WET Eradicates 1000 Marijuana Plants Near Bridgeville

Fish and wildlife truck

[Department of Fish and Wildlife stock image]

The new Watershed Enforcement Team (WET) under the Department of Fish and Wildlife served a search warrant on a piece of property in the Bridgeville area near Hwy 36 around 8 a.m. today. WET, which was created to protect waterways from depredation particularly by marijuana growers, destroyed around 1000 plants and detained three individuals. “Formal complaints will be filed later,” said Lieutenant DeWayne Little of the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

“There was at least one count of unlawful alteration of a bed, bank or channel and/or unlawful diversion of a stream,” Little who was not at the site where the search warrant was served said but he had spoken with those who were there. He explained that though the three individuals were not arrested immediately, they will be facing felony charges for cultivation because their environmental crimes trigger a felony charge.

The property had no permits from the state or county, Little said.

Little went on to explain about WET’s role in respect to County permits. He said,

While our efforts are primarily to protect the environment, we are sworn peace officers who are sworn to enforce all state statutes. When we come across a cannabis grow…that may have county permits but there are substantial environmental issues and there is no legitimate medical [reason for] the amount of plants being cultivated, there may be a possibility that the grow will be eradicated because [the growers] are in violation of the law… .

He pointed out that commercial cannabis cultivation is not yet legal.

 …Commercial cultivation is not legal until they have both a state and a county cultivation license. The state [commercial cannabis] law will not take effect until January 1, 2018.

In the meantime, you can grow on the county permit as long as you follow the guidelines under Prop 215, SB 64 and SB 420.

In addition, Little said, cultivators need to have all their documentation on site. And, he said, the patients claimed by the cultivator must be aware that their 215’s are associated with that site.



  • You know, good. I’m saying that just for the hell of it, just to be spiteful. Not even because I don’t think people ought to have the right to smoke their brains out. They ought to. But still, good. I hope those growers lost tons of $$$.

  • GREEDY GROWERS ENVIRONMENTAL ASSAINS. now I would think that’s a example of the devils lettuce. Hugh difference for a mom pop family grow in the back yard .i am a steward of my land . those guys are not .

  • No pics or names….

  • CartOnTopOfHorse

    Hmm, he did his homework and found the loophole to chop any permitted grow unless they have legit consented 215s for all sq ft. If he wanted to be a stickler he could call on the scripts to verify. Wish they would take pictures and show the extent of the environmental damage.

    • WET functions under very specific legal authority:


      The individual and cumulative effects of cannabis cultivation can impact wildlife, pollute land and streams, and destroy habitat. To address the impacts of cultivation on private lands, CDFW created the Watershed Enforcement Team (WET) composed of a combination of CDFW law enforcement and scientific staff. The objective of WET is to work collaboratively with the State Water Board to prevent, assess, and remediate environmental damage from cannabis cultivation sites.”

      You can be certain they will be documenting everything. We may not get to see the photos but they’ll have them.
      I checked out a case (non-cannabis) the WRC brought where they diverted a stream and so on. This was on land adjacent to the Klamath a couple miles upriver from Weitchpec.
      Here’s the file if anyone wants to know what’s involved when the Water people come after you.
      And yes, there would be photos and more see Aug. 30, 2016 North Coast Water Quality Control Board pdf

  • charles engebretson

    See we (cannabis smokers) don’t want to see streams diverted and environmental damage…so yeah screw em…legalization doesn’t mean just run amok and divert streams…we can and will have farms just like other crops that follow laws and regulations…irradicate the black market …

    • Life time local

      But you don’t get it there is no way to be legal now! It’s impossible until 2018! You do not see them busting places in the centeral valley. Only northern California’s water use is not okay. This is great NorCal if fucked until 2018 pretty much. Cute…. I hate how everyone says this is cool. I hope you like this place when it is a town full of struggling broke people who can’t support any community organizations. Why does everyone think this is okay?

      • i hope ppl doing this anywhere in ca/us are being stopped by whatever agency has the authority to do so.
        w e t is helping mother nature help herself.
        the war on the ‘people of drugs’ is being turned in ‘war on people who are killing life’.
        it’s past the time when people should have started acting respectful to the ONLY place humans can exist. we’re parasitic and have sucked too much off this old girl already.
        i’m sure places in the central valley are being busted but it’s not making any news, especially up here.

        still back home their war on drugs is a war on the people of drugs. law agencies gloat over the head count of stoners they bust, especially with grows.

        i’d always heard ca was 3 yrs ahead of everyone else in most things (slang, jargon, science, entertainment, dress, changing thoughts and idea’s about old school stuff…)

        we didn’t need to kill wildlife, or take water away from the life that died w/o it, or plant acres because we were greedy. go big and become obvious and go right to jail.

        anyway. i’ve been an out-there, it’s only a flower til the mind makes it a weed’ ‘let my people go’ chick & we’d go to every rally from ’74 – ’99 …back there.
        i’d always ask ppl why they thought pot was a bad idea. i worked hard, never missed work and was HAPPY, and so did the other “stoners” i ever worked with. twas the drunks that couldn’t pull their weight.

        soon i need to go back i’ll need to learn to keep a low profile. i’ll be nervous someone will smell my couple of plants…now that i can smell a grow waft into my car window from houses i passed driving 40mph.

        and i love that anyone of us thinks nothing of going into your local sales establishments reeking of dank cuz no one cares.

        i’ll be showering before i venture to my local grocery stores back there.

        oh dynamic life…help the orb cleanse heal and rejoice.

    • Better late than not at all…. irradicate = Eradicate!!!!

  • A better statement of the law than usual for Fish and Wildlife. However, it is not true that the 215 patients have to know about the farm. They have to be associated with it, which can occur through the dispensary of which they and the farmer are all members. Still he acknowledged that state medical law exists, which is a step beyond their last raid statement which was totally ignorant.

    His “illegal diversion” could be a spring box with no permit, or it could be something actually bad. “Illegal” is a useless term in trying to actually describe the facts on the ground.

    Still, a great improvement in legal reasoning.

  • The thing we all need to think about are the costs to small growers compared to large corporate soon to be grows. You will need a permit from state&local? Taxed how much? Who do you want to see around here, smaller community minded folks or people who want to put you out of biz so they can pay you poorly, like whats happened in almost every rural ag area in the country.

    Theres an opportunity here to reward those who have been doing a good job and set the example. Taking away the rule that you have to prove residency of 2 years is a major issue we need to deal with or we are gonna end up with grows like this run by big biz who will get the enviro rules changed and just pay fines when they break the law, like most big industry out there. We saw it happen with logging practices here already.

    The state rules now supercede our county after the state said each county had to come up with their own regs??? Can someone explain pls, why need both when state ones takes precedent.

  • “they will be facing felony charges for cultivation because their environmental crimes trigger a felony charge.”

    F*ck yeah!

  • 215 or permits don’t matter fish and game are Feds they will chop and cuff if they feel the need

  • Sleepy Alligator

    Next time these folks will think twice before they mess with Texas. When it comes to water diversion Alameda County is no joke!

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    I love the smell of wood chipped dope in the morning….

    If we don’t want anymore 911’s every marijuana plant must be cut down or sprayed with Garlon.

    This is a moral issue people!

  • SB 64, huh? Hadn’t heard of that yet, but I’m glad DeWayne Little is on top of the laws.

  • Only a matter of time before wet gets checked by the court, especially making statements like that.

  • yea you can put your property values in that chipper once the word gets out that the hammer is comming maybe a good thing maybe not when i got here mendocino gave you a box of food if you were on hard times it was as i remember some crap in a can some beens and big chunk of lard, was one of the poorest countys in state

  • I hope they get huge fines and large legal bills! I hope all of you are popped for growing too much weight. Bud will be almost worthless soon, anyway…

  • Jorge Cervantes

    These tactics are in direct opposition of what Fish & Game said they would use in past articles and videos. This is obviously just the most logical way for them to bring outlaws into compliance.(sarcasm)Bust them with or with out county issued permits. Seems like your chances of getting whacked are equal these days. Slim to none. 365 days a year. 10,000 documented gardens county wide. Do the math. 27.39 years to get to everyone if they worked everyday which they don’t. Keep planting! Double down. Overgrow the government. If you can’t sell your weed from last season by Summer solstice early retirement is on the horizon for ya!

    • Jorge is disappointing

      Yeah the smart growers wait a little longer to get top dollar for last year’s outdoor. For being THE weed guy u should know this. Much better weed prices end of summer. Get with the program!

      • Jorge is disappointing

        If this is the REAL Jorge Cervantes then u have done yourself a real disservice posting on this website. No one will buy any of your grow material if they read what you post on here. I know you just moved here, but have the time you have no idea what u r talking about. Maybe try to learn a little before acting like the master. Being humble is a good thing. Keep in mind there is always someone smarter with better information in the room. Have a great day!

      • With dep coming in all year, is that even close to a reality now?

      • Jorge Cervantes

        It hasn’t been years since prices increased in summer. That pattern was due to supply and demand. In the summer in the nineties for example prices would slightly increase due to a lack of product at that time of year. As soon as first deps roll in last years outdoor is significantly devalued. This year especially. Many folks still are sitting on boxes. Would you rather buy fresh dep or last years ? Mrs.Kemp hit it on the nail !

        • Some connoisseurs claim that a slow cure makes the cannabis better but most growers don’t or can’t store their product in a way that makes the taste better.

          • Connoisseurs are few and far between these days, the prevalence of dab, shatter, ear wax or whatever the hell they call it, should be evidence of that.

          • I agree, the absence of chlorophyll makes for a much smoother smoke and taste. The natural balancing over time of thc/cbd, etc. creates a different mental and physiological effect as well.

  • This is awesome, along with the raid in Salmon Creek yesterday….keep the momentum going folks!!

    Love it, bust the big grows, end the destruction of our environment and community.

    If no respect to earth and others, then show no respect to the perps!!!

  • CartOnTopOfHorse

    Kym sorry to throw this in randomly, I was wondering if you have seen this and what your take on it might be. If it’s worth being posted, I’m really curious of peoples interpretation of how this translates to current affairs.


    Especially this part.. The prohibitions on vertical integration in the MCRSA are now gone. With the exception of a ban on large-scale cultivators (i.e., those growing more than an acre outdoor or more than 22,000 square feet of plant canopy under mixed-lighting or indoor)

    • CartOnTopOfHorse,

      If you had followed the link Kym provided you would have seen that the bill is not yet a law.
      It passed in the Assembly but is still in committee in the Senate.

      Last 5 History Actions
      Date Action
      06/14/17 Referred to Coms. on B., P. & E.D., PUB. S. and RLS.
      06/05/17 In Senate. Read first time. To Com. on RLS. for assignment.
      On June 5 the bill was read in the Senate for the first time. The next step
      is for the bill to be sent to the various committees which would have oversight
      for matters concerned in the bill.
      “To Com. on RLS for assignment”
      The bill is with the Rules committee.
      Here (also from the link) are the committees the bill must work its way through:

      Active Bill – In Committee Process
      Two Thirds Vote Required
      Fiscal Committee
      State-Mandated Local Program
      Non-Tax levy
      Now what is the Senate doing? They’re in committee meetings but committee meetings are usually once a week.
      July 14 Last day for policy committees to hear and report fiscal bills to fiscal
      Committees (J.R. 61(a)(10).
      July 21 Last day for policy committees to meet and report bills (J.R. 61(a)(11)).
      Summer Recess begins upon adjournment of session provided Budget Bill has been enacted (J.R. 51(a)(3)).
      Aug. 21 Legislature Reconvenes (J.R. 51(a)(3)).

      And this is what happens next:

      So the ‘law’ you mentioned isn’t a law yet. It’s out of the Assembly and the Senate will handle it as they see fit.

      And the governor still has to sign it and the effective date must also be established.

      I’m not involved in this, when I was in school I was a member of a youth org. Junior Statesmen of America (in California primarily). We studied the legislative process in all
      its details. Had mock sessions, passed bills. I learned a lot and it stuck with me. I don’t expect other people to know it but since there is a lot of partial information available online
      it can lead to misperceptions and/or expectations.

      • CartOnTopOfHorse

        What a bunch of pointless filler. Are you a lawyer?
        I didn’t mention it being law, I asked others opinions about the information. There is also deadlines in the article(water diversion)that is more soon than the timeline you laid out, could be compiled information., sure.
        What’s with all the insinuations in your post? Did you feel I was insinuating something? Let’s hear it.

  • I just posted this in another thread, but I feel it belongs here too. Wouldn’t this be a great way to help local counties? https://fee.org/articles/colorado-challenges-police-to-serve-and-protect-not-fine-and-collect/

  • …Commercial cultivation is not legal until they have both a state and a county cultivation license. The state [commercial cannabis] law will not take effect until January 1, 2018.

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