Pedestrian Collides With Kia Vehicle in Eureka and Goes to Hospital


Law enforcement investigating what occurred.

Law enforcement investigating the incident. [Photos by Mark McKenna]

Around noon, a woman was driving a silver Kia on 4th Street in Eureka when there was a collision with a pedestrian. According to the driver, the pedestrian walked into the side of her vehicle.

EPD blocks traffic while investigating the incident.

EPD blocks traffic while investigating the incident.

The victim was taken to hospital but was awake and responsive.

Two lanes of 4th were blocked for a short time after the incident but are now open.

Silver Kia

Vehicle involved in the accident.





  • Was the victim male or female? Quite a few of us have family that work in that area!
    Anymore info would be appreciated.

  • Calistupidfreakalistic

    They need to do away with the “pedestrian right of way.” Pedestrians depend on that law way too much, and think “well that car has to stop,” and they take the risk of stepping out in front of the vehicle. Sure the driver can get fined, or do time, but that does not fix an injury and much less a death. It’s the worst law. I have never seen a place with so many pedestrians getting hit by vehicles, and it happens just about every single week around here. This is not normal, people.

    • I agree – in certain areas in particular. I’ve seen way too many near-misses on 4th and 5th through Eureka….

    • freakinleavecalithen

      The pedestrian right of way is for crosswalks. How many places have you really seen? I could probably count them on one hand.

    • I don’t think we have normal pedestrians here. This morning I literally watched a man walk out into the street in front of my car without looking first. Not even at an intersection. He was staring off in the opposite direction. I’m glad I was driving slowly and paying attention. I swear some people have a death wish.

  • charles engebretson

    Look a like an intersection… You drivers do know that you have to stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk right?

    • Pedestrian walked into SIDE of Kia. If accident happened in a crosswalk then it appears either the Kia was running a red light or pedestrian was in crosswalk illegally against a red light. That’s if this accident happened in a crosswalk as is ASSUMED because of available photo.

    • You don’t have to stop if there’s a traffic light, with a little button to push to cross

  • charles engebretson

    Well then way they’re slanting it sounds like it might be a houseless person…hmm..maybe

  • Warner Von Braun

    I see drug addled bums walk out into traffic without looking almost every day in this area.

  • Thinking allowed

    How many times have you breezed by a car in a multi lane one way road too late for you to realize they might be slowing for a pedestrian? At first it seems they might be just slowing to turn. The car blocks the view of the crosswalk and, by the time you have realized they weren’t turning but stopping, you might not have time to stop yourself.

    It is illegal to pass a stopped car but, if you are just a little behind them, you have to make the decision to stop yourself before they actually stop or it’s too late. It’s risky for a pedestrian to rely on that law. It just doesn’t work well in all cases.

    • If I ever stop at those stupid pedestrian crossings downtown, which I try not to do, I put my hazard blinkers on to try and alert other drivers to let them know what’s going on. It’s a dangerous situation, for sure.

    • Once , then I realized that I made a stupid mistake and now I pay more attention and drive more causally on 4th and 5th. But I see other people do what youre describing all the time.

  • I see so many people crossing against the lights everyday especially around 4th and J and 4th and I streets.

  • As someone who worked on 5th street for years, I have been hit whilst In a crosswalk halfway through by someone running the stop sign, I’ve had bums walk right out 15 feet ahead of me while I’m driving 30ish, not giving a damn. I’ve seen a lady literally jump out in front of a car and started screaming at the car for stopping and NOT hitting her, and many many more traffic stories I could lay out on here…. 4th/5th street down by the auto lots are plagued with idiots running through and into traffic. All times of the day, but primarily in the morning when the soup kitchens get out

  • Wishing your wife a swift and complete recovery.

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