What Do You Do With Greywater?

Greywater book adPress release:

The Watershed Fund, a Compliant Farms client supported research and education fund is excited to announce the funding of it’s first project. In partnership with the Salmonid Restoration Federation, the Watershed Fund invites all of our rural cannabis community members to a Greywater Workshop with greywater design expert Laura Allen. (Flier Attached)
Greywater Workshop
July 22 Bayside, CA

SRF with the support of the Watershed Fund is excited to announce a Greywater workshop, installation, and book signing with greywater instructor, Laura Allen. This event will include presentations on the nuts and bolts of greywater installation, an overview of California’s plumbing code pertinent to greywater applications, and Humboldt County’s greywater policy, and a demonstration project that will give participants a hands-on opportunity to learn about design elements, plumbing requirements, layout, and actually install a greywater system. For more information and to register, see


  • It is the best for Sun tea Earl graywater its the shit!!!!!

  • I can only hope that the system(s) being demonstrated have some connection to reality.

  • Dealing with greywater from laundry and shower is pretty simple. Kitchen greywater is, as far as I can tell, a grey area . Based on the reading I’ve done, California does not allow kitchen sinks to be hooked into greywater systems due to the food residue. Is there a legally acceptable way of dealing with kitchen greywater, other than installing a standard septic system?
    The workshop materials don’t indicate whether kitchen greywater, the most critical greywater component, is covered.

    • With our sink gerywater the answer is right there soup stock!!Just dont pee in the sink,no one sec that is what makes the best water!!Get the best seller” The Joy of Greywater” best cook book yet!Thou there are no gluten free recipes,plenty of vegan.and very hard too stay Kosher,but a good read!

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