[UPDATE 3:23 p.m.] Dog Found With What Appears to Be a Broken Leg

White dog with a broken leg This dog is hanging around the Shelter Cove General Store as of 2 p.m. on Tuesday. It appears to have a broken left leg.

“I wasn’t able to tell the gender of the dog,” said the person who sent the information. “It was recently groomed and has a bandage on its [left] leg I believe.”

If you have information about whose dog this might be, please contact Scott at 707 499 8678.

UPDATE 3:23 p.m.: Good news! The dog appears to have jumped out of his car. The owner returned and has him now.



  • HumboldtJoeDirt

    Hello, this is Scott. The broken leg was on its left foot and Im looking forward to helping this poor thing find it’s owner.

  • kym site done it again I love animals ,so glad the dog is with his human.

    • I so agree, Mogtx(Mopar GTX) Love animals, dogs and horses first.One of my Chiweinies passed away week ago…was thinking how happy I was when the Good Samaritans saved your Mopar!

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