SoHum, Your Roads (at Least Some of Them) Will Be Paved

Humboldt county roads paving

Working to fix the local roads. [Stock photo from Humboldt County Public Works]

Press release from Humboldt County Public Works: (Click the red links for maps.)

On Wednesday, June 21 the Humboldt County Department of Public Works will begin work on the following paving projects:

Expect traffic delays up to 15 minutes in these areas.

We thank you in advance for your patience in helping us to improve Humboldt County roads.

If you have any concerns or questions, please, contact Construction Engineer Angi Sorensen at (707) 445-7448.



  • Why evergreen its in good shape?

    • I thought that was a road on private land. That’s county road all the way through Johnson and Wallan property?

  • And yet roads that are being heavily traveled by large grow dozers and trucks carrying soil, roads that have been ignored until they are almost impassable, still do not get any attention. Alderpoint Road, Elk Creek Road, Bell Springs Road,East Branch and roads to the east of 101 seem to get “patch jobs”, bandaids until the next rainy season. Why is it Briceland/Shelter Cove Road gets repaved, and repaired year after year but the other heavily traveled roads get nothing. Could it be that the road department supervisor and estelle live out there? How about letting those roads go for a year and over lay the roads that have seen little to no repair, so they can go another 5 to 10 years with no care. Just asking….

    • yeah, Alderpoint rd. is so bad, worst i have seen it in 35yrs….And they are fixing rds in Redway and Garb. that are totally fine…………Who is in charge. There was even a petition at Harris store with mega signatures, sure hope the tax money from the pot fixes some of the roads in the hills.

  • Thanks Humco, for the fix to Brice land road!

  • Alderpoint Road in Humboldt County actually exists, though constantly ignored. It is in horrid condition. It costs each of us who lives somewhere along this road hundreds of $$$$$$$$ to keep our vehicles running, replacing tires, to say nothing of swerving to avoid potholes and nearly crashing into each other. We need an answer beyond “slow down”.

    All 47.3 miles of Alderpoint Road, Garberville to Bridgeville, needs to be repaired, repaved, BADLY.

    • Yep, now that there is no school bus, they have no reason to care….

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        Too dangerous to send buses full of children through a dope growing area, better than having growers hijack a bus and demand payment.

        Clear out the weed and bus will return, nobody in their right mind wants a bus full of children going past weed fields full of armed terrorists.

    • AP Road is in Bad Shape

      Front end repairs run in the thousands of $$…I’m about ready for that a second time in 2 years. And I drive RIDICULOUSLY slow. Just tend to stay on my side of the road on blind curves.

    • Love Alderpoint Road…such a beautiful drive…haven’t been on that drive since last year, because it is so bad on my little SUV. Used to do the Elk Creek Road to Alderpoint…which even the gravel area was better than the paved. Alderpoint Road needs help!

  • What about cedar st? There is a whole section missing

  • Elk creek rd got patch work over a failed culvert. The hole this winter was 2 feet wide by 3 ft. Deep I pulled over once to actually watch the water going under the failed culvert that was rotten on the bottom and it was completely undermining the road the county kept filling the hole with gravel it kept washing away but now the gravel in the hole is holding. they black topped over the top of the road that is being undermined by the culvert don’t understand if you’re gonna do something please do it right. Next rainy season the spot will be unpassable.

  • salmon crk local

    What about Salmon Crk Rd?

  • thank you for fixing some of the briceland road,anything is better than nothing

  • Glad to hear it!

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