Nine New Deputies for Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department Thanks to Measure Z

New 2017 recruits

Recruits from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office graduated from the 119th College of the Redwoods Basic Police Academy. [Who knows the recruits? How many names can you match with their photos?]

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On Thursday, June 15, 2017, 9 recruits from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office graduated from the 119th College of the Redwoods Basic Police Academy. Sheriff William Honsal is pleased to announce the following as new Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies:
Deputy Mathew Clevenger
Deputy Chad Crotty
Deputy Nathan Cumbow
Deputy Patrick DelRosario
Deputy Matthew Froeming
Deputy Peter Leipzig
Deputy Travis Rogers
Deputy Danielle Vickman
Deputy Brandon Selby
These new hires are the direct result of Measure Z funding to increase staffing levels for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing competent, effective, and responsive public safety services to the citizens of Humboldt County.



  • The fourth from the left is Deputy Danielle Vickman.

  • Well Kym Duh. She’s the only female. Kidding aside, I’m very happy to see a female on the force. We need way more females in government, state, county and city offices. I really wanted to see a female be elected as President but not Clinton. Something just wasn’t right about her. I hope it happens in my life time though. Maybe you should run Kym. I’d vote for you in a heart beat. I read your different replies very carefully, and one thing I know is you deal in the facts but yet your compassionate. Your a good balance.

    Take care sweetheart.

    • I am so not ready for running for office…But thank you.

      • kym, we don’t care if you’re ready or not. WE are ready for you to run, win, and start making policy that not only makes sense but also can make the changes we need so stop the demise of life as we now know it.

        if we forced your hand, what position would you like us to vote you into?

        the world is your oyster, ms. kemp.

    • Just My Opinion

      All kidding aside……..when the f_ _ k are people going to use common sense? Why would anyone want someone in any postition that isn’t the best quailified, especially in a position of government that effects everyone? Voting for someone because of a specific gender is the ultimate prejudice. Voting for someone because of a specific race is the ultimate of racism! Not wanting the most qualified is STUPIDITY and IGNORANCE yet most [Edit; liberals] really think it’s the opposite.

  • I hope they are willing to get off the seats of their patrol cars & chase meth zombies through the streets & woods. Some are already looking a bit plump. & why no AA cops?..that’s what we need around here for “equality” purposes.


    Rodgers is on the far right and is a good guy. Delrosario sorry if I spelled it wrong is a asshole. They were guards at the jail. Just for the record I am also a asshole , so that said he mite be an ok cop.

    • I actually am glad you commented, how they act as guards really is important to how they’ll act as Officers!

  • Dr Brian Ormond

    How many officers can we get to so hum?
    that no one covers the night patrolling is kinda weird.
    I had a local couple working out their personal problems while sitting behind my car in my car port late at night disrupting me.
    Yes I got dressed and went out to encourage movement.
    I am asking for simple patrolling for example asking WTF when something is obviously wrong?
    The sheriffs that are occasionally scheduled at night. mostly hide out to watch stop sign roll throughs or speed violations. This work does bring in revenue but fails to discourage the people who use, cook and sell meth

  • two of those men look way off their humor.

    i better str8n up and fly right.

    • I was thinking the same thing. All those smiling faces and two of them already look like they have a chip on their shoulder.

  • Better yet, how about hiring 9 code enforcement officers to tackle the blight in Humboldt County, particularly in McKinleyville…

  • B.Selby, M. Clevenger, C. Crotty, D. Vickman, P. Leipzig, N. Cumbow, M. Froeming, P. Del Rosario, T. Rogers

  • I agree with the above. In general I would like to see more deputies, but I would hope that young recruits would appear to be more physically fit.

    Too much drug dealing occurs in Goobsterdam and Redway. Pot is growing everywhere, unpermitted and in violation of canopy/property size restrictions.

    People drive crazily all over Humboldt County, and many poor drivers get high while being tourists.

    We need active policing. I am not saying to arrest everyone! A word or two to the wiseguys may be enough. Many folks need tickets for speeding and DUI arrests. Meth dealers need a trip to jail. Smack dealers, well we know what they need.

    Cops are there to insure the peace, and to keep us from forming bad habits. If your habits are evil, well, police yourself, or someone might complain about you!

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