Video of Seven Acre Fully Permitted Cannabis Grow, Says Emerald Family Farms

Take a look at the largest cannabis grow we’ve seen in Humboldt County. (However, there’s at least one more this large in Honeydew.) Emerald Family Farms posted this video on Instagram and says it shows a “new fully permitted seven acre farm on the banks of the Trinity River.”

“A month ago this was all bare fields,” enthuses Humboldt Standard which first posted the video on Instagram. “[T]he @humboldt_standard and @emeraldfamilyfarms team have been grinding non stop on this project and it’s really coming together.”

Repost from @humboldt_standard using @RepostRegramApp – Ariel view of our new fully permitted 7 acre farm on the banks of the Trinity River. A month ago this was all bare fields, the @humboldt_standard and @emeraldfamilyfarms team have been grinding non stop on this project and it’s really coming together. We want to give a special Thank You to our team, because without them this wouldn’t be possible. Huge love to our squad!!! This field was built with love, friendship and loyalty!! #thunderwarriors #humboldt_standard #emeraldfamilyfarms #organicoutdoor #organiclightdep #salmonsafefarming #bloodorangekush #berrywhite #blockhead #blooddiamondog #sfvog #whitetahoecookies #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #teamnodaysoff #humboldtpermittedfarm #hightimesmagazine #dopemagazine

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  • How do you put that much money and work into a project and not know how to space your plants?

    • Shows what you know [edit]. Ever think they are spaced strain specific?

      • Shows what you know. It’s freaking June and there’s no hoops over them meaning they’re full term. I don’t care what strain they are they’re too close together. But thanks for sharing your knowledge level. Don’t worry it keeps getting harder after your first year kiddo

    • Lake County Not So Bad

      Millennials with corporate backing. Read all the hashtags. This reeks. I wonder if they have roving armed security?

      • Local Humboldt County family men actually, with no outside investors.

        • Murphy is not a family man or a local. Green rusher got here ten years ago to cash in. Fakts

        • Actual Old School

          Are you stupid or naive? Brian is from New Jersey. Murphy is from North Carolina. They are both douchebags. They are also blowing up a huge scene on Titlow. These guys are parasite maggot greedrushers to the max, throwing all mom n pops (actual local family growers) under the proverbial “furthur” bus. I hope the feds investigate and RICO them to death. Under a small amount of pressure they will testify against anybody.

          • CartOnTopOfHorse

            I doubt they get RICO’ed. But they could have gone to big to fast considering where they started and all that is known about them. While I feel it’s unlikely anything will happen.. its definitely a possibility.

          • I know u and dragon w matches

            Bryan is a coward. He uses people and discards them like trash. He is and always has been “self centered to the extreme.”

            • I disagree. I’ve known Brian since ’97, he’s a good guy. I have plenty of issues with EFF but Brian is a solid guy and he’s not involved w that scene at the old mill, I don’t think. Not vouching for the whole crew, but Brian is FAMILY.

          • Hey, everyone’s from somewhere. Where are you from? Come up w valid issues and then I will give a shit about what you are saying. I’m not a fan of EFF but for substantial reasons, see below.

        • They make me angry with their social media mega grow leaving all us modest growers in the dust. I intend to pollinate their crop and shit in their creek

    • Track and traced ? No the state has not implemented this system let alone permitted any grows.Seeing this should inspire several hundred more grows to expand legal or not.if there’s no plant bands issued by state with gps you are not legal yet .

    • looks good to me. lots of work and money. good luck. those that can do. those that cant comp;lain about those that can and do. what i bunch of know it all cry babys. grow up

      • CartOnTopOfHorse

        There’s more to it that what you just said, the grow looks fine but there are other variables that are bothering folks. I could elaborate but it’s already mostly been said in the comments here.

        • many have a problem with pot for a bunch of reasons. times have changed. think we all better get use to it. or move on.

    • I know u and dragon w matches

      He’s a tool….he turned his back on “the little people. As did many he works with. They came up on the backs of cowboys who risked their lives. Shame in him and dragon w matches..

    • Honest to the point of recklessness...

      How do you thing those 2 douchbags…came up with these funds??? On the backs if those they forgot. That means they’re not family… They are greedy and selfish. I believe in karma and the attention they are drawing I wouldn’t want to be a part if any if it. Pat thought pot cops wad bad… And dragon w matches is so worried about his dogs …whose gonna watch them.when they make examples if you all…. Hope the irs doesn’t look.too deeply into where the funding came from.

      • Dragon with Matches has absolutely NOTHING to do with this operation. He is very much a family man. I know because I’m his wife and the mother of his child. Our daughter is 3rd generation female to be born and raised in Humboldt County. My husband has been here for 20 years. He works hard everyday and is very loyal to his friends, family, and co workers. Everything we have was earned from his hard work and sweat. He has lived on our small piece of property for 10 years, and purchased it 5 years ago. We are not rich, or living lavishly. We are the “little people”. Most of what we make gets invested back into our property. We donate our time and money to many non profits in the community.

        • Jorge Cervantes

          Damage control! Just like a politician. Gotta love it.

        • That is all true Courtney. -neighbor for 20 years

        • Honest to the point of recklessness...

          Your piece of property…lol

          • everyone can do whatever they want i think. But what is an actual small “mom and pop” farmer or homesteader, and by that I mean this: 25 or less plants, also producing 75% if their own food and sustenance, and definitely some of their own off grid energy if not all of it, working a job, having a business based off of schooling and goods produced on farm (not pot) and have a family. That’s mom and pop. So if that’s not you, shut the fuxk up please with your sustainabel mom and pop small timers. You’re not
            You are insulting to those who have and will keep it low key, as always, and the real family don’t gotta worry bout the paying the man. The more you give the more it takes I guess.
            But seriously, all you folks that call yourselves small farmers with hundreds of plants and doing deps and not growing more than a couple tomatoes, shut the fuxk up. I’m soaking for all those that don’t use the internet and live in these hills and produced their own food and ganja and are seeking asylum from Babylon. which ganja is supposed to help you see beyond and now all these folks have just blown it outta the water. Those fields would be cooler if they were permaculture hemo fields, but the oil firleds just make me wanna slap your face with a ger. That’s
            right. A GER. Do you know what a GER is all you wanna? Tell me EFF and dragon with matches people. I say go get it, but what is a GER?

    • Not only space but unless that’s redwood they’ll be warped by September

    • I thought the state was only issuing 20,000 square feet grows so how and why is Humboldt permitting giant grows

  • What I @@@@ joke

  • Absofuckinlutely sickening.

    • Why? If it was grapes would you be saying that??? How big do you think grape fields are? We have a lot in our county nowadays. Our state has approx 700,000 acres of grapes planted. Wrap your head around that. And where are they grown? Not in so cal!
      Do you really think acres of clearcut forests sprayed with disesel fuel laced pesticides is better?
      Take a few steps back for perspective.

      The average size farm in CA is amywhere between 315 and 380 acres, depending what report you read.
      7 is nothing. Get a clue. Its legal now. Alcohol is way worse for people with literally under 10% medicinal value while cannabis has literally hundreds if not thousands of medicinal and other uses. Look at the research out of Israel.

      Grapes use way more water and pesticides. Our eel river is low because of all the water the wine makers steal at potter valley. Yet you think this is worse? Wow.
      Look up some permaculture farms, its pretty amazing how well you can treat the land and still make a profit. Not that any other ag product is regulated as much as cannabis.

      Beyond all that, look at the US history of cannabis. Our country was founded on it, first flag of hemp fabric, all kinds of rope too, oil for heating and eating, etc etc. Remember the grow hemp for the war posters? It was needed for our military. Our founding fathers grew it. Yes a lot of it was from male plants, but of course they grew and smoked female plants too.
      And on a local note, do you think we would have all these volunteer fire depts without growers donating?
      Yes there are jackass growers, but i know a hell of a lot of great growers who give back tremendously to the community. We have how many local radio stations? Non-profits? Artists? Small businesses? Parents who actually get to be home for their kids?
      I get that its frustrating, but really look at other smaller towns who are struggling so much worse, even where there are growers. Some folks i kno moved to southern oregon and there was a big fire near them. They asked, what radio station do i listen to for updates? Answer was whaddya mean, we dont have anything like that. It was a big wake up call for them. We take alot for granted here.

      • Tre D tongue twister

        Wow I cared about what you had to say until you said the volunteer fire departments are funded by pot growers fuck you volunteer firefighters are there because their hearts and souls are there to help people their heart and souls they do firefighters jobs in their spare time [edit] I don’t never meet you i’m a peaceful loving person but I don’t speak upon our volunteer firefighters like that they’ve been around since before you were born [edit] and if you’ve got some to say my name is Treves Roberts Willow Creek California [edit] don’t fuck with my town

        • Thanks Tre, I’m with ya.

        • Your town? What a bunch of back woods, hill billy bullshit. In case you hadn’t noticed WC has benn “fucked with” a lot over the past decade and you don’t seem to be doing shit about it. I bet you “dont take kindly” to new comers either….

        • You aren’t even from Humboldt let alone WC, so how is it your town?

        • Sorry buddy. Growers definitely contribute to willow creek fire dept. Sorry to break the new to ya. Doesn’t take away from the hard work y’all do, but get off your high horse.

      • Yeah, I guess sacrificing social standards is totally worth having a Public-Radio-Station in return. Good Point. Ive been blinded by the statistics ranking us highest per-capita in CA for things like rape, murder, poverty, depreciated real-estate value, unemployment, child endangerment, homelessness, cancer, std’s, child pregnancy, list goes on.. I couldn’t imagine moving somewhere nice and turning on the radio only to find out there was no Thank Jah it’s Friday.
        You really have put things in perspective for me. Bless up Fam.

      • If you do not have the courage to use your real name, I have little respect for your comment. First and foremost, I discard your entire statement from your perspective that it is legal. I am sure the DEA would disagree with you. Second, this location is within a few hundred feet of the municipal water intake for the entire area. Besides the water pollution, the air pollution is immense around large grows such as this.
        Lastly, and much more important, the Willow Creek Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1957. It has and does exist without any illegal income. Operating funds are received from the landowners within the district collected by the County of Humboldt Assessor’s Office. While it may be true some smaller departments may use or rely upon funds from local growers, that has more to do with the economy within those communities now. Some small departments in Humboldt county do rely on local donations to cover operating expenses. If you can’t fuel your equipment, you can’t provide fire services. In short, YES we have had and continue to have local VOLUNTEER fire departments WITHOUT this industry.

      • You’re obviously just another carpetbagger marijuana industrialist. [edit] go fuck up someone else’s watershed. This isn’t the Midwest [edit].

        • Unless you are Native [edit]! You are just another ignorant “local” claiming our ancestral homes are “yours”

  • Wonder what the strategy is here? I get the idea to go bare bones and just try to fill the taxable space with One Run of Outdoor Product rather than spending the capital upfront on G-Houses that will produce multiple runs in the same foot-print. However, a project this large already required outside capital (no way a dope grower could pull this off) why not spend more time planning and build it out correctly from the beginning. Potentially producing 200-400% more profit in the same amount of cultivation time. Maybe it was a start up capital issue.. possibly timing (just wanting to plant) or poor management steering the investment boat?? Who knows. Best of luck though.

    • You’re wrong that could have easily been done by a group of grower each guy prolly gets an acre or about that. I’m just sitting here like ok keep driving the price of outdoor down sooooooooo many people are just focusing on dep and outdoor. Sorry but if I was a buyer I wouldn’t want to spend my money on some airy bammer dep or some full term with 10 gram stems in each bud lolololol……that’s bammer too. I’d want that indoor allll day!

  • Wow! Jeff Sessions will turn beet RED when he sees those photos!!
    Now, let’s see how many of the comments will (overtly or not) be from envy……

  • Yup, that’s a big middle finger to the federal government and a index finger inviting all rip offs to clean house

  • Where do they get the water to irrigate the place?

    • A deal with Willow Creek Community Service District. All on a toxic mill site then junk yard. Sour diesel most likely.

  • Emerald greedy family farms!

    • This is America. We have a capitalist economic system. There is no such thing as greed in a capitalistic system.

      • There is certainly such a thing as greed, even within capitalism. Capitalism/ hierarchical competitive market constructs were founded, based and maintained by greed; without capitalism most greed would go extinct. But just because capitalism makes most every person do things they don’t agree with, such as exploit, extract, be greedy, and only care about themselves over the survival of the entire species and others; doesn’t mean there are no consequences or you can excuse it. Just like if a failing inhumane system says to “jump off a bridge” to save it, doesn’t mean your should… Regulatory industries always end up regulating themselves, that has been he case since the first Railroad Regulatory agency run by the industry it was meant to oversee, then Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, Big Ag/Food etc. How’s that regulation working out for the masses? How many small farmers do you know thriving in these industries??? Cannabis is next and thats why prop 64 is the death of the Emerald Triangle. Why people thought working with the government within a capitalistic system to make “medicine” was a solution, is beyond me. Get ready for the end of everything we love about this amazing area. I think our best bet at this point is giving the land back to their rightful owners and let them tell us where we can live and what we can grow where. In my opinion most modern Westerners have lost their privilege to land access. As they say with freedom comes great responsibility, of which most forgot.

    • You talk out your ass with jealousy you havent grown shit thats worth shit stay in your lane n take a lesson from the big boys

    • Another jealous cry baby

  • So all the small timers get ridiculed to death. And this freaking mega grow can grow right on the river bank! Yeah looks pretty corrupt to me . Looks like people are just filling their pockets in high places

  • So in a measure S public meeting the county counsel said (after being asked) that they would focus on permitting existing grows and not focus just on the large scale grows for more tax revenue. Looking at what permits have been approved so far I feel the county is focused on permitting the large scale grows and putting mom and pops through the ringer. It’s past time for the board of supervisors to light a match under the planning and building departments ass to get a move on things. Why don’t they issue permits to all existing grows before a single new square foot is approved. Issue the permits and build in stipulations that the permit holder would have to work towards compliance each year i.e. One year water storage next year roads and following year bring all buildings into building code. Let people work towards compliance but with a permit in hand so DFG and SO doesn’t chop their shit …… Also where is all this storage to water SEVEN ACRES ???!!!

    • Wheres the water coming from for the 50 acre grape farms? For hay for cows and for cows themselves that then increase methane and pollute clean water with poo.
      You can use lots of methods to reduce water usage. Its pretty cool if you look it up.
      Mom and pops got screwed in the whole thing, you cant grow on land under 5 acres.

      • CartOnTopOfHorse

        This is not hay and cows though. It pertains to merijuana farms so He’s more likely speaking out about the bias of the situation. Everything he said sounds great and you did not acknowledge any of it.

  • what a waste of wood

    • Next is South Fork of the Trinity mill site which they have secured.

      • That and the old mill site (where the current grow is) are both Indian village sites. What about archaeology studies? Kind of ironic that natives can’t grow one plant in Hoopa for fear of being kicked off the rolls or excommunicated, while these (non-local) guys can blow up millions of dollars worth of weed in sight of the whole town on old village sites.
        So there’s more to it than jealousy, it’s really easy to say everyone is jealous. But if the majority of a small town doesn’t like what you are doing, it’s probably not going to work out.
        Also we miss St. John, the towns welder and others who used to provide valuable service at that spot, all kicked out now due to ‘new buyers’.

  • Laytonville is getting ripped as well, huge mega grows right by the 101 driving the price of a LB. to nothing and folks can not pay their grocery bills or buy their kids a pair of shoe’s any more. The bums do not spend any money in town or donate to any non-profits or employ anyone local. Scum suckers,plain and simple. Plus all the weed assoc.’s everyone thought were so good. Only fought for them selves in the cannabis legalization, absolutely no thought or care about Mom & Pop. Our friends and neighbors cut our throats for the good of them selves. Dennis Peron was pretty close when he said,,,”You fucking people are going to trade everything you have fought for ,,,,for an ounce of weed and six plants”. With the zoning in Mendo, you can’t even grow six plants. 60,000 yes, just grease the right palm, but six no way

  • Someone please forward this to sessions!

    • He does have Constitutional authority for enforcing the foreign commerce laws. If they’re not shipping to or from foreign countries, then grows this big will have the necessary funds to fight him in courts. Unlike the regular Joe Schmoe who doesn’t have the funds to fight in court for his secured by the constitution right to grow and share a domestic plant domestically.
      It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  • I’m not happy at all with this large of a grow located near the Trinity River!

    • Read the hashtags. It’s Salmon Safe [edit].

    • Hi everyone, I was just wondering how close this grow is to the river ? And myself and numerous others have the same acreage on actual Ag zoned properties , and were only told we could grow 10,000 sq ft max legally. What is going on here ?

  • Just the beginning. There goes the neighborhood….

    • It is already gone. Those of us who speak out are being told to get the fuck out of the county. Gangster growers are creating chaos within our community by denigrating our work & our characters. Hearing more and more about lifelong residents selling and leaving the region. This place is going to Hell & we struggle to pay our bills buy food while our BOS are being paid over $100000 a year. That’s not counting the $1000s they have received in payoffs!!

      Thanks and fuck you stingy greedy assholes for bringing attention from the Federal government. God knows what crazy intervention they have conjured up!

  • The new laws regarding recreational cannabis restrict farm size to one acre until after 2023. How is seven acres legal now?

    • Special use permit unanimously approved by the board of supervisors.

      • Yes…and why!? The very thing most of us want is the mega-grows to be pounced on, so why o why is BOS saying Coolio to 7acres in Willow Creek where the geezer patrol started a whole careening drive of small parcel regulation that makes it hard for folks to have more than one or two plants if they don’t own more than five acres of land….but the same folks are all good with 7toxic acres under cultivation??! I’m confused. And the last thing that’s good for our economy is growing concentrated in the hands of a few and not profitable for anyone else….why do you think Humboldt county went unscathed in the 2008 depression? Because our economy had horizontal health….not all the money was in ten people’s hands. BOS WTF???

  • There is another 7 acre farm in Shively run by EEl River Organic. They too are backed by big out of the area money and are pulling a huge scam. The property they grow on was 7 acres tilled for corn and they used a satelite of tilled soil to grandfather in 7 acres of cannabis. THIS WAS NEVER GROWN IN THIS AMOUNT HERE. This is a total scam these guys should have there size reduced. All the mega grows are a total scam. I thought the limit was suposed to be 1 acre but these corporations have already figured out how to structure things to be able to grow 7 acres on one property. What a SCAM.

    • Read the ordinance. It stated that if you had over 300 acres you could grow one acre of weed per 100 acres up to 1200 acres. Zone/soil/slope/water specific. Potentially 12 acres allowed. Problem is the majority didn’t give a shit and missed the opportunity to add massive value to their worthless land and now people are complaining that they can’t pay the bills.. like that’s anyone’s fault but their own, lol.

      • The farm in question in shively in only 17 acre Its at the end of shively flat rd, you can see the dirt tilled up in the satelite photos. Now its all WEED. right next to the river.

  • Don’t hate simpkins’s got there back and a Noose for later. And I heard federal indictments usually take a few years to come around.

  • Insane. More insane than Amazon buying whole foods. Foxfarm to Monsanto. It’s hard to trust American anymore. What have we come to? In God we trust. I pray.

    • If it was a sevan acre vinyard making booze no one would care, what a bunch of hypocrites.

      • CartOnTopOfHorse

        This is not a parallel example it’s suppose to be regulated by size and more. Go see if you can get a 7 acre permit for a grow. Your point is a non-point.

      • True, but it’s just seven acres of mids based on who’s involved. What a waste. I liked it better as an empty field.

    • Liberal Globalist Agenda isn’t your cup of tea any longer?

  • If your cool, you don’t have to tell anyone. INSTALAME

  • Wait, who put the time and effort into making this happen? The Monday Morning Growers? The Puff Baddies? The Redheaded Commentators? No, the folks that made this video, and the people at the county that made sure they complied. Congrats to everyone in the Emerald Family. All you folks that can’t get a grip, do yourself a favor and stop to smell the terrapins.

    • I’m sure all the golf course home owners are stoked they now live in a pot field. More money more problems

      • The pot growers also own the golf course.

      • Sun Valley Bulb Farms has 3 times this acreage in Willow Creek right on the river and spray all kinds of toxic crap on their plants and use 10 times as much water and no one says a word.

        • CartOnTopOfHorse

          Starting to feel like we have EFF shills flooding into the comment section.

          • Well he has a point. How come lance devries doesn’t get any flack for sun valley? He’s not even trying to be community player, lots of pesticides and stuff right on the river.. no one says anything. Also sun valley has applied for mj permits so, does that matter?

            • CartOnTopOfHorse

              Because merijuana farms are under a different scrutiny and this farms a tad bigger than what most have. So when someone gets the double standard all access pass its going to be an attention grabber. My neighbor dumps thousands of gallons a day on his little graze pasture., doesn’t even matter if anyone says anything and he doesn’t care. So I just think this comparison is out of context.
              And I find it hard to beilive, that it wouldn’t be apparent to you what the bulk of the conversation pertains to. Also don’t know if sun valleys mj permit is relavent. If you think it is I’m interested to hear why.

              • Well, I think that the real argument of substance is: what is becoming of the mj culture? It is the livelihood of most of the people who are concerned in this conversation. Who is EFF? They are growing millions of dollars of weed in the open right in the middle of our town. I’ve never seen any of the EFF guys at the creekside school fundraisers, never seen them at Bigfoot days at the vets hall, or the redbud theater shows. Who is Lance Devries? He owns Sun Valley Floral Farms, a notoriously non-organic farm taking up lots of prime ag land in our community, probably the next biggest money maker / tax payer after EFF. Sun Valley has been around here a long time and no one complains, so what’s the difference? I’m not sure, I’m still sorting it out in my head… I don’t think the EFF are bad people but I’m not sure I like where the community is going. Definitely not a fan of selling EFF land on Brannon mnt to Bulgarians. That DID happen and the community is not happy. Selling to the highest bidder regardless of community is a shitty thing to do and everyone is aware. Also the land on old three creeks road is getting raped and prepared to be sold for millions.. if you are putting your world in the open be ready for the consequences. miss old Willow Creek 😕

                • Jorge Cervantes

                  Its Brannan for CHRIST sakes. named after a historic figure from California’s gold history. Now I’m starting to think twice about your credibility!

                • CartOnTopOfHorse

                  There we go. Thanks for the reply Emily. Nice to know more of your perspective.

    • But others people trying to become compliant are told they can’t do this, so what? What ? Who is paying off who ?

  • Pot growers and dope dealers are celebrating.

    We will reap the disaster legalizing drugs now will do to society. You think the zombies staggering around Eureka and Garberville are bad now? Wait till ten, twenty years from now.

  • The video looks like a model of the farm, rather than the farm itself. Something you could show potential investors. I’m not saying it is, I’m just saying.

  • question who the hell are they going to sell all that weed to a dispenser .RIGHT

  • Yeah and like none of that’s going to get into the river. What a fucking joke. Definitely some people getting paid off here .

  • Jorge Cervantes

    Where is their water storage for the forbearance period? Emerald family Flammers( high mountain holistic) you can’t be blowing up 100 lighter diesel scenes 🤑on the hill one week and next week your 🐟SALMON SAFE growers🤡🤡🤡Now that the BULGARIANS 🇧🇬took over your spot. Very community minded sale. 🤑That just doesn’t work for the rest of us really paying attention! Your renner⛽️bill clearly speaks for itself. Thank you for polluting our air 24/7 so you could fulfill your personal greed. The bigger they are the harder they fall. We all know that! Their seven acres of raised beds😂 pales in comparison with what is happening in other parts of the state at this time. Their a day late and a dollar short. 👍🏾

    • ^^^^^^^jealous

      • CartOnTopOfHorse

        Nice redirect rudie. I know.. everything’s based on jealousy the narsassitic ego tells us so.

    • Thank you JC!

    • Willow creek local since birth

      Quit hiding behind your keybord [edit]!!

      • Willow creek local since birth

        This whole website is biased and geared towards hate and ignorance. I dont have anything to do with any of these groups, but its just sad and disgusting the things people say when there hiding behind keyboards. Its cowardly. Kym Kemp is starting to be merely a platform for cowards and loud mouths to run there mouths with no consequences. There is already one lost coast outpost. Me and my family will pray for everyone on here to get a life and get a clue. Kym Kemp get it together this isnt reporting its just stupidity.

        • What isn’t reporting? The video or the comment section?

          • Willow creek local since birth

            the comments. People are disgusting. Also the article is almost suggesting that emerald family isnt fully permitted and running a legitimate business according to the permissions of the county. Its like if you wanna report on something you might as well know some facts. I wish the best for all parties involved from the people against the farm to the people who are all for it. But as for the platform and hate that you seem to generate knowingly or unknowingly im against it personally.

            • You’re blaming me for the comments? That doesn’t make sense unless you want me not to allow comments. On a day like today when I’m barely able to keep up with the news and the comments are frequently rude, I’d almost agree with you.

              But I don’t even know what to say to you about your comment about the actual article. I’m going to post the article here again.

              Take a look at the largest cannabis grow we’ve seen in Humboldt County. (However, there’s at least one more this large in Honeydew.) Emerald Family Farms posted this video on Instagram and says it shows a “new fully permitted seven acre farm on the banks of the Trinity River.”

              A month ago this was all bare fields,” enthuses Humboldt Standard which first posted the video on Instagram. “[T]he @humboldt_standard and @emeraldfamilyfarms team have been grinding non stop on this project and it’s really coming together.

              85 total words–39 of which are quotes from the folks who posted the video.

              In no way in the remaining 46 words did I suggest that Emerald Family wasn’t fully permitted. Most importantly because I believe that they are fully permitted. I’ve interviewed Patrick Murphy before and he did not strike me as the kind of person that would allow a video to go out on the internet of that farm if it wasn’t fully permitted.

              I’m not trying to generate hate. I’m saying, “This is happening, Humboldt.” Because people can’t make decisions if they don’t have information. Less than two years ago, I had someone tell me that their neighbor was growing way too big and going to bring down law enforcement on the neighborhood. I was sympathetic. Then he literally told me that his neighbor had FIVE plants. That is someone who wasn’t clued into what is going on in Humboldt.

              What I’m doing with this article is my job. I’m saying this is what is being permitted, Humboldt. Now, you decide what you need to do financially, what you need to do environmentally, what you need to do socially in response.

              Do some folks hate this farm? yes. Is that my fault? No. Do some people admire this farm? yes. Is that my fault? No.

            • CartOnTopOfHorse

              I enjoy freedom of speech and even more freedom of my own thoughts. Kym’s moderation style is comimon in current time, focuses are on things like racism, derogatory LGBTQ commentary , misogyny, physical objectification, etc. things that dis include or hurt some individuals. Personally I think it slows the progress of conversation while people get hung up on the offenses. Wich is logical.
              Things like throwing shade and calling out are perfectly acceptable.
              You could just correct the bs with truth. Put some time in the comments if you want a different result. I notice people do just say things sometimes but It’s not that hard to defuse trolling. And Isn’t everyone behind a keyboard on here, what are you going to do assault someone who says something if you knew their identity. Seems like a pointless call out.

              • Put some time in the comment section, he says….Okay, I’ll just sleep a little less. Who needs a full six hours? (That was bitter sarcasm just in case you missed it.)

                • CartOnTopOfHorse

                  Whoops some of that didn’t read right, was addressing Willow Creek Local. And was supporting your moderating. Although more of your presence is surely welcome on your site.

                  Also understand the deleting of my comment, felt it might had been a little over the top. Was just making a point though not so much trying to condone violence on myself lol

                • Cart, I’m glad you understand. The idea is to let people talk and not to escalate the hostility.

          • Willow creek local since birth

            Im not really sure your intentions because i dont know you but you seem to be building a gossipy popularity column based off half the facts and then never really keeping the uneducated educated based on fact checking. If that is your goal then you are succeeding. I always hoped you were more then that.

            • Show me an incorrect fact and I’ll pull it and apologize.

              But just because you don’t like that some people say mean things about the facts, don’t blame me. My job is to present the facts. The comment section is where people, including you get to state their opinions about the facts.

            • CartOnTopOfHorse

              It’s difficult for a moderator to express their views and remain unbiased. I often think about what Kyms opinion might be on things but I understand why she remains neutral. I beilive her headline was trying to achieve that. It’s interesting your take on it was so negative.

              So what are your intentions?
              Have you been on emerald family farms instagram? They are deleting comments. Seems like a lot of the same opinions as here. Are you on instagram calling it hate site? Probably not, maybe your here with an agenda. Your words are emotionally charged as though you have something invested. I could be wrong. If you want to be taken seriously you should explain yourself, instead of trying to generically discredit a whole group of people. Of course that would further reveal you wich maybe you don’t want to happen.


  • We as adult people, make our beds, and we must sleep in them. The big growers have their Demons also.

    I have trust in GOD. But all others pay cash.. Don’t trust anyone. Except close family or very dear Friends.


    Haters Gonna Hate! I give Emerald Family Farms BIG! Props for getting permitted & showing everyone what is possible. Instead of hating get with program and make the big bucks. If u don’t like weed move. Seriously. Why live in wine country if you hate grapes? Why live in tobacco country if u hate cigarettes? Why live in Humboldt if you hate cannabis? Seriously! Just move. The voters have spoken. This is just one of literally thousands of new farms that WILL get permitted. Instead of hating rejoice that we have bright young entrepreneurs that want to go legit and provide for their families. They played by the rules, got permitted & now they are rewarded. REJOICE! We have locals that have done good! Proud of all of you. Keep up The great work & the spirit of capitalism alive. Our county is depending on you. Please don’t let us down.

    • I thought California wasn’t allowing anything until 2018!

    • Well, it appears that not everyone is being treated equally. We were told we could only have 10,000 sq ft on a larger property that is actually Ag Zoned, explain that ?

  • Dear County of Humboldt:

    How was this “Existing footprint”

    How is this considered “Prime Ag soil”

    Asking for a friend.

    • La Gloria Ranch

      As a new grow, existing footprint was a non issue. All flat bottom land, valley floor, along rivers etc. is Prime Ag by definition, the resting place of silt and sandy loam. Most of this flat ground has been mapped by The US Department of Agriculture and is known on soil maps as having soils that fall into the catagory of Prime Ag soil types. In high prairie rangeland meadows that are not known to have Prime Ag soils according to the USDA maps, one must prove the existence of soil that has the characteristics of Prime Ag through testing, and having a score above 80 on the STORIE Index rating system. I wonder though if this parcel was zoned AG which is also a requirement for a new grow, or if it had some Indusrial zoning that was a hurdle. Also to qualify for 7 acres, the parcel is supposed to be 700+ acres (if not a bit larger). There are many more of this size and larger in the application process now. Best of luck to everyone.

      • This grow is on the old Rockland Plywood and Veneer Mill site. How is this soil not contaminated? How did they get around CEQA with regards to “brownfields” How did they get a permit when the BOS knew it was within 700 feet of a native American cultural site?

        • Jorge Cervantes

          Grease the wheels and they spin better Jimbo!

        • Sounds like heavy industrial gets a pass, plus there’s some kind of deal with services district for water treatment plant I heard. Oh well. Interesting to see how things are changing. Keep giving them hell Jim

          • CartOnTopOfHorse

            Do you happen to have a link to this information, wouldn’t mind reading it over.

            • No the EFF guys (Pat) told me they were going to let community services put water treatment plant on that property, if they supported the grow. Not sure if anything will come of the treatment plant, but that would be nice.

    • Heavy Industrial land was a Green-light for any and all activity. Very little limitations, except for the obvious lack of imagination from the local gene pool.

  • Hey everyone…The dab market has taken over with the new MM client. Everyone is suckling on a vape pen.
    They use the entire plant to process it. Either extract or by heat press or co2 machine etc. The days of smoking buds have fallen out of favor. So the smaller plants make sense since they grind and use it all. Not the giant “sequoia” plants the old school growers cut their teeth on. The evolution of the industry both good and bad in say the last 5 years has been off the charts. Ever evolving, never resolving, more changes to come.

    • Good clean pot is gonna be worth a lot of money to those oil makers. Its extremely hard right now to find lots of herb that tests clean enough to be condensed to oil. Those vape pens are questionable healthwise at best and the litter of cartridges on the sides of the road are like the whip it piles.

      We have some kick ass organic clean growers here and we ought to be proud of them. If its gonna be legal lets make it as clean for the earth and smokers as possible, and set the trend. A lot of farmers here may end up being teachers to the masses that want to grow.

      Look, once its legal for a few years the hype will die down. The cartels are already growing poppy fields in anticipation. I know some folks who grew up in the netherlands who said as much, they smoked herb once they could but since it was legal they got bored of it and started doing other things. Its unfortinate that its really the thrill of doing something youre not sposed to. Pills are already more popular than pot with teens and college kids. The teens around here take bong hits of tobacco after eating some xanax whuch they say makes them “fish out”, meaning pass out and twitch.
      At least it doesnt sound like the big pill parties happen too much here, where the kids bring pharm pills, dump them all in a big bowl, mix them all up and take a handful each.

  • #salmonsafefarming
    That’s pure gold.

    • Jorge Cervantes

      #greedyclowns #airpolluters #failedlabtests #dollarsfirst #raisedbedsevaporatemore #gettingfattereveryday #flatbillhatmafia
      #[edit] #cult-iv8rsoflies is more fitting

  • News flash cannabis is still a scheduled 1 narcotic and as long as big pharma is around it will stay that way. You think the cannabis industry is big money? It’s peanuts in comparison. The cannabis industry threatens big pharma. Prescription pill use has already declined in states that have gone legal. My hope is Emerald Family Farms get RICO thrown at them. These big mega grows will be the first target when the government stomps out recreational cannabis. These people do not grow because of passion or to create good medicine or for the love of the plant. These people cultivate for one reason MONEY. Not just enough to get by and to live a good quality of life but to make millions and exploit nature and take more then they need. You call them young entrepreneurs? I call them greedy and disrespectful to the cannabis community. They will flood the market drive prices down push people out the industry that ACTUALLY CARE about the plant and the environment.

    • Do you get this fired up over wine vinyards?

      • Yes. All big AG in general.

        • AG farmers are the toughest people i know unless you are in the city. I would love to see you man Up and do the labor it takes to sustain a farm this big will Smith it’s humboldt get a grip and help cannabis grow. stop being a part of the problem or move away it’s that simple

          • Lol. “Onelove”
            Sorta like #salmonsafe

            You guys kill me.

            • Almost as funny as 8th gen family lmao We have been here for a thousand years, how many generations do you think that is?

              • It’s possible if they pop a baby in the family every 15-20yrs. That means their papie or grandmama was more than likely a 49er, in the 1800s, during the gold rush, who then migrated north. What’s really funny, your math suggested they procreate only every 100 yrs. The woman’s eggs would be dried up by then & the man, be shooting blanks by then. Its not over 100 yrs per generation.

                So yes they probably are an 8th generation for this county. People have these get togethers, called classes at places, called schools. They teach helpful tools like math & English comprehension. You might benefit from them.

        • There are 3 wineries in Willow Creek about this side. Let’s get RICO after them too.

    • That’s an interesting argument.. The flip side to that coin would be the reduction in many crimes by driving the price of the product down to nothing. People/Children would no longer be killing and robbing each other for a product that has been historically inflated by the black market. Ironically the blood of those children are actually on the “communities” hands that fight for over pricing the market. Remove the value resolve the social issues. Plus, if you really cared about “good medicine” then you’d also support “affordable” medicine. $100 says you voted for Bernie.

    • Audrey Dahl Gallagher

      Oh my … You sound so upset … That you never thought of it first. I for one can’t believe the moaning and complaining. Any one that could have done this would have…. I for one think it’s fine.. Just because it’s big…doesnt mean it’s best.. The best of luck to all… I just hope everyones very careful…. Watch your backs… Somethings up… I smell a Rat, and don’t think it’s who you think it is. I for one… Can’t stand reading the .. He did this… You did that…can’t we all act like grown ups..

      • CartOnTopOfHorse

        Agree with ya except, are rats even effective against this? Not that I condone it but I get the feeling talk isn’t going to do much.

  • Jorge Cervantes

    Lab Test Failed : PESTICIDE
    White Yeti
    By Shandy Otto Emerald Family Farms /Dragon With Matches

    • Honest to the point of recklessness...

      Bryan lost who he is…or maybe I misjudged who he was. He used to talk so much trash on pat and that whole crew. Bryan moved 20 people out here promising them the world.. Once he had the opportunity he traded in his wife of 20 years for a 20 year old …. He traded his morals for a dollar bill. Ill pray for him and his family. This much exposure can go either way.

      • Jorge Cervantes

        Yeah the entire county knows he’s full of bologna! He’s the original breeder of bullshit.

      • Hey Honest to the point of recklessness… I need to correct one thing you said about douchebag with matches: Actually his first wife of almost 10 years left his ass because she’d rather be poor and happy than have money and be miserable!!! Definitely didn’t get traded in for a newer model!!! She was long gone before number 2 rolled in!!!!!!! Just saying 😉

        • Honest to the point of recklessness...

          Touche always thought the first wife had it all over the drag queen he married. Shakin my head.

          • Proves you guys don’t know Brian at all! You should all go get your nails done together and then you can really get it all out. Ive known B and he is not rich, he owns 20 acres, lives in a modest trailer and loves his dogs and his wife and kid. He does not blow it up like everyone around him. Just saying, bc I’ve known the guy a long time and he’s good people. A very loyal friend. I’m not a EFF ‘fan’ but just calling it like it is.

  • Can’t wait to see the anti capitalism crowd get all Corporate Warfare out there when they realize their profits are being jeprodized by over production. Freaking passive aggressive liberals dropping pollen bombs with Drones over competing farms! All these A-holes who are all kumbaya talking about “family” and “community” until they realize they are in competition for the same market share against their buddies – aka “fam” lol! Pollen Wars 2018!!

    • CartOnTopOfHorse

      So easy to do , but If they pull this off they can afford gutter connects with positive pressure and pollen filter photo-catalytic oxidation units.

  • Jorge Cervantes

    Lab Test Failed : PESTICIDE
    Durban Poison
    By Shandy Otto Emerald Family Farms/Dragon With Matches

  • Jorge Cervantes

    Lab Test Failed : PESTICIDE
    Harle Tsu #3
    By Ryan Emerald Family Farms

  • Jorge Cervantes

    Lab Test Failed : PESTICIDE
    Durban Poison
    By: Ryan/ Cortney Sayre , Emerald Family Farms

  • Jorge Cervantes

    Fl 252
    Lab Test Failed: PESTICIDE
    Yeti Og
    By : Cortney Sayre/ Dragon With Matches / Emerald Family Farms

    • That’s interesting but where are you referencing this information from? It’s like you’re practicing for Corporate Warfare by training with the Pee-Wees. Step up to the Big Leauges with Pollen Drones 2018!! Swing For the Fences [edit]!

      • Jorge Cervantes

        Emerald cup site of course !

      • Admin : I called him a Big Puss in an endearing way. Why was that edited? This was just two Men horsing around. Male bonding, locker room talk. Two Guys shooting the old BS.
        Do you have an issue with Men? I thought this was a site of tolerance. Sad.

  • Jorge Cervantes

    Lab Test Failed : PESTICIDE
    Blueberry og
    By: Cortney Sayre / Dragon with Matches / Emerald Family Farms

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      What pesticide are these dope growers trying to pass off as organic?
      Depending on the label they can face criminal charges for that.

      Most of these organic growers are liars and have problem poisoning people for money.

      Pesticide laws are strict, bringing fines and civil lawsuits.

      People should sue liar organic growers for damages and lien their scene.

  • Jorge Cervantes

    Yawning! Shall I continue ?

    • Yes please

    • I would first like to point out that we are one of the many small family farms that are part of the Emerald Family Farms Coop, and have absolutely nothing to do with this video or this operation. None of the farms that failed in that link have anything to do with Humboldt Standard, which is the farm running the above operation.

      I’m really glad you brought up these old tests from Emerald Cup 2015. It was a big learning year for us, and we have completely changed our operation since. After Emerald Cup 2015 my husband decided to step up his knowledge of truly natural organic farming, and imediately implemented change. He now focuses on knf (Korean nature farming), ipm (integrative pest management), and has almost completely eliminated the use of bottled nutrients on our farm. He has attended classes to educate himself, and now works closely with Dragonfly Earth Medicine and Soilscape Solutions to solve all problems organically. We use fermented teas that are brewed on site, and absolutely no chemical pesticides even step foot on our property. We have passed every single pesticide, fungicide and microbial testing since we’ve implemented our changes. Our new methods are working great and my husband documents the entire process on his Instagram page. He also posts all test results.

      As far as Shandy Otto is concerned, she is a friend who was doing us a favor by dropping off our tests. Her name should not even be mentioned here. It is very unfortunate that something from 2015, which is totally irrelevant to this article or this point in time is still being brought up. Jealousy can drive people to do some pretty desperate things.

      Jorge Cervantes, I’m wondering how your wife feels about the fact that you’re a blatant racist and homophobe? You refer to my husband as “#faggindragon”, and I’ve also seen “#emeraldfamilyflamers”. You clearly have a problem with gay people, and think that derogatory terms are an acceptable and effective way to insult others. My husband and I have many gay family and friends. If this weren’t so ignorant and childish it would actually be insulting. You keep referring to another family farm and how they sold their property to the Bulgarians, as if it is a bad thing. Are you saying that all Bulgarians are bad people and should not be able to buy property in our country? What about Mexicans, Mung, Russians, Japanese, etc? Should we be wary of everyone who was not born in this country? I’m pretty sure whoever bought the property is now an American citizen, and has rights just like you. To insinuate that they will abuse the land, or that they are bad people because they’re Bulgarian is making an assumption that you are in no place to make. Do you personally know these people? If they’re as bad as you make them sound, then maybe you should stop talking shit about them on social media.

      Hard work pays off, ignoring the hate pays off, and taking all that negative energy sent our way and turning it into positive has paid off. It’s nice to know that we will stay positive and focused on ourselves, and we will keep succeeding.

      • Jorge Cervantes

        Damage control. Just like a politician! Gotta love it. Ever visit a Bulgarian’s grow show Cort? I personally have many times. Not so clean to say the least. However the property you refer to. Just by seeing the new gensets they brought in after the sale. Leads the entire community to think this can’t be that clean of an operation. Running At 24/7 365 days a year how much carbon emissions💨 are released into the atmosphere? Your so full of bologna it’s not even funny. Keep being super positive riding around on unicorns 🦄 and sliding down rainbows 🌈 when your not busy farming “naturally”with Koreans 😂

      • Honest to the point of recklessness...

        Courtney where were you when he and his first were working on the humble property you call mom.and pop. Have you looked at Bryans scarlet fire/ farm videos
        ….he is stroking his ego. He came up on the backs of family he now is too good for…and now he is like a parasite leeching off pat and the people Bryan himself used to bad mouth. But you my dear were probably in middle school when that happened . whoopie YOU and YOUR child are able to claim humboldt as your roots… Bryan is from new jersey. Don’t get it twisted. He probably wouldn’t even be here if he hadn’t came out W his first that chose to leave him. He quickly turned his back on a child he raised for 10 years….speaks load for what kind of family man he is. As I said I hope the irs doesn’t look into him and his black market ass. You can defend selling property to people who hire Russian mail order brides to trim for them?! Shame on you and your rose colored glasses. I think its laughable for Courtney to say Bryan is part of a co op look at the photos from the cup…who is the hippocrite standing with.

        • Sleepy Alligator

          It’s pretty good damn irritating to read all of your shit talking comments and your bashing each other and your lame gossip and name dropping and wishing ill will on each other while you use Grateful Dead lyrics as your aliases. [edit]

          • Jorge Cervantes

            When all your business is on the street. And you are a politician of sorts. As we know many are. You are open to discussion and dissent. Why shall we protect these clowns 🤡 with anonymity? Go back to sleep sleepy alligator.

            • Sleepy Alligator

              How about you come up with an original name instead of spraying your nonsense under the name of a respected person who obviously doesn’t share your view on everything you’ve commented on. Be original instead of being a poser!

          • Dead lyrics are SO hot right now

          • Sleepy Alligator

            So Kym why did I get edited this time? It’s okay for that person to use GD lyrics as his/her name on here to bad mouth people continuously, but the lyrics from the same song I use get edited by you? You’ve edited me a few times lately and even though none of what you edited violated any of the rules that you state on here I have not questioned you about them. I actually am trying to avoid commenting all together because of that but it’s hard to refrain when these idiots are using something I have great respect for to bad mouth each other on here. It would be a lot better if you just tell me you don’t like my comments and you want me to stop than to keep editing statements that in no way break your rules.

            • I believe it was a direct insult to another commenter (but I don’t remember exactly and when I edit, it deletes the record of what was said so I can’t refer to it).

              • Sleepy Alligator

                You edited “Self centered to the extreme” which is not an insult to anyone. The real insult is these shit talkers using ” Honest to the point of recklessness” as their name so by your rules every comment under that name should be edited. I have a feeling if the real Jorge read the comments being posted under his name he would probably be insulted so those should be edited too. And to think that I’ve always considered you to be unbiased on this site! Well “C’est la vie because it goes to show you never can tell”

                • Well, I may be biased but since at this point, I’m so tired, I can’t remember which side of what controversy you are on, I can’t say that it is a conscious bias. I do my best. I don’t always make everyone happy. “C’est la vie.”

              • Willow creek local since birth

                You are biased and a big problem with it is you dont care. You let Jorge just say whatever about whoever and then you edit a rebuttal pretty much down to meaningless. More gossip rag column bs. Your best isnt that great. Get better

                • Jorge apparently follows the rules. If he doesn’t, point it out. Say, Kym, this comment breaks the rule. My name tends to get noticed by me as I’m skimming through on busy days.

                  And, this may be a big shock to you, but I read so many comments, I can’t remember what Jorge is advocating for and what you are advocating for unless I go back and look.

            • So funny. She’s done that to me, using song lyrics. I quoted a burner song where he talks about triple sealing and shipping to east coast.

      • CartOnTopOfHorse

        What’s a “Mung”?

        “It’s nice to know that we will stay positive and focused on ourselves, and we will keep succeeding.” Thanks for sending the good vibes..
        and be careful with tunnel vision things can progress at astonishing rates, the drawback is all the stuff you miss outside of your scope of view.

      • Courtney and B- don’t feed the trolls! The people that matter know you’re good people. dont sweat it.

        • CartOnTopOfHorse

          Emily, Personally , I don’t recall trolling she dropped race and said mung. Kinda killed her point but whatever’s… They could be good people, that post didn’t come off like it. I wouldn’t have posted if I was her. On top of that I don’t even know what your championing here.

      • I would vote to keep all russians/ Bulgarians out.

        To deny the possibility that their funding comes from illegal weapon sales, human trafficking and more is very ignorant.

        CNN recently touched upon the russian mafia sending 3 billion to syria.

        Disclaimer; my russian-grow neighbors are the most destructive and least caring of the environment in my community.

        8 people to the job of 2, constantly expanding, diesel generator 24/7, lights on at night still, cigarette butts all over the forest…..

        Hey feddies. HAYFORK SUMMIT. COME get em. I’ll give a tour

      • You can put whatever name on the “farm” behind this operation, but in the end, we still know who gets all the money.
        As for failed pesticide tests, who the hell with any sliver of soul, would be using toxic pesticides anyway? DWM talks about all the years he’s been growing. He never learned about the health hazards using that crap? Fuck, it took until 2015 and getting put on blast? Pretty lame. So sick of hearing about his grateful dead days. Pretty sure he only caught the last 2 years of Jerry being alive. Surprised he’s not a Phish phan.

  • Kinda lame dude

    Itd be nice if you’d continue by telling us your source and a link to where we can see it ourselves.
    To be fair, this is the beginning of being able to test how long certain fertilizers persist, its a big learning curve. Its still way better than whats in a lot of the food we eat, where are those tests? I mean non-organic milk has pretty high % allowable blood and pus levels, look up the standards, so imagine whats in the food.

    So what pesticide was detected in what quantity by which lab on what date? Link please.
    Otherwise it seems like you have a personal issue with the folks at that farm and are trying to badmouth them.

  • Cannabis is medicine!! glad to see people trying to give it to the world haters get over it emerald family farms are in compliance with the county and state….legalize cannabis!!!

    • Except they fail their pesticide tests and are operating on the river right next to the community water source. Don’t really want any farm doing that do we?

  • Meanwhile $100k in dabs was sold at an event locally 2 weeks ago. The dabs being made with these products before the lab results were in. No ” medicine” should ever be used in any form without full panel testing. Results like the aforementioned are proof of the need. The amount of lacidazical contamination is mindblowing. If providers/producers are truly about patient advocacy and health it would be purity before profit…I know unreslistic…hey it is worth a mention.

    • Those standards should be completely irrelevant in a Recreational market. It’s like Wine that’s labeled sulfite free.. just means you’re not drinking systemic eagle-20. The point is, there should be options if you feel so inclined. Both for Business and Consumers. Nothing wrong with adults choosing to use a product that will kill them, it’s good for the health of the GDP anyhow. I dream of a day when 7 acre weed farms can be freely sprayed with 1000’s of gallons of pesticides. That’s America Baby.

      • Cannabis can save the world and with a strong community we can beat big pharma and the shady doctors pushing their drugs! The real drug dealers you have to worry about sit behind the counter of your local walgreens, walmart, target, or rite aid. Not working in the field trying to make an honest living the hard way

        • Interesting thing about the Corporate Ememy examples you used, they’re the same Liberal Elite that Favor/lobby to decriminalized in the name of Racial Equality. Stop being so selfish. What’s more important, your finacial well being or the end of Minority’s being locked up from Weed? Stop resisting. Trust fall into the arms of the Liberal Elite, they will keep you safe. They will decriminalize and tax the actions that have caused you so much trauma. You can be that vunarable child that the black market never allowed you to be. They’re here to keep You safe now.
          Think of the Minority’s.
          Newsome ’18

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        Sulfates are in the bottling, not cultivation, I believe.

        Sulpher is labeled for organic use.

        BannerMaxx is likely used by these terror groups to create the illusion of organic dope, allowing the scam these rip off culture terrorists to operate.

        Honesty and weed growing do not go hand in hand…

        Growers are not honest people, they even teach their children to lie.

      • Natural selection.

  • CartOnTopOfHorse

    The size is pretty impressive, can’t really be jealous though. I don’t think I could of blown whoever gave him the permit good enough to get one for myself.

  • La la la, what WE do is right, whee whee whee what YOU do is wrong! OMG we make money by NOT working, you are stupid! I smoke dope, you smoke dope, everyone smoke dope! WHAT a terrific idea! HEY, let’s buy a new pickup, put on some really big wheels and tires, take off the mufflers, drink a lot of beer and be happy we are SO smart. WOW, Garberville is GREAT!

    Humboldt, where any web-footed idiot 3rd grade dropout anti-vaxer can wax poetic about “deps” and give a learned lecture about genetic drift in cannabis while hitchiking to Santa Rosa with 10 lbs in a backpack

    Have a wonderful and lovely day in crazyland! I will be going to WORK and ONLY making $130,000/year. Damn, I must be stupid…

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    In the words of Hunter Thompson, “God’s mercy on you swine!”

    Got a permit. Must be OK.

    Still gonna go broke when bud sells for $100/lb.

    Sure hope Humboldt doesn’t burn to the ground this summer… Certainly not enough water in the river to fight the fire…

    • Love it when people forget how big of an economy we really have here in Cali.

      If you guys can just remember back to when you guys were in high school where the key words in economics 101 was SUPPLY AND DEMAND.

      There is wayyyyy more demand then there is supply. Even with all the cooperate greenhouses in the CV.

      Sure the price per pound might slightly fall. But no where near people say it will.

      The way they are making the laws these days, its no wonder not everyone is going legit. For example, in Mendocino, if your greenhouse is not a hoophouse to their determination, you have to make your greenie ADA compliant. LOL.

      So you can see where the demand is going to sky rocket while the supply relatively stays the same. Including the huge greenhouses and warehouses getting thrown up now.

      • CartOnTopOfHorse

        I think so too, emotions are linked to energy. Depressed people have a harder time moving forward. I think everyone could use some positive thoughts right now. Let this guy flood his home state or whatever he does. Work on quality and workflow. It’s getting harder, but there’s a whole new set of possibilities emerging. Figure out where you stand, don’t let others tell you your worth.

        • Exactly. The more time you worry about the price of a pound dropping, the less you are spending your time thinking productive thoughts on how to make sure you stay afloat as a new business.

      • Uhhh, you should do some research. You are wrong! The only way growers are surviving now is out of state buyers. Cali grows more weed than can be consumed. YEs, supply and demand. Thats why pounds are about to be $500 in the next couple of years

        • CartOnTopOfHorse

          That data was already factored in. Have plenty of market research here and not everyone has to go out state. I guess cali doesn’t smoke yours so you have that perspective.

  • The state isnt allowing more than half an,acre, but the county doesnt care but to cash in without representing these guys, a bit unconstitutional all the taxation without representation plans,..
    The feds are probably keeping an eye on these guys, not like they sell this to clubs only.
    Surely we’ll read about this grow in the future when they get the boot of the law up their butts,…ouch

  • Sleepy Alligator

    So is this video meant to show us what your plants shouldn’t look like in mid June? As small and spindly looking as most of them are I’m estimating that these people will be lucky if they profit enough to pay for all the lumber they used to build all those ridiculous raised beds. This place is a joke.

    • No way- these are going to be monsters in September. If anything way too close together I would say. Going to be powdery mildew city. All I know is I’d hate to be the one on security detail at that place around harvest time. Lots of sketchy people seen gawking on the side of the road at millions in weed just sitting there… in an economically depressed town…

      • Whoops, getting outrage fatigue!

      • Sleepy Alligator

        No doubt! [edit] thieves are probably drooling watching this video.

        • Jorge Cervantes

          This is blatant racism. I’m astonished Mrs. Kemp allows a sleepy alligator to refer to thieves as “hoopa thieves”. Not very nice sleepy alligator. Isn’t that referring to an entire group of people In a derogatory way? I know your tired.

          • Sleepy Alligator

            I’m not tired, not racist, and even though I may be referring to an entire group of people, in this case thieves who reside in Hoopa, there is nothing derogatory about it. If you knew anything about the area you would get the relevance of my comment in relation to this story. Maybe the [edit] thieves will remember how you tried so nobly to defend their good name and only take half of your shit when they come creeping in the night. Haha! Yeah right!

            • Sleepy Alligator

              Wow! Now it’s obvious you have something against me Kym. You edit the “Hoopa” from Hoopa thieves,? You should just edit my entire comment because by editing “Hoopa” you alter the meaning g of what I’m saying and just because this is your site doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to make my opinion mean something that it doesn’t. That’s bullshit!

              • This isn’t new to you, SA. I began editing that earlier this year when it became a way for people to say that everyone in Hoopa was thieves. Notice your “thieves from Hoopa” is still there.

                • Sleepy Alligator

                  My using the term “Hoopa thieves” only applies to this thread because the subject of this story is a farm located near Willow Creek which is close to Hoopa. What foes something that was edited earlier this year have to do with this. Do riyou even bother reading the other comments that lead up to my response to them before you decide to edit? It sure seems like you don’t. If you had done that it should be very transparent that “Hoopa thieves” means thieves that reside in Hoopa. In no way whatsoever does it mean I’m saying everyone in Hoopa is a thief. This video and these comments are about a farm that is located near Willow Creek right? Okay. Hoopa borders Willow Creek right? Okay. I live in the area so I know for a fact that there is an excessive amount of thievery that goes on in the area. You do too right? Most of you commenters know this also right? Okay. So why is it so insulting when I say Hoopa thieves? Knowing how much pride Indians have for their home land I think you removing thr word hoopa is the insult to them. If you condone thievery and are protecting thieves from insult then shame on you.

                • SA, no, I don’t read the comments in order. I review them in reverse order as they come in over all the posts. I have a limited time to write posts and review comments. But may I suggest that you avoid even the appearance of being racist–when you’re talking about thieves why not just say that instead of adding a place name. I’m pretty damn sure someone from Willow Creek has stolen something once or twice, too.

                • Jorge Cervantes

                  Thank you Mrs. Kemp! Many hupas I know personally are super offended by similar comments.

                • Thank you and I’m glad that you’ve stopped being annoyed with me for editing you.

                • Jorge Cervantes

                  I don’t get annoyed with you for editing me. This is your baby(website), your one of our best assets to this community. Thank you for your continued service.

      • Jorge Cervantes

        Economically depressed? I thought Willow Creek was considered the Beverly Hills of the north. I see Range Rovers and Benzs almost every time passing through to Redding. The prices of goods and services reflect that of a more affluent community.

        • You’re in a bubble. You don’t know real Willow creekers obviously.

          • Jorge Cervantes

            Yeah I definitely don’t hang at the vfw hall like yourself! As far as knowing the local folks of course I do. 😂 Most of the intelligent locals are all doing dandy last time I checked. Are you referring to the bridge or motel folks or the ssi crew ? Our local economy hasn’t been this prosperous in decades. Get real!

            • No doubt you know people here! I’m sure we know eachother (Emily is not my name!) I still think it’s an economically depressed area overall. Lots of blue collar folks.. a whole reservation that isn’t allowed to grow even one plant…

  • Wow it’s going to be a long summer.NO WATER. I hope all the folks who don’t grow get enough water this year!! Back in the 70’s we grew. It was called DEEP PURPLE KUSH DPK!!! Grown with nothing but water and good soil. Was the best I ever smoked. Please take care,and good luck all!! PLEASE BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER

  • The dude involved in the Laytonville scenes is a real jerk. Not local, takes horrible care of livestock on his phony ranches where he neglected the animals for photo shoots and facebook posts. Not a steward of the land, a lousy neighbor, tears up the private roads, cares about nothing or no one except for $$$$$. Has numerous grows, numerous LLCs and not for profits to hid income. Sells on the black market and brags he paid of Eyster. Wastes natural resourses uses more than his share. Ask people who have worked for him….. not a respectful person. Many people in the “ville” got played.

    • The “Cannabis Community” in Laytonville is a joke. They do not participate in the Laytonville Community at large. The big ‘ville growers don’t volunteer, sit on boards, or even show up to a community meeting unless they want something. Not only did they play their fellow growers, they played the entire community. But hey, #onelove guys.

      • The point man was selected for his appearance , gift of gab and ability to lie easily. He came here to smooze the locals at any cost. Mission accomplished. Gets permits for mega grows on parcels where property taxes haven’t been paid in two years. Those in charge in mendo land appear foolish. One love all right……. himself……. Just keep drinking the kool aid Laytonville…….

  • Drone pollinators inc.

    Let the flyovers begin.

    • Lol.
      Could be a viable company to give producers that competitive edge. Obviously there’s some legalities to be researched. Depending on your findings, You could be on to something successful.
      Take it Nationally!
      There’s also the option of hiring Weather Modification INC and have them Cloud Seed the neighboring or a specific competitive farm. Rain them/mold them out.. Such a new era, so many entrepreneurial possibilities!

  • 30 yr local grower.

    LolWhere’s the crop duster with Mexican male pollen when you need it. I hope someone crop pollinates their plants with seeds before they take the food off the plates of a hundred or so SMALL FAMILY GROWERS.! *** THESE GUYS. GOOD WAY TO *** UP THE LOCAL FAMILY ECONOMY!

    • Jorge Cervantes

      My plane is sitting in Rhonerville. We only use it 4 times a year haha. Mabye this mission should be the 5th. ✈️

      • 30 yr local grower.

        Jorge, is there a way to get a hold of you? Not necessarily about pollinating these morons who can’t keep their **** on the DL, but i love your videos, and appreciate your knowledge and I have a large conservation area that i maintain with a small farming area. Would love to show you around.

        • I believe this is someone using Jorge’s name. Not the “real” one.

          • Obvious (no offense kym 😝)

            • 30 yr local grower.

              You never know… Stranger things have happened then someone using their real name and not caring about letting people know that this type of corporate greed, will ruin the life of small family growers and artists that reply on our economy that we created despite the constant persecution from law enforcement.

        • Yeah, if you lean over this ledge just a little further, you can see it.

    • Yeah, if the Average Mop&Pop is around 2000sqft (probably less) then they’re pulling food off the table of 150 families.

  • THIS is the end of Humboldt as we know it.

    Granting permits to the largest and wealthiest operations will mean nothing once the Central Valley flips the switch.. above represents a half a g-house in the majority central of Cali.

    SoHum was built on mom and pop and only the mom and pops will remain. We should be pushing the envelope: bed bud and breakfast, smoke shops and cafes, garden tours, restaurants with infused foods…

    Does no one see the big(ger) picture? You think the Burgandy produced in Burgandy makes up a tenth of the market? Ha ha. Do they still draw tourists en masse to witness and experience what can’t be done quite the same elsewhere and why the place deserves the name? Yea.

    Keep pushing for the “big guys” (little pun there) cause thats where the quick money is… not longevity.

    “Took all the weed, put it in a weed museum” A single joint is still $15 or more in SF…

    Take the 1k lbs to the Valley…

    • Anyone with half a brain can see that is the only sustainable future here and the only means of survival collectively as a rural community. Problem is, zoning and the ordinance doesn’t permit hospitality related industry.
      Everyone’s ego thought Humboldt would become the producer of the mass market. In an area that doesn’t even half cell reception half the time! This shit is hilarious!

  • All of you haters should find something better to do with yourselves!!!!! I was born and raised in the Triangle and most people are lazy and have a warped sense of what there time is worth. Will I miss the day’s an un educated person raking in ton’s of cash with minimal risk and minimal work FOR SURE!!!!! But There are bigger fish to fry.

  • CartOnTopOfHorse

    If people of the county feel cheated it’s rightfully so. Life doesn’t always work out the way it should and things could have turned out a lot better. I don’t think it’s all about jealousy. There could have been more balance and fairness, and there SHOULD have been. I’m just trying to put myself in the shoes of those who don’t have these kind of options. Is it capitalism or favoritism, or what? Maybe everyone tanks eventually anyways, but with this they haven’t been giving a fighting chance. Eff your toxic auroa is enveloping, your going to need a lot of money to compensate for your lack of heart. See ya at the end of the road.

  • this place will surely get hit up by thieves [edit]

  • This is California. A single person or group of people “Should” be able to do what ever they dam well please in the cannabis world. Everybody else has for the last 40 plus years. This is just the new coming of the same thing. Coming home to roost kids. We started this. If any one of us ever thought we could have gotten away with this scale of growing? We’d have done it. Some came close, got away clean and good for them, fucking good for them.
    We all have friends in that category. One , actually several “Things” come along with this scale of operation. Thieves would be a big problem. With all our home invasions maybe the rip-offs just got a glimpse at the “Mother Load” of all rips. The farm has no weapons, or shouldn’t have. Drone pollination inc. was inventive ya gotta admit. All kinds of new business options.
    Big Canna, no matter who they are ? Literally “Killed” the Mom-N-Pop. Killed them. They are dead, do not exist any more. Unless these folks are going to act as a brokerage house for Mom-N-Pops cannabis and buy it from them at a fair market value. So they can pay rent, buy food, clothing & utilities for their families just as they have for the last 40 years.
    If not? They are guilty of murder for having killed the Mom-N-Pops. Did these big canna people give that any thought before they embarked upon these adventures? If so? It’s pre-meditated. Did anyone involved say,”This is going to kill the Mom-N-Pops. Oh fuckem, lets do it any way”. Again, pre- meditated murder of the Mom-N-Pops. Ethnic cleansing, intentional genocide of a long established working culture.,,,,,The Mom-N-Pops.
    One other thing that comes with living and doing business in the great state of Kayafornia, is our state motto. “SUE THE BASTARDS”.
    Has your lively hood and veritable means of making a living and supporting your family been placed under threat at all? Seek compensation, make them pay in other words. If they are going to be doing business where you used to at one time? Make them pay for it. They can and will continue to do what they are doing. Ya don’t have to make it easy for them. Nine families making millions. They joined the 1%’ers. Actually created their own.

  • okay, that’s it, i’m offering my 18 blue dreams for 500,
    just curious–is this the lowest price so far?
    (and they’re really nice, well-trimmed, sticky and aromatic)
    damn i want to get SOMETHING out of this!
    ha, and if no one goes for that maybe i’ll give it away,
    i wonder if some worthy community organization
    could somehow move it, if i can’t…

    • Jorge Cervantes

      Have it made into oil. By a reputable oil maker. Not someone cutting it with glycol like many are doing. With all the fresh dep around now it’s super devalued.

  • have no idea who makes oil, no desire to meet anyone like that, and do not want to make my exit from the industry any more complicated than necessary; jeez 400? 300?

  • blue dream? that is going to be tough to move. good luck.

  • “Donate” your Blue Dream to a reputable non-profit that “wants” it, get a receipt for 1K per and file your tax’s next year. Maybe drive it down to the VA hospital and pepper everyone in the wards who can’t get out and feel good about what you did brother. My heart goes out to you and the rest of us in the same boat.
    How many folks are still sitting on dbl & trpl digit weight packs unable to un-load from last year and just went in the ground to do it all over again this year? It’s in our DNA to do what we do,we have programmed ourselves to do this.

  • and just when i was about to try to dump the BD at five i got the call! ah “the call,” that ring that the hoop-shocked moms and pops yearn for, so next week he says, 10 BD for 900 (when the money arrives)…wow! well he also wants the 20 SD for a cool grand so man! i will not be depressed for a week! and when the deal falls through? at least i had a week of hope and relaxation, fingers crossed…it’s not really about the money, just want to unload so i can get closure and retire out of this green rat race in style, and head outta here for the summer…
    (remembering back to my first crop in ’76, grew one pound)
    so thanks for the encouragement!

  • Does anyone think about the biggest water diversion- the Trinity River flowing clear and beautiful… the central valley farmers? Just wait until they get their tractors, plow their fields and grow the ganja there. And in Willow Creek? The water flows high with sediment from the bottom of Trinity Lake. Happy Summer everyone!

  • Has anyone checked to see how close this is to the charter School? What is going to happen when it starts stinking up Willow Creek?

  • Sleepy Alligator

    I can’t believe these people would publicly release this video! I’d be worried about thieves from Nebraska seeing it and coming to rob the place. I bet the thieves in Iowa are drooling watching this video just waiting for the right night to come a creeping……..from 2000 miles away! I hope they have their security in order! Never know when those Vermont thieves might show up.

  • CartOnTopOfHorse

    Is this relevant? Or old news or something…

    The prohibitions on vertical integration in the MCRSA are now gone. With the exception of a ban on large-scale cultivators (i.e., those growing more than an acre outdoor or more than 22,000 square feet of plant canopy under mixed-lighting or indoor)

  • Seven acres is not a big farm. It’s not even a tiny farm. Think about it….most farms are hundreds of acres. Relax.

  • I love reading these comments!!! So many ego-driven, know it all growers and locals. It’s very entertaining.

  • It might if been a big out of area investor pumping money while EFF people pay themselves well and roll the investors dice into a saturated market with high hopes to cash out..but the overhead will be so high and they will have to pour millions into upkeep.and people dont like to work so alot of over turns…

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