Fourth Street in Eureka Closed for Multi-Alarm Structure Fire

All photos provided by Humboldt Bay Fire

Humboldt Bay Fire is at the scene of a multi-alarm structure fire near the intersection of Fourth Street and A Street in Eureka. According to a post on their Facebook page that went up at 4:32 a.m., Fourth Street is expected to be closed for at least two hours. Fifth Street was closed for a little while, but it has reopened. Avoid the area if possible.

Update 6:13 a.m.: Fourth Street has reopened two lanes. One lane is still closed.

Update 7 a.m.: Humboldt Bay Fire said via their Facebook page that the building involved in the fire is at 26 West Fourth Street. Crews are still at the scene “mopping up,” and one lane of Fourth Street continues to be closed.

UPDATE 9:35 a.m.: Reader Robert Tuel sent us this.
Aftermath of city fire



  • charles engebretson

    When will the city realize we’ve got some arsonist issues_?

  • Definitely a wake up call to business owners in the area.

  • Bummer.looks like a little red car lost

  • Easier to get the working people out and the dope building in. I’m sure you will delete, but its true. ARSON/ INSURANCE FRAUD for dope.

    • You aren’t advocating arson. You are expressing the opinion that arson might have been used to remove people. I don’t see any evidence to support your opinion but it isn’t something I delete for.

  • Was Knapek’s Auto Electric still there? It looks like there’s a different sign on the front than before?

    • Yes it was still there my grandma and grandpa were supposed to pack up and take everything to a new location today. They have to move due to a despinsery that is going to be put in. I am unsure of what caused the fire. I know that our family has been having problems with a couple of our relatives. If this was arson then they should take a good hard look at Willie Reynolds. The little red car was my uncles and it was already totaled before the fire.

      • I’m so sorry to hear that. Dennis has done a lot of work for me in the past and has been the nicest auto mechanic Ive ever dealt with. He has helped me with many auto electric issues over the years. I sure hope you guys can get through this. I just drove by 10 min ago….what a mess.

  • A lot of our old buildings were built of Redwood. Redwood burns hot and fast

  • More transients.

    Oh but we must tolerate the homeless and not be mean while they continue to burn Eureka down.

    • Or we could not be mean by giving them their own shelter, so that they don’t start fires in other people’s buildings.

      • Oh yeah great idea most bums don’t want to work who does work sucks and let’s just go ahead and give them there own shelter! Let’s give them our hard earned money when they ask us for it! So they can relax. Your comment is ridiculous if it’s a homeless who’s looking for work and down on there luck etc then yes but around here that’s not usually the case

  • That area of Eureka is zoned for Dope, it was arson to get rid of the working people and let the dope processors in. Just like the building down the street.

  • I hope no one was injured in the fire, with that said that whole block will be rebuilt with new structures, onebig step in the rebuilding of eureka and its many eye sores

  • We will be starting a Go Fund Me account to help my grandparents replace the tools and equipment that was lost in the fire. My grandpa cannot work until he has some tools so we will also be asking for donations to help them pay there bills while he is out of work. I will be getting intouch with Nazi to figure out a plan to help raise money in ordor for my grandparents to get back on there feet.

    • ” I will be getting in touch with Nazi to figure out a plan to help raise money in order for my grandparents to get back on there feet.”

      Nazi ??

  • In the past year five businesses have been lost in a section of Eureka recently re-zoned By the City for industrial and commercial marijuana production. Kinda ironic.

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