SoHum Woman’s Windshield Shot by Pellet, She Believes

Pellet shot to car windowYesterday about 5:25 p.m., a Southern Humboldt woman was driving southbound on Hwy 101 near the south end of Scotia when her windshield was struck by what she believes was a pellet. She doesn’t want us to give her name because she fears retaliation by the shooter. However, she tells us that no vehicle was in front of her headed southbound to throw up a rock.

“Had it been any other type of gun it would have hit me directly in the chest,” she wrote. “It was a very scary moment.”

Sgt. Donovan Geyer of the California Highway Patrol confirmed that an officer was sent to the scene and spoke to the driver. He said that the vehicle was definitely “struck by something.” However, he said, “We don’t have anything physical to prove this was a pellet.”

But, he said, a few months ago, a rash of similar incidents occurred closer to Fortuna.There was also a number in the spring of 2016.

“If something like that happens, find the next safe place to pull over and call as soon as possible so that we can send an officer to investigate,” he said. “It is harder to follow up if the call comes in later.”

The woman whose car was struck encourages everyone to call the CHP if something like this occurs. She wrote,

To HELP stop this TWISTED person, everyone needs to be diligent about reporting anything like this or encouraging others to report what happened to them. I am lucky. It scares me to think that a gun was pointed in my direction, fired in my direction and I was unable to see the person at all…I encourage my friends and family to ride with a co-pilot north. Keep your eyes open… & look for suspicious behaviors of people walking into or hiding in the brush. Especially pay attention to vehicles with their windows open because that was one of the questions the officer asked me. He asked if I noticed if any of the oncoming vehicles [driver side] windows were down. 

The Humboldt Area CHP’s number is (707) 268-2000.



  • Sorry to hear about that. Another good reason to roll up all windows. Imagine if no glass was in between driver/passengers and projectiles.

    • Yrs ago, I had my window hit by a bb around same area. I also remember another article a lil while back, this happening between eureka fortuna. More than likely real stupid kids. Probably teenage tradition. Like the freshman paddle boards. Unfortunately someone is gonna get hurt or lose there lives.

  • The rocks coming off vehicles that are travelling the same direction as you aren’t the ones that will do alot of damage because they’re going almost the speed you are. Its the ones that come from vehicles travelling the opposite direction you are that hit hard. My guess is that it was a rock

    • Veterans friend

      How helpful of you to “guess”.

      • My guess was based on basic physics. You have anything better?

        • I’ve been hit hard by the opposite lane, it definitely happens.

        • Physics? Cool, can we talk about the universe in which the rock/BB/meteor didn’t hit the glass? Or maybe the universe where it went through the glass, the dash and the drivers body?
          I’m loving me some “Parallel-Universe-Theory.” It’s such an interesting idea that every possibility and every eventuality occurs and is experienced in a trillion parallel realities.
          Not exactly “basic” physics, but it’s the “fun” kind of physics.

          • It is indeed basic. A car in front of you is going approximately the same speed. The projectile coming from that vehicle could actually be going slower than you when it hits you. A vehicle traviling the opposite direction could kick up a projectile that could possibly hit your car with over twice the volocity of your vehicle.

      • What cha got, Just me? Anything better than “something hit my windshield- oh my god they’re shooting at me!” Not to disbelieve this lady and im sure it scared her but it probably wasn’t an intentional act. If it happens again I’ll believe it and we’ll start shooting back.

    • Until they hit the ground and bounce. If you ever find yourself behind a gravel truck, you can see the rock almost in slomo falling off the truck hitting the ground and coming at right at your window. Another is a car or truck pulling out of a gravel driveway, rocks stick in the tire tread until they get up to speed and centrifugal force fires it out like a bullet.

  • With all the hills random little rocks falling off, and all the birds picking up random things then realizing it’s not food PLUS the fact that opposite direction cars cause windshield dents too, it honestly probably was just a rock. Both times it kept happening in Fortuna just happened to be the time of year they re-gravel and fix potholes. Concedince, or just plain old sceince at work?

  • This also happened to me about a month ago.
    North Bound on the 101 just around the Stafford exit. Pretty flat through there no hills, no other cars around me. I am sure this was a bb or pellet. It seems as though this ASSHOLE is targeting women driving alone. There are so many places to hide along the highway they will probably never catch them.

    • I’m not saying you are wrong, but it would be hard to identify and shoot just females driving on the freeway at speed with a BB gun, and still be far enough away to remain hidden. Just my opinion.

      • Ever heard of a scope? Sorry, but I have driven all over this country for many years and I know the difference between a rock/ pebble and a bb. Also If you go back and read the articles from before all the reports came from women. One in particular had children in the back seat. Have a nice day.

  • Physics lesson … Ive had two windshields replaced after rocks kicked up by a vehicle in front of me cracked the glass. If the rock comes up off the hi way it’s impact velocity is going to be at least equal to my speed.

    • I will agree with you. In most of my experiences though the rock has fallen off of the vehicles- dump trucks or dump trailers- in front of me therefore traveling at about my speed. Still will crack your window but unlikely to blow a hole in it. I always clean any rock that has spilled over the side of my truck before i roll

      • Sadly I think you are more the exception than the rule!!! it would be nice if others would take the time to do that as well!!!

        • Please capitalize beginning of each new sentence.!!!

          • Oops sorry, usually I do!!! This one obviously escaped detection!!! 50 lashes with a piece of Soggy Pasta, AKA A Wet Noodle!!!

          • why?
            when i type up official correspondence i use correct capitalization.
            in commenting posts i’m too lazy.
            i know some are anal retentive and this upsets them.
            i know others don’t give a shit about it, big or small.

            i get flayed about those who can’t use periods at the sentence ends,
            or don’t break up long posts and turn them into one huge paragraph, proper punctuation or not.
            but i’m losing too much hide and must chill out. if it’s gonna upset me i skip the read.

            *hands you a xanax*

  • Same happened to me on the Ave near Phillipsville.. not a car in sight.. same looking (deep) break in windshield…

  • This has happened more than once. Many years ago a SoHum school bus got hit in the windshield at Scotia. I would think after all these years if it was kids doing it they would be grown & on to other things.

    • Yeah, and then the babies grow up and do the same stupid stuff their brothers and sisters did.
      I was shooting out street lights when I was 12. It was what budding environmentalists did. Cars, nah, windshields were expensive and if I had gotten caught my father would have beaten me to death. I bet you think I am kidding.

  • Firefighters wife

    My daughter and I were just leaving Fortuna on kenmore road a few weeks back. Just turned to get onto the freeway going south when we were hit by a “rock”(NOT). We were going about 10 miles an hour and there were no other cars around. We didn’t even make it onto 101 before we got hit. Our windshield looked just like this lady’s. And yes, we did report it.

  • There are two impacts cracks on that window, unless there was a second shooter, I don’t believe it was a pellet. Was there a grassy knoll around?

  • Just another girl

    This happened to me as well about two months ago by kenmar exit in Fortuna. I know of a lot of people who it has happened to as well. No other vehicles around and looks just like this.

  • Most likely someones little shits, bratty freaking kids voted with a bb gun. Or a tweeker, only a few possibillities in Humboldt,..

  • Oh and for the advertisements below asking,about,what your 5 year plan is I’d say, just try to stay in business since the county will sell out to any major brand planning a takeover,..

  • I have a 2014 car that’s on its 5th windshield. Stuff just keeps happening! Since I moved to Humboldt I have had to have a relationship with a body shop and a windshield guy… Gotta love the rock vs windshield and deer vs car incidents that occur all the time up here…

    When I lived in Vacaville, I was convinced that someone was plinking at cars, and mine was not excepted. I hope no one is that crazy, but it’s possible!

  • I have had at least 4 rocks get kicked up and chip my windshield by Fortuna and even a headlight in the last year, mostly by empty semi trailers drifting on to the shoulder where loose rocks pile up, but I saw them coming,

  • I am sure this woman was scared she sounds very scared but I have gotten hit by 3 things that have cracked my windshield when I was driving and no one was around it was anyone shooting at me lol

  • Charlie Butterworth

    Got hit by something over a year ago just south of Fortuna, wanted to think it was a rock but pretty sure it was a BB or pellet. Held off getting it fixed for months then got a new windshield. One week later in the same location the same thing took place. No other cars around. Shined it on and then a couple of weeks later, just over the river, north of Scotia, it happened again. This time I stopped and called the CHP. Its happening folks and not just to women.

  • I have so many cracks in my windshield and my wifes car is worse. For a while i was getting hit between CR and Loleta on the flat section. Then I was getting hit, heading north near Fernbridge. Don’t know what else to say

  • shawn the fisherman

    In about the same area, I heard something hit my roll bar in my jeep found a bb on the floor mat. They are shooting for sure!

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