Thief Steals Power Equipment

On June 15, a thief took several items from 14452 Alderpoint Rd. The owner asks, “Please be on the lookout for a Husqvarna 525 LST weedeater (serial # 20171100918), a Husqvarna 254 chainsaw with 18″ bar, a Stihl 011 chainsaw with 14″ bar (in a black Craftsman plastic case), and a red combo gas/oil jug.”

“Any information concerning a vehicle and/or person(s) spotted in my driveway between 8 am and 6:30 pm of Thursday 6/15/2017 would be greatly appreciated,” he said.

If you have any information, please contact (707) 926-5351.

Note: The owner says his driveway usually has a blue ’59 Chevy pickup with a black utility bed and a gold and white ’69 suburban, “so regular drivers of Alderpoint Rd. will know which residence is referenced.”weedwhacker Chainsaw Chainsaw chainsaw gas cans



  • Every one should take pictures of all the stolen items .before they were stolen ?

    • Depends on the home owner’s insurance.

    • These are representative pictures I copied from the internet. The Husky 254 does have an Oregon bar, and a 3/8 pitch, semi-chisel chain which is not common for saws like this. The Stihl 011 has a sticker from Milt’s saw shop.

    • Only if you are smart and care about the stuff you buy.

  • So odd! Someone stole my boyfriends work equipment also. I think it was his chainsaw and weedwhacker. About maybe two months ago

  • Yes! Everything on my land that’s not cement downed.

  • stealing equipment,,,,like some thief is going to use them for actual WORK,,what a joke ,,,,,,chainsaw has to be worth a crack rock or two,,,

    • I agree w you. I think we should adopt the law that Texas has.
      We should have the right to shoot intruders. The law doesn’t even really prosecute these people anymore . Our house was broke into… checks, credit cards, guns, my mammas car, hole house ,beds chairs dressers all thrown around.last November. . I’m still cleaning up the mess, dealing with banks, terrible homeowners & auto insurance and then the things that mean something that doesn’t ever get replace. My time.
      They now know who the 2 people are but, nothing has been done.and I was told it most likely never go to court .. they got a money, a car, personal other things.. they had a fun good night.
      But I’m the one left with the headace, loss, & paying the price. Go figure.
      Something wrong with this picture

  • Come on guys get with the times get cameras! My security cameras don’t even record but I have security camera signs and the cameras posted up on corners, Just a few hours of getting them in place and I haven’t had one thing touched since.

  • Husky 254 serial # is 7090139.

  • Veterans friend

    That mile post is Rancho Sequoia or very close

  • Too bad I can’t put this on Facebook. I would like to post it in Shasta & Tehema Counties.

  • Same old same old

    Crew of thieves living in AP on 6th. Hit Old Harris also. Their bold, desperate and rip off their own relatives.

  • My dad also had his stihl chainsaw and weed eater plus his lawn mower and his generator stolen out of his garage and never recovered them. And some garden tools which he had a special use for( to care for our families burial plots). Food luck with you search I hope you get your stiff back.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    It’s best to take soldering iron and burn your name onto gardening tools.

    Hope you get it all back, losing gardening tools sucks.

    • O ya? What are you gardening? Lettuce? Of the Devils variety?

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        No devil’s lettuce….

        Permaculture Food Forests are where it’s at.

        Dope growing isn’t gardening, because farmers don’t buy soil, & growing dope takes absolutely no skill what so ever.

        • ARE you kidding me! Seriously Lmao! Just because you don’t do it doesn’t mean it doesn’t take some skill. How would you know haha

  • I think maybe mr chump is a disgruntle ex dope grower him self .I bet he has grown dope some time in his life .I am not trolling for a response. because frankly I don’t care just say in.

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