[UPDATE 4:02 p.m.: Sheriff’s Office Has Spoken to the Alleged Perpetrators] Man Assaulted in Alderpoint by Three Males Wielding Baseball Bats

Assault FeatureLast night at approximately 11:24 p.m., three individuals wielding baseball bats allegedly attacked a man in Alderpoint, according to Lt. Mike Fridley of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department.

According to the victim’s story, he went to the home of Armand Moore’s mother to ask about a vehicle for sale. Moore came out with a baseball bat and threatened to kill him if he bothered Moore’s mother again.

The victim said he was leaving with when Ricky Crenshaw, Sr., a white male adult jumped out of the bushes and swung at him with a baseball bat.

Then, according to the victim, a juvenile with Crenshaw swung another baseball bat this one struck the victim.

The suspects then allegedly broke the windows of the victim’s truck and everyone left the area on foot.

The victim received “two large lacerations” and was transported to Jerold Phelps Hospital.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is searching for Ricky Crenshaw Sr. a white male adult age 43, a juvenile male, and Armand Moore, age 27. If anyone has information about their whereabouts, the please call the Humboldt Count Sheriff’s Office at (707) 923-2761.

UPDATE 4 p.m.: According to Deputy Brandon Head of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, the alleged perpetrators have been contacted and they state they didn’t participate in the alleged attack.

“They said they were not involved in this assault,” Head stated.





  • There goes the neighborhood

    • Midwestern Josh

      Hi My name is Josh, my friends call me Joshy or Just Joshing. I live in the midwest and my friends and I are hooked on this blog. Humboldt County is the greatest soap opera/Telenovela ever. The endless stories of homicides, suicides, drunks and druggies is never ending. And this blog Kemp, that allows you to comment and put anyone on blast in the community is unheard of. Where other forum could you call out your meth head neighbor by name in public. We used to listen to Howard Stern for shits and giggles but now we just talk about your stories and comments. You brought us devils lettuce and the mega grow legalization debacle. My uncle is an officer and told me if you grew 1000 plants here they would put you away for life. But in Humboldt its all good! And the meth oh the meth you collectively must have more tweakers per square mile than anywhere on the planet. Just this week multiple people dying in jail and else where. Mysterious Cowboy who works for the FBI, or man who drives over Mercedes to crash into store front. This Shit is fucking awesome! Tweaker Rick busting bats on tweaker Ricky Bobby and neighbors chiming in bashing all sides. We talked about it all day i personally think Tweaker Ricky Bobby has to go, but I side with Ap citizen about how Tweaker Rick is also part of the problem. Anyway I hope to go to film school and would love to do a documentary on your fascinating and fucked up area. Please keep the stories coming and the comments robust. Keep that devils lettuce growing and smoking and selling that meth! Take it easy, Josh

      • You are hilarious Josh, thanks for the reminder of the insane soap opera like no other that is this community! It is refreshing to hear there are folks who can see clearly out there. It is as if no one in Humboldt wants to notice the root or interconnection of all these issues, they keep scapegoating drug addicts and houseless people or growers, blah blah blah, yet they fail to look more deeply at why these things exist in the first place; the consequences of the drug war, industry circumstances, land distribution since CA’s inception, economics, a system that rewards greed and exploitation, politics, money focused intentions of politicians and police, while most are totally victimized by propaganda of the “boogie man in the bush” scenarios over and over again, validating the need for governments who have waged war on this community for over a generation. There are transparent causes for why all of these things are happening in mass in Humboldt County. It is a shame most cannot see. I had higher hopes for our coming out to the world via decriminalization, in order to set a sustainable example about living in harmony with nature and one another, but when you work with government and use the oppressors tools, what can farmers expect but to be victim of oppression? When has government brought sustainability? When have they ever supported small farmers? People are idiots everywhere, but in Humboldt it is VERY obvious exactly how and why. At least we can be grateful for the clear reflection. As with cananbis’ magic medicinal quality of revealing oneself to themselves, our local cannabiz is revealing the corruption of the entire system, to the species. Time for rEvolution humans, before we all work for monsantan! And let’s take the whole world with us… Its time to dream bigger than your little life’s successes growing cannabis etc. That can be taken away by the same organizations who gave you permission in the first place.

        • Taurus Ballzhoff

          Woo hoo! Magical and medicinal? Getting AFU will save the world?

          Keep smoking that dope, it’s obviously working for you!

          That’s the magic of Humboldt. Whatever CRAZY idea you have, you can exhibit it in public.
          Walk down the street, smoke pot. No one will say a word.

          I love to go to Kona in springtime, and stop by the Kona Natural Foods. The same folk you see in Garberville in August, are there.

          The above person speaks of evolution, but really, he just wants the money to go to Hawaii!

          Evolution is not turning on the whole world! Evolution is rising above the paradigm currently existing, and exploring something new, living it and succeeding. Then you pass it along to your offspring!

          I certainly hope everyone gets above this drugged state of consciousness. Smoking weed gets you nowhere, and the spread of cannabis will fail to instigate significant changes in the population of the world.

          Legalization is the government’s attempt to keep you down!

          While the boys are growing, the meek are inheriting the earth you left behind. Try going back where you came from. Try to get that job back!

          My advice: quit smoking that dope!

          It makes you feel like you are OK. That’s the problem.

      • Decent troll attempt at inciting local fervor vs. RHBB but nevertheless it’s transparent and misguided trolling.

      • Almost belived it until the meth part, if you are in the Midwest you have just as many.

        • Taurus Ballzhoff

          An amazing account! We ARE talking about an entire county full of odd sorts. A couple of years ago my wife said “who lives in the mountains?” “People who can’t handle town”.

          Coming to Humboldt and expecting ANYTHING like ANYWHERE else, is misguided.

          Many folks come here for the pot thing, but Humboldt is much, much more. The folks here don’t just want to get high, they want some kind of freedom, that they perceive to be unavailable in the “real” world.

          Here, we have no restraint, other than our armed neighbors who exact their own kind of law and order.

          If you get seriously twisted, someone may talk you down with a baseball bat, depending on how badly you screw up in public. I sincerely doubt that anyone would ever tell anyone else to control their behavior in any other manner! They may hit you with a bat, but that’s how they tell you that they care! And the ambo will come and take you to what passes for medical care, eventually… If the Sheriff comes, well no one will know anything…

          So the law here is, leave me alone, be a decent neighbor, leave me alone.

          Step out of the rule of law, suffer the consequences!

          Meanwhile, Ms Kemp maintains a forum for local characters, which doubles as a public address system/ emergency warning device / news agency, such as the news is… A valuable service, in these times…

          Like they say in Goobsterdam, if you don’t like it, shut-up, leave! Remember, the best times in your life, are extemporaneous.

          No one wants a movie, from your point of view, or another outsider’s opinion. Humboldt is the way it is. In order to properly understand this area, you would need to live in many different places in the county. And then leave. It will sink in, after a while…

          When I am in Humboldt, I am pretty happy. I know how it is here, even if I do complain about it, but when I leave, I miss it. I wish I came here sooner!

          I hope you come to see it differently, it’s not all just stoners and tweakers. Northern California IS full up on druggies… What you get here is more than just drugs. I know that after the dope thing ends, Humboldt will evolve, and return to being the world-class beautiful place that it can become!

          • Not sure why you replied to mine I agree, it’s my home and I love it here, sucks sometime when you see what’s happening to the neighborhood and county, but things always change hopefully on a positive note next time. I was born here in the 70s and left a few times to try other places but always came back after a short time, (year or so) nowhere else quite like home. And it’s far from being ALL druggies that’s just what mostly in the news, however there is a serious drug problem here, tweakers are everywhere but more so around the small towns and city’s, but I’m pretty certain that is a country wide epidemic.

        • nope. i’m from wi and keep track of the local news there and talk to family about the drug issues back home. meth is not yet a crisis yet, no where near it. i’m talking a place with about the same level of remote rural living situations.

          there is housing, there are jobs. there are safety nets in-place and have been for yrs.
          we have our share of clannish people in wi. they are not as entrenched or rigid when it comes to their socializing & mixing with “outsiders”.

          from ’99 – ’04 i was able to experience those i read about, “the dead heads”, those who followed the GD for decades and all over the planet. many had a doctorate degree or 2 they worked hard for and then allowed excessive hedonistic drug abuse erase their ability to talk in a coherent manner. i found it not only fascinating but heart breaking.

          i’ve met countless trust fund babies here who were so spoiled – the easy money ruined them as far as their ability to do for themselves.

          here when i see a young adult with a JOB and strong work ethic i thank them.
          communities and families teach work ethics through example. i grew up knowing if i didn’t earn it i wasn’t entitled to it, and if it’s not mine don’t touch it.

          so go ahead and hack on us “outsiders”. tell me to go back where i came from, how i don’t belong here.

          then go take a journey with your eyes wide open and try to find the true causes of why this unique beautiful area with beautiful and intelligent folks has such a huge problem ingesting toxins.

          please then, get back to me. i’m curious as to what you see deep down.

  • OK… so i am going to look at a car at 11:30 at night, in a shady area… all sounds legit…

  • Way to be a good father Armand! Your two boys need a father not a thug

    • Maybe they can share a cell.

    • Fuck you. Watch your mouth. Armand is a good father and a great guy, doesn’t use drugs, nothin. He’s one of the few around still working an honest job. The guy who’s stating this is full of shit. Don’t judge things you don’t know.

      • If you call working with Jeff an honest job… laughable at best

        • Sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder. It’s okay though, luckily for you, the internet allows for you to hide behind a username and talk shit.

          • You too! Haha

            • I just don’t like seeing good people having their name drug through the mud on social media and idiots who don’t know better making stupid comments. I happen to know he’s a good guy and great father, and someone should be saying it!

              • I hear you, but it’s to be expected when it’s a situation like this, it just sounds like ap tweaker shit with Rick involved so people will automatically associate him with that, I don’t know because I haven’t seen Armand in awhile, kudos for sticking up for what you think is right but don’t be too disappointed when people talk shit.

          • Or it be the Bat for them wouldn’t it! Lol

        • Leave jeff out of this. He is a hard workimg man. All i see you doing is playing on facebook.

        • Stopwithyourlies

          I bet you don’t even have a job.

      • Yup. Armand is a great guy. A hardworking father, and a great friend. He is one of the last few people, who is a local, and not a drug addict. I know first hand. I know Armand well. So get a life, and take a lesson from Armand, get a fucking job, you will have less time to start shit with people that you do not know on the internet.

  • Sounds to me like a tweaker got caught breaking into a truck and locals doled outa little “justice”. Whole story sounds a little fishy but then again, this is the “victims” side of the story.

  • So let me see if I get this straight, The “victim” shows up at an old lady’s house at allmost midnight trying to buy a car, old ladys son threaten him with a baseball bat. And there just happens to be two people waiting in the bushes also armed with baseball bats. Yeah the “victim’s” story doesn’t sound fishy at all.

  • This goes to show the plethora of derelicts that live in this town that has gone DOWNHILL in many ways.. They need to do a CLEANUP of them starting with that Crenshaw whose a POOR excuse of a dad.. He doesn’t send his kids to school, they hang with tweakers ALL day. They do nothing all day but drive around pedaling drugs and causing trouble. I hope they catch his ass and put him to work fixing the county roads starting with the AP road….

    • Veterans friend

      AP is at the bottom of the hill.

    • Not very smart are you LOL

      You sure seem to know a lot about someone you don’t know at all… interesting fantasy you have. Must be hanging out with the victim and doing the same drugs. From the comment below it says his kids are homeschooled. Yet you make it sound like these kids have grown up with no schooling at all. Which is impossible so that proves how little you actually know this family. Slander is illegal but maybe you are to uneducated to know that. Such a joke!!!!!

      • Thanks for your feedback. And I do know the history of this family 1st hand as a lifer resident of AP. I ASSURE you I don’t ‘hang’ and do drugs with this idiot. I have too much SELF RESPECT for myself and have done extremely well for myself, INCLUDING getting my formal education.. Which as an American 🇺🇸and our countries 1st Amendment allows me to express my words as I chose, including opinion and fact based statements. Do yourself a favor, put the pot plants down and GO get a book, READ it and EDUCATE YOURSELF on it…

  • Tune in Tomorrow folks for the exciting conclusion on tweaker wars!

  • Alderpoint is getting meth out ,and whacked out.

  • [edit] All parties involved including Lori Moore need to take their meth and get the hell out of Alderpoint. Maybe even the state.

      And you should keep your mouth shut of you dont know these people and their real life, maybe then you would know that he takes care of his kids, works everyday at a real job, ( and jeff iss a hard working man who worked for the school till his daughter gradutated and is now the owner operator of his own business) and that the victim is a meth head who gose by ricky bobby and thats not his real name. The victim has been cought creeping on under age girls in the dark, tryed to sulisit minors to come back to his meth cooking trailer. Hes been told by many people in town to leave and never come back.
      Yoir lame ass comments are defending a tweaker who has no right to blame things on people who wernt around.

  • Covelo or busted

    Meathead meth mob meets again, greeting each other with Micky Mantle salutes……And theres a couple of hits……,batters running off the freebase line ……off into the woods… someones down, ah there up again…. and the Crankers and the Freebasers are tied up again…… in the 24h inning…. 0 to 0.. No score !Cops are in the field…. hang on to your nuts folks and stay loaded… these desperadoes are still free and on the loose!

  • “The victim said he was leaving with Ricky Crenshaw, Sr.”

    Kym, was that meant to read “…leaving when Ricky…”?

  • AP dirtbags strike again. The town is filled with them. Bunch of car draggers, car burners, garbage dumpers, drug dealers , slobs, thieves and addicts. The few decent people left live in a state of fear. It’s really fucked up.

  • That town needs to get together and ask nicely for them people to leave town the first time if they don’t leave town don’t ask nicely the second time “call uber” they need to be ran out of town and start cleaning up this small towns or it might be easier and step up and become a dad or citizen and make the place you live in a better place instead of shitting in the bed you sleep in I dare you guys to become men/dads that your sons/kids can look up too and say yep that’s my dad !

    • Ya we actually did and had a meeting last week, but we are outnumbered 10 to 1 and have no legal way to get rid of them, sounds like Rick and Armand might have tried the way you speak of though tweakers or not, and it backfired on them.

    • don’t run ’em off, they’ll head here and we already have our allotment of spun son’s already!

  • Wow! They are never going to sell that car this way.

  • Sounds like there are a high number of baseball bats per capita over there in AP.

  • I take it you never attended that school… or any at this point

  • Surprised the cops didn’t put 2 and 2 together. Who tries buying a car at 11:30 pm?

  • What is the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office doing patrols .lol

  • Don’t you think, they might all get drug tested? 11:30 at my door. I’m thinking shot gun not bat. there is another side to this story. Meth = lies, thieves, and no trust. Cops need to realize. If you give them a drug test and they test positive meth or heroine, everything they say is all a lie. Peace to all. Just my opinion

    • Yes, we are going to strap people down and drug test them. We are starting in Humboldt county with each and every citizen. Liberals first of course.

  • When there is no weed money left in a few years this whole place is going to burn .

  • So you’ll put the “offenders” names when you don’t even know what really happened but the “victim” who is spewing all this bullshit gets to remain nameless? If this person wants to accuse people their name should be out there too. Just saying. All this judgment is going to two people who might not have done anything but the person doing the accusing doesn’t get to be judged? Nah get this fiction out of here.

    • Law enforcement is looking for the suspects. Without names, it’s kind of hard to have them know they are being looked for and it definitely is hard for other people to help make sure they contact law enforcement.

      • Another AP local

        Everyone has talked to the cops. No one is running or “fugitives” this tweeker thinks he can point fingers at innocent people and it’s okay. Blaming a kid for something he wasn’t even around for is low. All of you on here calling people druggies and you don’t even know them makes you no better than the asshat trying to ruin innocent people’s lives. It’s a shame that so many people are the judge and jury.

      • Law enforcment has been in contact with both ( not guilty suspect’s ) they are not running.
        The victim’s name is ricky bobby the tweaker. Tho ricky bobby isnt his real name!!!!!!

        • Another AP local

          This guy is known for odd behavior, stealing and driving stolen vehicles that he abandons around town or along the road as well as the travel trailer that it parked up by the AP fire hall. He is has been caught peeping at people through windows ect… Word is he was also responsible for burning the car by the fire hall here in town. The guy is a real winner. So if you all want to believe his crock of a story then you all must been doing the same drugs! And yes people have tried to get help over here and reported his behaviors but we cant get no help. All the parties that are being blamed do not do ANY KIND of drugs that’s such bull crap for you all to assume or say! I happen to know them all and they ALL are good people and great dads! They work hard pay taxes and try to give their kids a good life in a messed up town. But I guess if they don’t hang out and party with the tweekers it puts a target on your back??? Oh! And I love the comment on that Rick doesn’t send his kids to school!! That family had to start homeschooling their kids due to the fact that their son lived in a hospital off an on for several years. He has very bad seizures but why would any of you care. That “kid” is one of the best kids I happen to been blessed enough to get to know. He is very humble, caring, thoughtful and would go out of his way even for all of you haters. EVEN if he knew your names and what you think of him HE WOULD still help you regardless. This comment section is another great example why our communities are suffering. Quick to judge, call names, point fingers, throwing people under the bus ect.. call it what you want, it’s sad to see how fast you all are willing to do that!

  • Tired of the crap in Alderpoint

    Anyone who lives in or around Alderpoint knows that Rick is far from innocent. Maybe in this particular incident, but that’s far from the whole story. Roaming around and creating havoc on a daily basis is not being innocent. Just because people are known tweakers, which he is known to associate with, doesn’t make you above them. He is always yelling at someone, or threatening someone because he feels no one will do or say anything. He is and has been part of the problem in Alderpoint.

    • Wow lol your no better so before tossing stones make sure you don’t live in a glass house. one rule all true locals no is NO snitching so your no local [edit]

      • So if your kid were murdered and someone knew who it was, you think that they shouldn’t tell law enforcement because no snitching….?

      • Echo? Echo who? I only know one echo and I know she didn’t post on this. So who is this??? (You and your fake name)

      • This is echo and i didnt write this comment.. So whoever did you are lame.. And whoever replied that ive been up all night. You are wrong i sleep every night im not a tweaker.. Actually raised my kids to have morals and respect.. The truth will come forward

      • This little trope and pseudo-morality is something that really dismayed me in Del Norte and Humboldt Counties when I moved back and worked for the CCC in the early-to-mid 90s. Somehow, while I was off in the military, the area had acquired the heck out of the false-honor, dirty dog, convict culture that previously was reserved for the more urbanized hellholes. I agree with minding one’s own business in general and leaving people alone who are not hurting other people. Tattling is a shame when it’s for no reason other than spite or vengeance and its consequences permanent and extreme.

        But this little trope about ‘locals’ and keeping one’s mouth shut? It only extends to the point that harm is not being done to people. It also does not extend to a general endangerment of the community by some local would-be tyrant out on his latest 3-day spree.

        Anyone who plays the little tune about “NO SNITCHING!” or some variant of ‘snitches get stitches’ every time someone gets out of hand and reported to the HCSO for being a menace is a part of the problem. If you scream bloody murder when some serial burglar gets tracked down at the train tracks with their track marks like a train wreck, you need to examine your basic moral code. Doing that which negatively affects other people, especially with the expectation that nobody will dare take notice and report it, is not a ‘local norm’. Nor is making snitching a higher crime than assault.

        Moreover, I might add that the people most likely to be “itchin’ and bitchin’ about snitchin’ in the kitchen” are generally the first ones to roll over and sell out anyone they can to avoid consequences for their own actions. Did I mention that the most verbal of these hyperactive hamsters in the wheel of the amphetamine sub-market generally are projecting? I did if you read between the lines.

        Local or not, if what I wrote above pisses you off, go to rehab. Maybe also try some church, or perhaps an ethics and morality course of study.

  • Any lazy f… Spending time commenting on our community members when they dont even really know them might as well leave with the tweakers. Jeff and armand pay taxes and raise good kids. Id like to meet up GAZOO.

  • Yes that’s my name , the trolls who comment on this site should be ashamed of themselves. There’s always two sides to a story . You hide behind your fake name a put people down , and for what ?

  • Boy oh boy Rick sure is a loose cannon! [edit]

  • Sounds like AP needs some resident deputies.

  • Jorge Cervantes

    The beverage selection sure has steadily improved at the AP Store over the years! Best cold ice cream sandwiches in town. Always a friendly smile behind the counter!
    Sometimes there’s even a baby on the counter;) ….Although the chickamasas are a little pricey. At least they got em !

    • When I went there some tweaked out loser was sleeping in front of the store. I sat down nearby to drink my mate tea and he sort of tried to get up and hassle me but was too f-cked up. [edit]

  • just another day in humboldt nothing to read here.

  • People bring up good points about Crenshaw raising his kids the best he can. Given he has No education, real job ( other than peddling and growing the meth and weed) Those poor kids are DOOMED to be carbon copies of their parents unless they get the hell away from them ASAP! Crenshaws Mom has a restraining order against him who bless her heart lives in AP proper and can’t stand him! . Yeah- that’s a shining example of an abiding AP citizen.. Compare that to the older AP generation who have made a their lives there, who have helped each other in times of need, cared for each other’s kids. A complete Contrast of not burning through the streets at odd hours of the night, TWEAKING out with chain saws, truck engines racing and causing bad relations with all his neighbors. Law enforcement needs to come to AP and really step it up and hold people like him and others accountable. The rest of the outside world is, so ask yourselves, why should AP and its citizens be any different..? “Times are are a changing”and these times of this lawless town with these troublemakers will soon get what’s due to them. IT WILL BE OVER SOONER than people know…Thank the Lord..

  • News flash!! We as a community are coming together and taking steps to take back our town and try and make it a safe and happy place for our families to live.
    By the way, if you think that living in town makes you better than any of us, than you better take another look out your window!! Because every day the news is filled with robberies, arsen or drug bust or some bullshit just like your tagging us with!! It’s everywhere people!!! Your not immune!!!!
    Get off your high horses and quit being judgemental better than though assholes!!!
    Thank you!!!!
    Have a safe and wonderful night!!

  • Whatever its not about being judgemental its about the truth.

  • Witnesses saw Ricky and son swinging metal pipes on the victim and his car .That is a fact.

    I have also heard before this indecent That Rick is a Meth dealer.Docent make it true ,but his actions and lifestyle speak louder than the blogs.

    Armon has a real job and works hard and did a fantastic job on my home.Another fact

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