4.1 Quake Strikes Near the Coast

USGS Did You Feel It map.A 4.1 earthquake hit 17 miles southwest of Rio Dell at 2:22 p.m. near Petrolia. The quake was about 5.2 miles deep and residents as far away as McKinleyville report feeling it. Some residents along the coast are reporting a few broken items.



  • If I wasn’t chasing a bear out of the garden, I would have felt it.

  • Felt it near Eureka High – a single mild jolt. Made the hanging lamps swing a little, but that was it.

  • I’m in Rio Dell, I didn’t feel.it.

  • *i felt it in Ruby Valley vary faint so humboldt

  • It was a good sized jolt in Fortuna

  • Shook in north Arcata

  • It barely shook at first and then it went on to give a shake that made the fan lights swing. Definitely felt it here in Fortuna.

  • Evelyn M Gustafson

    It was a quick roller then gone. Humboldt Hill.

  • Felt it in Eureka near the Bayshore. I had guessed it to be about a 3.5 at the time.

  • Earthquake Thunder Fart

    Felt it here in Hydesville.

  • I was standing in our kitchen and felt it and the cabinet with the glasses shook and rattled. It was a quick quake. My husband was outside in the driveway and didn’t feel it.
    – Lower Eel River near the ocean

  • Arcata upper bottoms, distinct short jolt.

  • Loleta,wife felt it I slept through it…she didn’t wake me up,brother in petrolia felt it pretty good he had to call and had to wake me up just to tell me all about something I wanted to miss in the first place…

    • Dang Brother! lol didn’t feel it in Carlotta, was probably walking in backyard, and missed it. My house is built solid, concrete slab, don’t always feel quakes. Moved here in ’95, so missed the ’92. Was at Field’s Landing when the 7.0 hit, sister from Auburn visiting…threw us 4 down on the sand, with water gushing up from the sand closer to the dry beach than ourselves! And it was the first I’d heard the ground growling, the parking lot lights were dancing, of course the 2nd time the other three got knocked down, they got up, helped me up, amd started hobbling to the truck! I’ve heard stories of “92!

  • Jefferson school neighborhood, a single moderate jolt.

  • Veterans friend

    Felt in Myers Flat. Rattled dishes.

    • I lived in Myers Flat in the late 80’s & early 90’s. I remember having 3 earthquakes in a 24 hour period. Last one knock our trailer off it’s blocks. Family of 5. 3 boy’s 2 adults. Rock & rolled on Boy Scout Road, guess who??????????red cross came to help us.
      Coming from WI an earthquake sucked.. at least here WE HAD tornado warnings. Miss Humboldt 😘😘😘😘😘😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎❤💚💜💙💛

      • It would be easier if there was an Earthquake “Season”! But…you do get better at accepting when they happen! Perhaps someday they’ll be able to Predict Quakes.

  • Sharp jolt in Shelter Cove. Dog came across the living room in one jump into my lap

  • Felt it in scotia

  • salmon crk local

    Felt it in Salmon Crk. The shortest earthquake I’ve ever felt

  • I felt it and told my sister in law.but she said it was the neighbors down stairs. But I was right.it just shook for a sec.

  • Odd – I thought about an earthquake, but I didn’t actually notice one. Just the impression. I was likely walking at the time.

  • It was a quick shake in Trinidad.

  • Relax folks, it was just h.b.c. he fell out of his rascal trying to get to the potty, don’t worry though it woke his mom up and she came down to the basement and helped him up, bless her patient soul. He should be up and typing really soon.

    • “He should be up and typing really soon.” I knew the silence from him was too good to be true!!! It was Cannabis users again that caused it!!! 8~P

  • I was leaning against my wall on top of my bed trying to cool down and the wall shook like a sharp jolt and then I thought a dog was scratching herself as it was a softer shaking ! But I don’t have a dog anymore so it was then I knew we were having an earthquake!! I live on the Eel River in Philiipsville.

  • We felt it in Kneeland. Very briefly, not super intense, but felt, non the less.

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