[UPDATE Tuesday] Three Women Needing Rescue at Kimtu Near Willow Creek

Breaking news graphicAccording to the scanner, at 3:25 p.m. three women are needing rescue in the Trinity River near Kimtu. Traffic control is being put in place on the Country Club Bridge. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, the Coast Guard, Salyer FIre and Willow Creek Fire are being dispatched to the scene.

UPDATE 3:32 p.m.: An air ambulance has been dispatched also. Salyer’s rescue boat will be on its way shortly.

UPDATE 3:41 p.m.: A raft associated with the women has been spotted but the women haven’t been seen.

UPDATE 3:42 p.m.: Three individuals on the raft were thrown into the water earlier, according to scanner traffic.

UPDATE 3:43 p.m.: All three females are safely out of the water, according to scanner traffic!

UPDATE Tuesday:Β Three Teenage Girls Located Safe After Rescue Operation Began



  • The Trinity River social club, fall out of your raft and get rescued by Handsome First Responders

  • Hoping all 3 are found safe, well & SOON!!!!

  • Nothing to laugh about. Ever year we lose 4 or 5 people to the Trinity.

    • Usually right around this time when the rivers are still fairly full & fast to boot!!! Easier to lose control & more dangerous if & or when you do!!!

    • True. But at what point should folks take responsibility for their own actions? Swimming/rafting in the Trinity at this time of year? What could possibly go wrong?

      • Veterans friend

        So you think…it’s their own damn fault. No rescue for them….

      • Sure, they’re responsible..lets say, for Broncos sake, they throw themself out of the raft.
        That doesn’t matter to the first responders.
        What do you want the air bus to do, decide not to initiate a rescue because some troll on a forum thinks the stranded should be paying for ride up front when they show up? What a waste of words.

  • Alright! Great job rescuers!

  • Thank you emergency responders. Hope the gals had life vests on. Maybe Kim can periodically do a public service notice of where in the county the loaner life vests are located?

  • Hope all are safe and recovering. Be careful around the Trinity River, it’s a real river and not too forgiving!

  • Great weekend if nobody drowns! Saw a lot of people on the rivers.

  • I really wish people would listen when it comes to the dangers of the river when it’s too early to swim in. Just because it’s hot doesn’t mean it’s ready today in fact two men swam across the river and one almost didn’t come back up from being pulled by an under toe while a group of people including kids watching n screamed from the bank.

  • There’s so many little things people don’t think about when they go rafting. They think they’re good swimmers but they don’t think about where they’ve done most of their swimming, and it’s not in a cold, fast running river.
    They don’t think about safety devices because they know how to swim and/or they’re
    uncomfortable to wear and use. So are casts, braces, crutches, and walkers.
    They think because they’ve rafted or swam in the Trinity that it’s an old friend. Last year’s river, maybe. This year’s river is a new, wild creature. The river has changed its course, scouring out new deep holes that weren’t here before, laying down new sand and gravel bars or uncovering old ones so what used to be a safe place is now all bare rocks.
    My late husband almost drowned the first weekend we went to Willow Creek…he saw the kids riding a natural flume and thought he could do it. Didn’t take into account the fact that they were young with light bodies. He was more than double their weight and was wearing heavier clothing. He had also been drinking. Wiser heads noticed that he had gotten caught in an undertow and got to him.
    We moved there and various people taught us practical things like throwing something into the river to see how smoothly it travels in the water, and how fast.

    I’m glad these women were rescued and I hope it’s a sober lesson for everyone who reads the story. Make yourself an assistant lifesaver by giving good advice before people ever go on the water.
    And especially on the Trinity, pay attention to the schedule for releases from the dam. That’s a big part of water safety on the Trinity. And if the people who want to go rafting/kayaking/canoeing, if they can afford it, recommend one of the local companies. They have all the right gear, all the local knowledge, loads of training and lots of experience.

  • I am just stating the obvious here but never go against the current always go with the flow and swim parallel to shore. it’s just like a rip current.

  • We always wait till July before going in the water,to boat,swimm,play. The water seems to be higher and colder and a little more swift in June. Please folks wear a life jacket!!!Glad they were found ,their very lucky.🐟🚣

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