‘Lock It or Lose It!’

Press release from Arcata Police:

Arcata Police Square BadgeThe Arcata Police Department would like to remind residents to “Lock It or Lose It!” in response to a spike in the number of property crime reported to our agency. The Arcata Police Department would like to focus the public’s attention on how best to prevent residential burglaries, motor vehicle burglaries and vehicle theft. As recent cases have shown, a partnership between alert residents and the police is one of the most effective ways to combat the burglary problem.

A burglary is committed when a suspect enters a residence or a locked vehicle with the intent to commit theft or any felony. Burglars are typically interested in avoiding confrontations and witnesses, so residential burglaries tend to occur during the day while homes are unoccupied, and auto burglaries tend to occur overnight while people sleep.

In Arcata, a comparison of property crime reveals an increase from 2016 to 2017. Specifically, there has been a sharp increase in vehicle theft and motor vehicle burglaries.

If your property is left unlocked, it’s more likely to be stolen. Residents who take the time to always lock the doors and windows to their homes when they are out are less likely to be victimized. Burglars want to get into homes as easily and as quickly as possible, so leaving doors or windows unlocked makes their job simple.

Residents are also encouraged to lock side yard gates. In many cases, burglars gain access to the rear yard after finding an unlocked gate. Once in the privacy of a back yard, they are free to break into the home unnoticed by passersby. This is often done after they ring the doorbell, posing as a solicitor or supposedly looking for someone who does not live there, to see if anyone is home. Residents are encouraged to speak through their doors to ask who is calling, or otherwise acknowledge in some manner that someone is home.

In addition to securing your home Arcata citizens and visitors are encouraged to not leave valuables in your car and always secure your vehicle by locking the doors and closing all windows.  It only takes a few seconds for a burglar to reach in and take a purse left on a seat.

If you are going on summer vacation, Arcata Police Department encourages you to sign up for our vacation house checks.  We offer this service free of charge and you can sign up by stopping by our office at 736 F Street from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm or calling our business line at707-822-2428. You must live within the City limits of Arcata to be eligible for this service.

The Arcata Police Department has made burglary prevention and burglar apprehension its top priorities. Patrol officers will be conducting extra patrol in neighborhoods when not otherwise assigned to calls for service, but APD needs your help in preventing these crimes.  Residents are encouraged to call 9-1-1 to report suspected burglaries and call our 24-hour business line to report suspicious behavior at 707-822-2424.

DO NOT approach a suspected burglar.  Call 9-1-1 and try and get as much information while maintaining a safe distance.  Information that is helpful for the dispatcher includes: location, person description, clothing description, if a vehicle is associated the license plate number and vehicle make and color, and if they leave the direction of travel.

Anyone having information about our current property crime trend can contact our 24-hour dispatch center at 707-822-2424. Anonymous tips can be left via voice mail to 707-825-2588.



  • J. Worthingham Fatback

    bad attitude…how about “protect it or lose your jobs” ?


    I’m sorry… did you think it was Jean-Val Jean looking for a loaf of bread???

    • Jean Valjean is the protagonist of Victor Hugo’s 1862 novel Les Misérables. Hugo depicts the character’s 19-year-long struggle to lead a normal life after serving a prison sentence for stealing bread to feed his sister’s children during a time of economic depression and various attempts to escape from prison.

  • Every time they put out one of these press releases it pisses me off. “It’s your fault your house got broken into because you didn’t lock your side gate” is no better than “It’s your fault you got raped because you had your legs showing” or any other branch of victim blaming.

    The only people at fault for these burglaries, other than the tweekers themselves, are the police who refuse to arrest the tweekers, and the courts who let them back out on the rare occasion they actually do.

  • Temptation is half the crime.

  • yes to locking the house and no outstanding keys.

    i don’t leave anything of value in my car.
    once @ crab park, once @ pamplin grove leaving my car windows open probably kept the scoundrels who got into my car *flippin’ the bird* from breaking the glass to gain entry.

    if someone gave me use of a decent camera i’d be willing to hide in the bushes at area parks and take pics of scoundrel activity.

  • So APD is victim blaming now. I heard banks are required to have safes and alarms systems now too. Victim blaming has been normalized!

  • “Lock it and load it!”

  • This isn’t victim blaming, it seems more like a logical reminder to take care of your own s***, and help reduce break ins, maybe. Someone I know, had their vehicle stolen, unlocked, keys left in the vehicle. Duh….lock you stuff up, or risk it getting stolen. “Victim blaming”….pfft, grow a spine. It’s impressive the APD provides a FREE home check to vacationers.

    • I seriously doubt they clock out when they go do the “free” home inspection. It’s just that they won’t charge you any extra to do their job.

  • I don’t lock my door because I am afraid. I lock my door because I am not stupid.

  • Just common sense. If you have nice things then your a sure target for thieves who want what you have. APD probably sees alot of these cases of thievery happened because of unsecured property. And are simply reminding the public. Don’t be a dumbass. Lock yur shit up!

  • Yep,if You love Your things,don’t leave them in your vehicle even if you lock it up,they’ll break that window to get your stuff!!! Even the trunk isn’t safe. So they only check on houses on vay-cay?

  • Clarke Johnston

    Hate to say it but the exponential growth of the weed industry sure brings a lot of, um, “Sketchy” characters to town. Not all “Hippies” are cool & mellow. This year may be the most challenging for enforcement yet; with the influx of those free spirits; some might want to free you of your car or possessions. Liberating you from what you worked all day (Life) for. Common sense helps a lot; being flip about things ’cause you live in the “Country” just invites “opportunists” to do their thang.

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