Long Delays Possible on Horseshoe Slide North of Leggett Tomorrow

Traffic delayInformation from the Caltrans Facebook page:

TRAFFIC ADVISORY: Workers at the Horseshoe slide on U.S. Highway 101 north of Leggett in Mendocino County may need to hold traffic for longer than usual on Wednesday, June 21.

We plan to begin installing the chain-link fencing that will serve as our anchored mesh system, which is intended to prevent large rocks from landing in the lanes of the highway below. Our contractors are planning to begin holding traffic at 8 a.m., and expect the work to take at least a few hours.

We’ll be trying to keep delays under 30 minutes at this location, but queues may be slightly longer if the work demands it.

As an aside, we do ask that all motorists be respectful of the work zone and the folks working in it – we’ve noticed a trend of motorists speeding right up to the stop flaggers on either side of the slide. This kind of behavior puts highway workers at risk and it’s something we take very seriously. Please slow down and be work zone alert.



  • Lol, the said 30 minutes yesterday too and I sat there 55 minutes in 100° weather. Bring snacks and water if you have kids, definitely stop for gas first.

  • Well at least you can get though, a couple of months ago, No Go!

  • There is a reason people speed right up to the slide, leave a little space and Bam, you are stopped because you didn’t tailgate the car in front and left space for a cushion and here is a good place to stop this direction of traffic…. that’s why people rush up, they don’t want to be left sitting there because they were trying to be as safe as possible…. just saying

  • Every time I have gone through there, I keep my speed down and the workers signal me to HURRY UP! I get the rolling hand and annoyed looks. Make up their minds.

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