[UPDATE 8:05 p.m.] A Van and Motorcycle Collide on Broadway

Traffic Collision Car AccidentA motorcycle and a vehicle were involved in a collision in the 4100 block of Broadway as of 6:24 p.m. Reportedly one person was injured.

UPDATE 6:35 p.m.: Multiple people appear to be injured, according to traffic on the scanner.

UPDATE  6:37 p.m.: A van and a motorcycle and a parked car appear to have been involved.

UPDATE 6:40 p.m.: Southbound traffic is backed up to the Bayshore Mall. Scanner traffic indicates that traffic may be diverted off Broadway. Please avoid the area if possible.

UPDATE 6:49 p.m.: One southbound lane is open at 6:48 p.m.

UPDATE 6:53 p.m.: All patients have been transported to St. Joseph Hospital, according to talk on the scanner.

UPDATE 6:55 p.m.: News photographer Mark McKenna is on the scene and sends us this photo:

UPDATE 7:15 p.m.: According to an eyewitness who declined to be named, the motorcyclist was legally splitting the southbound lanes of Broadway just past the lights at Pierson’s when a van came out of Chin’s Restaurant, apparently not seeing the motorcyclist. The motorcycle collided with the door of the van. The motorcyclist was ejected and the bike continued on into the parking lot of the Comfort Inn and hit a parked red Honda.

The motorcyclist appears to be badly injured, according to the eyewitness.

Traffic is slow in both directions and is down to one lane around the accident.

UPDATE 7:16 p.m.: One person has major injuries, according to the Eureka Police. The number of patients sent to the hospital has not yet been released. EPD said both the driver of the van and the motorcycle driver were taken to the hospital. The accident is still under investigation.

Investigating the accident.

Investigating the accident. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

UPDATE 8:05 p.m.: Photo of the van by Dieter Jauernig

van hit by a motorcycle

[Photo by a reader]

UPDATE Tuesday: Law enforcement has released more information. Click here for more information. Eureka Man Died When His Motorcycle Collided With a Honda Odyssey

In addition, the eyewitnesses who spoke to us yesterday wants to be clear that the motorcyclist was not splitting the lane at the time the Honda pulled in front of him. The motorcyclist was in the slow lane traveling at approximately the posted speed when the van pulled in front, she said.



  • Payers for the injured

    • Veterans friend

      Hopefully you meant prayers.
      Kym, a motorcycle is a vehicle.
      Two vehicles collided, a motorcycle & a van.
      Just sayin’

      • Yes, a motorcycle is a vehicle but I knew which vehicle to call it (Knowing that a motorcycle is involved often tells us that there is likely to be injuries, too) Would the title of two vehicles collided tell you as much? No. I didn’t know that the other vehicle was a van when I first posted so I didn’t have a lot of options and I was covering a fire and an accident near Orrick and a traffic backup near Myers Flat. Frankly, that was the best I could do at the moment.

        • You did just fine!

        • Veterans friend

          You know I appreciate what you write. Accuracy and good journalism isn’t always easy. I have a compulsive “thing” about definitions. Thanks for responding & changing the headline.😊

      • yes, Prayers for the injured

      • I think she was just trying to distinguish it was not 2 cars, it was a motorcycle and a van.. Why must people always try to make others looks stupid. She is a professional!!

      • Yeah we know you are always just sayin!

  • lane splitting= splitting headache
    this practice is often unsafe and should be re-outlawed
    what’s the bloomin’ hurry?

    • I’ve riden for years and never once split lanes or cut to the front at lights. I totally agree it should be outlawed in CA. Not only does it startle drivers it’s just asking for trouble. Even when the motorcycle is doing it legally, it’s not worth that one person changing lanes in front of you, at least in my opinion. Hope this guy pulls through. It sounds like he had one hell of a hit.

      • 100% agree I have ridden my whole life and would never even consider it, the fact that it is legal probably makes people think it’s safer than it is and contributes to many accidents.

      • And then when someone changes lanes legally and uses their mirror and sees it’s safe to change lanes, they hit or cut off a speeding motorcyclist who is flying through lane splitting. Then, they blame the car driver because they can legally split lanes and cry for drivers to look out for motorcycles. Meanwhile if they hadn’t been speeding down the middle the car changing lanes would have seen them. Had this happen to me in the cities several times.

    • There are a few studies that show lane splitting in congested traffic is actually safer. This is one of them

      • Thank you Mark! There are differently safe and unsafe ways to lane split. As a daily rider here in Humboldt (Eureka) i need to be very careful when i choose to spilt which is usually only when traffic has stopped to prevent a car in traffic from running me over from behind because they look right past me, this isn’t like Southern California people just aren’t use to lane splitting.

    • It was not the lane splitting that created the situation. It was the van moving unsafely into oncoming traffic. So, blame unattentive drives in whole, not the victims.

    • Agreed, I ride and would never split lanes.. I don’t understand the logic here either..

  • image of accident

  • image of side of van

  • Thank you Kym 💓

  • I just heard it’s a 1144 🙁

  • 1144 means deceased ???

  • Thinking allowed

    Lane splitting on a limited access highway is risky enough but on a road where people are coming from every which way- terrible. It was a bad law.

  • Lane splitting is not the problem. Inattentive driving and other poor driving skills are the problem. That said, I only lane split where folks are used to it and where it really makes sense like gridlocked freeways.

  • In my 60+ yrs of driving, the only time I’ve almost hit a biker is when they where lane splitting.

  • My condolences to the victims family.

  • i grabbed this off loco in the “scanner” section. so sorry for the loss of another life.

    “6:39 p.m.
    just-in EPD and Hum Bay fire responded to a auto vs motorcycle TC, 4100 block Broadway. While on scene a victim “coded” and CPR was started; patient now enroute to St Joe’s, firefighter on board assisting w/life support. Additional ambulances enroute for less serious injuries ”

    how the hell did that door get sprung? no way was the van entering 101 w/the door open…

    • Re: 4100 blk Broadway, HBF now using Jaws for an extrication.

      Above copied from loco. Im guessing the picture of the van was taken AFTER the jaws were used.

  • I can see lane splitting on a gridlocked freeway, and when done safely it makes a lot of sense. Some motorcyclists will take it to the extreme though, like the two motorcyclists racing each other, and lane split our car and another car in the adjacent lane, on Hwy 101 in So. Cal, at a 100mph plus.
    Reminds me of this You Tube video.


    To the local motorcyclist RIP.

  • I have NEVER agreed with motorcycles being able to split lanes.

  • Jacket in the photo next to the bike is Humboldt Family MC. Hells Angels spinoff.

    • HumboldtWarrior

      And why are u pointing that out? I’m not being disrespectful by saying this but you shouldnt speak of people n things you have no idea about.

  • The van pulled out in front of on coming traffic. Doesn’t matter if he was splitting lanes or not.

    • Thank you for stating this, Linds. Breaks my heart reading many of comments, even from other Bikers – debating lane-splitting. A Man Has Died, ppl, And Not Because of L-S! A Man, Father, Spouse, Brother, Son … Those that this Man are close – His Family & Friends are Mourning. Please have some respect.

      And, please don’t give this comment rebuttals or debate …

      Our time on this earth is short. If we have been able to Love & be Loved, we have accomplished much. Take the Time, now, to share the Love you have for the ppl in your life – Be Thankful & Respectful of this Time.

  • My heartfelt condolences to the HFMC for the loss of your dear friend, your brother!

    “Shed tears that he has gone but remember to also smile because he has lived. Though your heart may feel empty, it’s still full of the love and friendship you shared. So when you close your eyes to mourn all that he’s left also see that his life was a gift. Try not to remember only that he is gone, cherish his memory and he will live on. Have faith in tomorrow as sorrow fades and know you will see him once again someday!” RIP

  • Love your children well

    Seventy year olds don’t often ride Japanese motorcycles meaning that most likely the deceased is a young person. That makes this progressively tragic. A life lost so early. When I drive to SF I frequently see motorcycles splitting traffic at sometime excessive speeds and I wonder, “how often does this happen”. Paul Simon should write a song titled 50 ways to kill a loved one.

    • No very young, not a Japanese motorcycle, this is not SF and your comments are based upon your stupidity. Don’t comment if you have nothing to give but your unwanted opinion. Someone could learn from this tragic incident, but you spew BS. It may get you in a very bad position if continued. I recommend you STFU. Understand?!

      RIP, brother!

    • Age and country of the motorcycle manufacture played a role in this tragedy?!
      You couldn’t be more wrong about everything you say except for “Love.” Perhaps try loving something other than yourself or your children.
      It’s a Harley-Davidson, mature experienced rider, not in SF, Paul Simon shouldn’t waste his time on such a idiotic song idea because someone thinks they have a cute twisted title to a song he wrote, and we’ve seen plenty of seventy-year-olds on Japenese motorcycles.
      Wonder how you could add something to a conversation of a serious subject.

  • Please don’t blame the Victim. The driver of the Van is at fault. RIP

  • HumboldtWarrior

    That was an awesome man that died yesterday. Some good friends were riding on a nice day. He was in route to catch up with his friends that just passed the area. he was a very experienced rider. I really don’t think he would be splitting when it’s an intersection especially when it takes him on the line. where is the other cars that should of hit the van too? I know he wouldn’t run a red light n where’s the van coming from the restraunt or the motel? If they were coming from motel i bet they were under the influence of hard drugs n just to drive out on a busy intersection n not be able to see left or right don’t add up. If the van driver gets away with breaking the driving laws n someone dies from there ingenerce cuz they wanted to get home faster n just cut through without looking they need to be held responsibly for the actions that led to this accident. And it should be vehicle-manslaughter especially if under the influence of anything. The witnesses better not be from that motel. I would get an all around drug n alcohol test before I believed a word of their memory. I Love Chins but that shit they have going on behind the restraunt is just out of control.

  • Lake County Not So Bad

    I have a lot of miles on my butt, on two and four wheels and two wings. Splitting my be legal but it’s rarely a good idea. For a quick and easy cross check, all you have to do is ask yourself, is it worth it?

  • The fact that a motorcyclist legally split lanes could not have contributed to this accident. A van can not be inserted between two cars traveling in adjacent lanes without hitting both of those other cars. The van entered a lane occupied by the motorcyclist causing this tragedy.
    Brothers and sisters, keep your eyes wide open and cover your brakes. Too many cagers think their windshield is a TV.
    Ride on free my lost brother.

    • You got it. You have to yield the right of way to cars already on the road, whether they are splitting lanes or not. Van driver will have the book thrown at him or her. Rest in Peace to the victim.

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