‘Not just a good idea, but an idea for good!’: Local Engineers Invent a Good Deed App

Would you do a good deed if a favorite GoFundMe cause might get tipped?Matthew Pearson, an engineer in Fortuna, and his partner, a former Humboldt resident, Travis Wentworth are hoping a lot of kind folks might want to help one person and, hopefully, help fund a worthy cause.

Pearson explained that he and Wentworth created an app, DeeditForward (available at the app store only for iPhones at this point.) The free app connects Needers (those wanting a little assistance) with those willing to help (Deeders.) The Needer then has the option of tipping a GoFundMe campaign of the Deeder’s choice. (See the video above or this page for a more complete explanation.)

But, says Pearson, “There is no expectation from the helped side of things…if they get tipped then that’s fine” but the Needer is not obligated to tip.

“The only charge…is in the system,” Pearson explained. “If someone actually comes to help you there is a connection fee–$1.99.”

The app is open to everyone and, eventually, the two creators hope it spreads internationally. “Our problem is to get enough to use it,” Pearson pointed out. “That is why we are trying to focus on geographical locations.” [Note: Originally, the post said open only to folks from Humboldt due to a misunderstanding. It is, however, open everywhere but just first being publicized here.]

They decided to spread the news about the app to the Humboldt community first because of how helpful the folks who live around here can be. “Humboldt seems like a good place to start,” Pearson explained. “It is a good community for this kind of thing.” Next, they might roll out the app for the Los Angeles area.

Potentially, a church congregation or a girl scout troop could raise money for their own GoFundMe campaign and then do deeds hoping for tips to fund it. Or an individual could see a fundraiser on the popular website and choose to help both the Needer and the campaign by doing deeds and hoping Needers will tip the campaign. In any case, the Deeder gets to be a Good Samaritan and the Needer gets help. Thus making the world a little bit better.

Want to sign up? Go here. Want to help spread the word quickly? Donate to the DeeditForward GoFundMe campaign by clicking here. Or share with your friends on social media.



  • Need one for Droid

  • Great, but where are you going to find enough “Deeders” to make this thing work? Great idea, can see pitfalls though.

  • they get $1.99 per helpful deed? Seems like it should be 99 cents.
    However the concept is terrific. I would help someone who might donate to a cause I support, and even if not. Wonder if you can report funky participants? Like if something goes amiss?

  • Droid is in the works! not enough deeders? Well that depends on You (and me, and us!) ….everyone that downloads the app has a chance to be a deeder (in addition to asking for help when they need it)… DeeditForward always shows how many needs are in your area at any given moment and how far away they are, and you can even turn notifications for when a new need is posted in your vicinity. All it takes is a community to decide to help each other. If a majority of people think 1.99 is too much for being connected with someone to help them, we would consider a change. There is an internal rating system for deeders, all good deed exchanges are logged and kept on record, and yes you can report funky participants at support@deeditforward.com. – MKP

    • Sounds like an awesome idea and I look forward to seeing the results and joining when it comes to Mendocino County!

      • DeeditForward is everywhere people use it. We are not only in one location. It starts with one person (like you).. spread the word and good deeds.

  • Is there a company that will turn your idea into an app? I could use one .

  • Money for nothin Chicks are free

    Let the games begin…………… Should result in a plethora of creative ideas. And a runaway scourge of fraudulent claims.

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