[Audio] Unresponsive toddler found in hot car ‘underneath a blanket’ while grandma gambled; Humboldt’s last week of news

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (11:03): A grandma was arrested for leaving her two-year-old granddaughter in a hot car in the Bear River Casino parking lot for about 40 minutes while she gambled inside. It’s now been noted among other disturbing details that the child was not only unresponsive but also hidden “underneath a blanket” in the vehicle.

“…a security supervisor noticed a vehicle that is known for containing unattended minors on our property,” reads part of a report shared by Bear River Casino Director of Casino Operations Joe Claus. “The patron had been banned in the past for similar activity. Out of concern there could be an unattended child in the vehicle he went to check on the vehicle… he observed a small child, approximately two years of age, hidden underneath a blanket in the back seat.”

In the podcast information is shared about the condition of the toddler when they found her, a confirmation from the Sheriff’s Office about the child’s hospital status, what else security staff saw in the vehicle, the grandma’s court update, how kids aren’t built for heat, unconfirmed rumors of similar infractions by family members of the suspect, state laws regarding leaving children in cars, how Child Welfare Services works to help families in similar situations, how heatstroke is also a concern for animals in hot cars, and more.

Thankfully Bear River Casino staff was able see what was going on and notify emergency responders in time to likely save this little girl’s life.

The story begins at 11:03.

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Kathryn Marie Perri

Kathryn Perri, the child’s grandmother

Bear River Casino. Photo: Myles Cochrane




  • How can he “observe” that an unresponsive two year old was hidden under the blankets?

  • Wow, the Bear River staff always have their hands full. Three cheers for them being proactive and possibly saving a little girl’s life. Bare minimum they got this little girl away from unfit gaurdians.

    • if the casino was so “proactive” they would have reported her long ago for “being known for having a car containing unattended minors” instead they ignored that fact, obviously time after time, because they were too greedy, wanting this lady to continue to come and gamble. They should also be in trouble!

      • They banned her, she came back, they acted. Director of Casino Operations Joe Claus. “The patron had been banned in the past for similar activity.

        • CuriousHumboldtian

          Banned but yet let back, big difference. Just a slap on the wrist. T hey should have contacted the proper authorities the first time around.

      • Greed.

      • When you are ignorant of facts you really shouldn’t make derogatory comments.

        • Who needs stinkin’ facts? This President seems to be doing fine without them if you consider making America suck again (like when “LiL” gw bush-League was President) doing fine.

      • Nobody’s fault but the grandma, make her wait in the car on a hot day, and 2 is old enough to leave unattended? Wow grandma it’s a wonder you have grand kids, always amazed on how some survive.

      • No [lady]… They banned her for leaving teenagers in her car with smaller children… U know, living out on the reservation the cops take they sweet ass time… So do urself a favor and blame the POS grandmother and not my casino… Because they did their job and that was to kick her out…

  • So that’s what a casino patron looks like. I’ve always wondered.

  • Please don’t set things to automatically play in your articles Kym. That’s a web design faux pas.

    • I don’t. Miles, who is an independent contractor, and posts his own stories is in charge of this audio section.

    • I have carefully considered this request before. It clearly says “audio” in the headline, so if you do not wish to listen to audio simply do not click in or prepare yourself to simply pause it. Thank you for your comment.

      • Or just turn your volume off. Not complaining (I LOVE this website) but the audio file plays automatically every time I post a comment. I have to scroll back to the top and pause it over and over if I fail to use the volume button conveniently located on the bottom of my screen. Have a great day!

      • Perhaps I am listening to music while browsing your site. I understand that the link says audio, but there is a written article as well. When you embed a soundcloud post onto a website, there is a check box for Autoplay that is unchecked by default. This is for good reason. The feature tacky and intrusive.

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