Sun Valley Floral Farm Building Destroyed by Fire in Willow Creek

A commercial building burns

Sparks fly from this morning’s fire which consumed a large metal building.  [Photo provided by Willow Creek Fire]

At approximately 2:30 a.m. on Patterson Lane at the Sun Valley Floral Farm near Willow Creek a large metal building caught on fire. Eventually, it and a few small outbuildings were consumed. “A complete loss,” according to Willow Creek Fire Chief Nathan Falk.

According to scanner tape from the incident, the dispatcher reports that “Explosions were heard.”

“We were on it all morning,” Falk said. His crew of volunteers spent the early morning hours of Father’s Day fighting the large fire. The entire approximately 40×100 foot building was destroyed.

In addition to Willow Creek Fire, Salyer Fire and Hoopa Fire responded.




  • This doesn’t make any sense. I thought it was established that only weed farming causes problems.

    • Mr.grumpy local

      They grow like crazy,from what I hear from employees.
      $100k trim machine.
      Confidentiality agreement
      Xtra pay for “flower work

      • Total nonsense. New “bunching” machines have been purchased that were quite expensive. There is no secret “growing” at Sun Valley, no special wages for special “flowers” and no “confidentiality agreement” for working in any of our farming areas. Don’t be ridiculous. You are NOT hearing that from employees unless they are intentionally messing with you.

  • Hope all the illegal aliens got out safe.

    • Me too, because “illegal aliens” are human beings without documentation.

      • That’s stating the obvious. Ive never encountered the opinion that illegal aliens are not human.

        Im sure many have some sort of documentation, perhaps a Mexican birth certificate or something.

        They are here illegally,

        and are alien,

      • I hope is want arson, motivated by Sun Valley’s immorality in taking advantage of immigrant labor. I mean it’s absolutely immoral and treasonous that Sin Valley employs illegal aliens, but arson is not the appropriate response.


        i am an “undocumented” citizen of USA. I WAS BORN HERE. because the CHP took away my drivers license,i cannot get a bank account.. .because i bought ten dollars worth of cocaine from a undercover police drug dealer ENTRAPMENT over thirty years ago, i can not vote,get a job ,own a gun or have basic human rights which are available to “undocumented” NON-CITIZENS AKA ILLEGAL ALIENS who have access to public services in “sanctuary” cities. this is complete and utter racism /classism/ disenfranchisement as begun in “affirmative action” which has made non-humans of anyone who is not in the 98 percent upper class yet i am constantly accused of
        ‘white privilige” .this is a form of RACISM which threatens my very survival.

  • Jorge Cervantes

    We saw the smoke early this morning drifting above The Valley. Was hopeful it wasn’t in the wild land. Thank you to our local brave firefighters that responded.

  • This seems to be shaping up as a bad fire season already.

  • Thank you firefighters for sacrificing a large part of your fathers day! Hope you can still enjoy your time with the family.

  • Aliens? Jupiter or Mars? How many local humans have applied for work there or have been denied?

  • Didnt Sun Valley get busted by ice, for illegal immigration a while back? maybe they should check some papers again .just sayin.

  • They raise tulips and such, it’s a company with multiple locations. The fields where Sun Valley raises them (2172 Patterson Road) used to be alfalfa fields. They’re on the river side. To the east is a Sentinel Winery.

    I think there used to be a part-time office in Orleans as they used to (may still) buy huckleberry greens.

    Since they raise and sell flowers (yes, ,real flowers), they’d need warehousing for all the labor that goes into preparing them for market.
    If you look at the satellite google map you’ll see some beautiful topsoil…can’t see any buildings but those are probably sited under trees to help keep them cool.
    With fresh flowers, no doubt they have refrigeration units to keep them chilled until shipped, and the gas needed for the coolers would be under pressure…hence a hot fire.


      SUN VALLEY EMPLOys a huge amount of “undocumented workers”who use violent tactics to to make employment unavailable to US citizens.

  • Don’t people fill out job application’s?Aren’t you supposed to have s.s.#?? So if you hire people without those items,you as the employer are breaking the law and should be arrested too. Because that tells me I can’t hire you to work for us if you don’t have proof of those requirements by law.😆

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