Law Enforcement Conducting Apparent Raid in Salmon Creek Area West of Miranda

Photo by Kym Kemp

At approximately 10 a.m., a number of law enforcement vehicles turned into a private driveway off of Thomas Road in the Salmon Creek area west of Miranda.

Our reporter/editor Kym Kemp was at the scene snapping photos and watching the operation.

Kemp said the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and the Department of Fish and Wildlife were among the agencies with vehicles at the scene. Law enforcement could be heard telling several individuals at the site to put their hands in the air. At least one man was detained in handcuffs. Kemp said the site is well known in the Thomas Road area.

Additionally, Kemp reported that the site has black, plastic fencing lining the road, and a number of greenhouses could be seen from the road.

We’ll have more details for you later.



  • In an Alternative Parallel Universe, law enforcement is busy PROTECTING the public, raiding laboratories that manufacture mercury/aluminum-laden “vaccines”, Seroquel, Oxycontin, Ritalin, and other garbage that harms rather than heals…

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Nothing better than hearing law enforcement yelling at growers to put hands in the air.

    While they are there it would make sense to chop down all the plants and make every grower put their hands in the air.

    Nice photo Ms Kemp, keep them coming.

  • You grow it they mow it 🙂 🙂

  • Anyone who knows this property knows that this action is well overdue.

    • Becky thanks for that comment. As someone who knows the area and has friends that live in SC I have head there is some new blood in the neighborhood changing up the flavor of the place. All we can hope for is that LE does continue to send these types of growers a message, Not Here, by enforcing what they can enforce.

  • Bust Redcrest now

  • Does anyone else notice the doll torso peeking out from behind the tree…

  • Trillium Hummingbird

    Thanks LEO’s! Take them all out. Dopers take note…

  • shawn the fisherman

    makes one want to sneak around at night with a big bottle of weed be gone and go to town disrupting every grow operation in the county! With kevlar of course. Dont want my kids going camping with gay scout leaders either.. You hippies love this gay, dirty, weed culture.

    • Dumbest comment of the day….

    • Kevlar won’t stop some of the firepower some growers have.

    • It’s called acceptance. Ignorance is not bliss. You should move to an area where people are just like you. Ignorant and intolerant. To be against weed growing is ok if that’s how you feel but to put down a certain type of person for their sexual preferences is pretty intolerable. God forbid your children end up being a part of the lgbt community. I hope you would change your tune then.

      • Ignorance IS bliss to the Honeydew Chump who thinks 9/11 was caused by growers. Probably just some pig who is afraid of everything he never did. Just a tread on you and me type of arrogant punk.

        • sharklemahn hes just a troll with no life. i dont feed the trolls .

          • Hes not a troll. He really believes what he writes. Hes just bat shit crazy and should be put on a watch list for “extremist” behavior.

    • Veterans friend

      You are a small, very ugly thing. Please get off the bottom of my shoe.

    • Omg if you don’t like it here you can just go don’t be rude……

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Garlon works best because it will affect any replanting for some time.

      If everyone sprayed Garlon on just one marijuana garden, the terrorist groupings would leave.

      Marijuana caused 911 and growers are to blame.

  • Never wish a bust on anyone... Those curses come back at u...

    What is gained by this piece being raided? Long overdue? By what measure? How is your life improved by that insignificant operation getting law enforcement attention ?

  • Lots of comments. Be more interested in what the folks who live in the neighborhood have to say. Don’t know whether the scene is the good, the bad or the just plain ugly.

  • With the outrageous destruction of our environment by the mega grows there should be buses hauling these violators to jail. Fly over the SoHum mega grow cesspool if you want to see the big picture of reality.

  • shawn the fisherman

    You people are small time, druggies and the people who are productive in society are tired of your weight pulling us all down. Get off your lazy asses and get a real job. losers like Trump says! Yeah back each other up.. Its ok to be gay aslong as its not my kid I have the balls to say it but we all feel that way.. Tolerance? yes, acceptance no fucking way. Weed is not good for you or my son. Stop pushing your druggie life style on the public.

    • Wow Shawn why are you even here?

      • shawn the fisherman

        Sure not here to be a drug producer. Tell you that much Lisa. Get a job, A real one.

        • The best revenge for me is knowing sick children get relief using cannabis as a medicine that YOU, the narrow minded useful pawn, disparages. Very good to know you congenital mindless pawns for the rich won’t be getting the benefits of cannabis because you don’t deserve it.

          • There was a recent study done that showed that kids who used MJ on a regular basis were more likely to develop schizophrenia. That would explain a lot locally.. While a large portion of the writers on this site claim MJ to be medicinal but appear to be using it recreationally.
            Studies are being done on MJ but those doing the studies are having to comply with DEA rules and regulations in obtaining and storing it – under lock and key. Same cannot be said of the local MJ producers or peddlers.
            The quantities being produced in this county are clearly not medicinal but purely recreational.

            • They only claim MJ to be medicinal in large part to justify their own livelihood.

              • Geuest… I’ve got stage 3 hogkins lymphoma and have been eating the edibles for two weeks now. What a change I gained 15 lbs and nausea has been minimumal no complaint here…

                • i AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU STEVE!!!!! Wish my Mom coulda used pot to NOT waste away from cancer in 1981! No one has ever claimed alcohol had help for pain, plus with the CBD, they take out the thc that gets you high, some people don’t like that feeling. But it is amazing the help for nausea and pain! No one is taking the high out of alcohol…just sayin.

                • It is used to suppress nausea and improve appetite. This is well documented, known in medical community, and used for this. Glad to hear it helping you.

                • 15 pounds in 2 weeks does not sound believable

            • A new study purporting to link cannabis use with increased risk of psychosis just came out; they come out all the time. Lotsa funding for that kind of research relative to research into cannabis’s benefits.

              With regard to schizophrenia specifically, I’ve never seen a good explanation why US schizophrenia rates didn’t experience a sharp increase in the 1960s, when cannabis use rates went way, way up.

              I think maybe the research doesn’t mean what people suggest it does.

            • Mankind has been doing studies on Weed as long as humans have been here. So there’s that.
              Yes,…I misspelled my handle.
              Could you fix it Kim?

        • Oh Shawn. If you honestly think there is no work involved in growing a good cannabis crop, you have much to learn. Nowadays, your end product has to be perfect, since the market is so glutted. Producing really nice bud is a lot of work.

          • Thanks for telling it like it is!

          • I appreciate the extremely hard work put into grows…as long as you respect Mother Earth, and your neighbors(as long as THEY deserve respect). Just try to comply with laws, and environmental issues…SAVE THE PLANET!

        • Define a “real job” please.

        • Must not be so hum Shawn the fisherman .!!!!

    • No, all of us don’t feel that way!!

    • Obviously, not everyone feels that way.

    • CartOnTopOfHorse

      Think Shawn might be trying to craft up a troll persona. Not as obvious as C.H.U.M.P. But close. ” Just like trump says!” And lots of cliches.

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        Thought you dope growing terrorists behind 911 had a thing about not being a tattle tale?

    • Hey Shawn fisherdude wake up!!! Your son smokes weed too

    • They musta scared your fish away

    • Tell us again what “Losers like Trump says.”

  • Pulled up on a unmarked Tahoe this morning on 36 right around the corner from the glass residence they had a guy right off the bank pinned down with dogs there uni’s said police that’s it I had to back up and wait there while they loaded the guy up I figure he fled when they showed up to bust em anyone know anything?

  • shawn the fisherman…. What is your problem? Thete is a lot of people that work all the tume …..i work all the time what do you do ?

    • He’s a brainwashed, useful pawn for the straight and narrow world just like that chump from Honeydew. That’s the problem.

      • no no no. chump is [edit] not happy until he browbeats a 4 yrs olds and 80 yr olds into tears. [edit]

        the str8 and narrow just plow forward w/their lives in a benevolent manner the same as we, the twisted and open-minded-free-spirited folk do.
        hopefully soon we can find a balance in beliefs and be kinder.

        this is something chumps can not achieve with their rigidity and meanness. shit they’re chumps, they even hate other chumps.

  • Yes, yes, yes, go Sheriffs, Fish & Wildlife, Feds, County Health!!! Keep it moving, and keep up the busting of the large grows. Love it!!! Way overdue in So. Hum and the other grow zones….Alderpoint, Petrolia, Cove, Redway, Honeydew, Redwood Creek, Hoopa, Willow Creek, etc.

    Grow your own, or permit for commercial. Done with the bullshit associated with the large grows, no respect for anything types. Lay waste to the environment, kill endangered species, garbage piled high, plastics dumped, diesel, oil, herbicides, insecticides, on and on. Pathetic.

  • The glass residence? Do you mean Glass as in Hydesville?

  • Mother of mercy could this be the end of Rico?

  • It’s about time. I am glad that law enforcement is finally creating the illusion of doing something about this problem.

  • Tweek world ! Wtf !

  • Muddy Black Dodge

    Just passed raid on Thomas Rd. Salmon Creek. Law enforcement is still at same location

  • CartOnTopOfHorse

    What are these growing doing that makes them need to be raided over others grows that won’t be. I mean you can say it’s horrible but what are they doing, give me a list of violations, more info and pictures. Of course the dolls alone may have been enuff reason to eradicate. But hearsay is a bad way to jump in with the mob.

  • Jorge Cervantes

    Salmon Creek is a wonderful community. Full of colorful characters! Always has been. There will always be some bad apples in any bunch. Especially those that caused the fire on upper Thomas last summer. With the car that burnt to a crisp in the ditch.

  • look past the yr old fence past the mill before Redcrest 20 or so new Big hoopers

  • Shawn get ur fishing pole and find a spot and let the grown ups talk and while your at it, take that burnt ember with you!

  • Sheriff with chipper just left Salmon Creek going north on the highway and got off in Weott.

  • If it wasn’t for marijuana growing Southern Humboldt would be populated by thousands of borderline illiterate minimum wage job applicants instead of borderline illiterate growers with money. “Look, I drive a grow dozer and wear a flat brimmed ball cap with a Hank III t-shirt!”

    • That’s just what’s in your face. If you look behind the big truck diesel pallette of soil outter layer, you will see a beautiful patchwork community unlike any other in the united States. I have been or lived everywhere, but have been to every States, every big city, been on the streets in most of em and been Rich and poor.. it’s like the grateful dead. We don’t need to recruit
      You have to find.

  • For being “on scene”, It’s not a good pic of the story at all. Where are the photos of the violations, the garden sizes, etc. Thanks

    • It’s private property. I’m not allowed to go there so that means I had to shoot from on the road through a black plastic fence quite a distance. (Also, I know this seems odd but I was trying to spend the day with my sons, my mother and my aunt and they had to wait for me so I couldn’t hang out all day parked on a dangerous corner with my kid hoping for a good shot.)

      • You are rad, Kym, I love your ways.

        • My poor family was patiently waiting in the car at the side of the road where I could get reception for me to call Oliver and tell him what happened. I’m not sure that they were loving my ways….

          • Kym, Appreciate your need to keep us informed…thank you and thank your family for having to wait for you! LOVE your site!

          • Poor kym as usual let’s all feel bad for kym and express sympathy. As usual

            • Or….you could scroll on by if you are not willing to genuflect and express the proper sentiments…(That was being a smartass for those of you not raised in the same type of family I was.)

              With some folks, I’m a jerk if I don’t explain. With others, I’m asking for sympathy if I do. I’d rather error on the side of overexplaining. Apparently, that rubs you the wrong way. I shall feel eternally awful for upsetting you.

              • You’re awesome Kym. Maybe as your media-Empire grows you might find an intrepid reporter with ninja skills to help out with some of the more challenging stories.

          • No doubt!

            That you made them suffer for us, but not too much, is what I appreciate.

      • Thanks kim! Keep up the great work… family time is always a priority.

  • Sleepy Alligator

    I wonder if the Alabama State Police will file charges or if the Texas Rangers might take over this case and extradite them up to Canada.

  • CartOnTopOfHorse

    Have known many growers over the years that were not distructive, very much organic and kind hearted. If only humboldt was left to the people who love it and would take good care of it. It is sad to think of the beauty, and then imagine toxic trashy grows seeping out into the surroundings. Humboldt in the 90’s was the last of the era and how I try to remember it today.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      70’s and 80’s….

      The chime of, Magic Happens has been replaced with Mafia Happens.

      If a disease wipes out all the marijuana it will be a blessing from God.

      Getting rid of marijuana means no more 911’s.

      God Bless Garlon!

  • Appears here in Mendo county the people in charge of the legal grow scene don’t know what their doing. Making rules they don’t enforce. Letting the big growers ruin entire neighborhoods. Even when all the long time neighbors complain about the newby with big stupid mega grow they do nothing. Sheriff dept says talk to AG dept, AG dept says talk to Building and Planning. Building and Planning sends you back to AG dept. Pass the buck. Their ordinance 10A.17.040, says; The cultivation of medical cannabis in Mendocino County, in any amount or quantity by any entity, shall not be allowed in the following areas, #4 In any location where the cannabis plants are visible from the public right of way or publicly traveled private road. Am I mistaken or does that mean we don’t have to drive by your completely exposed mega grow every time we come and go? Building and planning code enforcement refuses to enforce this. Yet they expect everyone else to follow the ordinance. When I called about it I was told it’s not to be seen from a publicly maintained road. That’s not what it says. We have to drive by on our publicly traveled private road everytime we come and go. No other way in or out. Truly Mendo County is incompetent. Any suggestions on how to get Mendo county to have someone read their ordinance to them.

    • CartOnTopOfHorse

      The newby growers view merijuana as a legal business entry. Not disagreeing with you but your view is old school. The newbs don’t think it’s a mega grow. They think it’s necessary sq footage to be a commercial merijuana farmer. Big grows impress people on social media.
      I know its weird but to them it probably makes us seem like cavemen frightened at the sight of a television set.

      • I’ve lived here 40 years. Combined all 10 of the neighbors have lived her a combined total of 265 years, None of us like it, They tear up our road, haven’t mowed any of the grass around structures, propane tanks etc, hasn’t paid property taxes in two years, lets aggressive guard dogs run the neighborhood, and you tell us to move……. this guy doesn’t even live here. He has craigslist hirees working the grow…..

      • CartOnTopOfHorse

        When’s I grew up the new respected the old, sadly that’s almost the complete opposite now.

    • Change laws we voted on

      Sorry residents of California the state just undid the residency clause.Honestly you have seen nothing yet.The reality all the state cares about is revenue .The state does not even care about local permits.Sad.
      “Residency: The bill repeals a residency provision that was included in Proposition 64 and required that people starting cannabis businesses in the state to have lived here prior to Jan. 1, 2015. The provision had been included in Proposition 64 to protect the state’s existing cannabis industry from an out-of-state green rush.

      “Compliance: In potentially the most significant change for Humboldt County, the new bill changes the proof-of-compliance provision previously enacted under MCRSA, which required that, as a condition of getting state licenses, applicants would have to submit proof that they were in compliance with local laws. Under the new bill, it’s up to the city or county to alert the state of an applicant who is out of compliance with local laws.

      • “Under the new bill, it’s up to the city or county to alert the state of an applicant who is out of compliance with local laws.”

        Kind of.

        This doesn’t look to be a loophole for Ban Wagon jurisdictions.

        What the new law says is that the state, on receiving the application, will notify the jurisdiction’s point person.

        That person will then tell the state whether the applicant is in compliance with local rules or not.

        If not, no license.

  • why does the chump live in ground zero .If he hates pot, so much .leave move to antartica .Not much devils lettuce there.

    • CartOnTopOfHorse

      He did say he loves the smell of fresh dope through the wood chipper. I think he’s obsessed with devil lettuce.

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