Vehicle Fire Spreading Into the Vegetation at Samoa Beach

Vehicle Fire feature iconA call went out over the scanner for firefighters to respond to a vehicle fire spreading into the surrounding vegetation at Samoa Beach about 5:25 p.m.



  • I wonder if it was the silver cruiser that passed us on the beach while our family was playing. I didn’t think vehicles were supposed to be down there. Smh.

    • Much of the beach is open to vehicles. You can get a current map from the BLM to check if you were in one of those areas. Generally driving along the waterfront is tolerated over most of the beach, but there’s only limited dunes access, and driving in the dunes outside of the areas on the map will get the sheriff’s jeep called out. Also, vehicles are required to drive slowly and carefully around people playing on the beach, speeding back up once they’re past anyone.

  • Thank you for saying that. I didn’t know. I can’t get the map to load we were pretty far down a little past the mill I think. Lots of people today.

  • Every day a fire or two,… Interesting

  • Expanding your vision, every day there are dozens of fires, national, world wide. Burning vehicles, boats, buildings.
    Very interesting indeed!

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