalFire were dispatched to a vegetation fire near the mouth of the Smith River north of Pala Road. Crews worked all night and contained the fire around 4am at approx. 30 acres.

The incident is being investigated by CalFire & CA State Parks officials. The cause is considered suspicious and anybody with information regarding this fire is encouraged to contact the Del Norte County Sheriffs Office.



  • The photo appears to be looking northwest with the RV Park in the foreground. Are any of the manufactured homes just north of the RV Park threatened?

  • Thanks. Upon closer look, the view is due west with the old ship just out of camera range to the right. Correct?

  • Taylor Westbrook

    Correct. Right across the river from the hotel.

  • In Manila we had our fore dune catch afire where vegetation had been removed so carelessly that our dunes were no longer able to maintain wetland function.

    The loss of wetlands, ponds, marshes, wildlife habitat and stability all along the coast where
    vegetation was removed, will go down as the dumbest/most cruel and backward coastal behavior in

    • Vegetation that is being removed is very damaging to the environment. We now know that invasive species are changing the soil and causing diseases like sudden oak death. We fix it now or we will pay a much more severe price in the future. Do your research almost all diseases killing our trees and there are more than a few are caused by non native invasive species.

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