Two With Head Injuries After Traffic Collision

[All photos by Stormy Taylor]

At approximately 1:30 p.m., a silver Kia Soul collided with the rear end of a blue Ford Explorer near Spotlight Video in the 300 block of Harris in Eureka. Two people have head injuries.



  • Was distracted driving a factor in this collision?

  • People in general seem to always be in a hurry these days.

  • More proof as if it was needed of as I said many times before, about the fact IM(ns)HO that here is a CDL, class is your choice evidently in EVERY box, bag or WTH Ever of Cracker Jack snacks, as the Toy Surprise!!!

  • He’s going to have a headache when he is found at fault and then gets a bill from the hospital.

  • Perhaps looking at their phone???

  • Penguinlookinmofo

    In such a small town with such easy traffic and streets, why is it a daily occurrence? Eureka is looking pretty incompetent when it comes to driving.
    Get your shit together Eureka. Ive been driving there for ever and never felt the need to force my way into a collision.

  • Thinking allowed

    Because Eureka is not a very easy place to drive. The set backs for buildings are small in the older parts of town, the sidewalk have no set backs at all and visibility is poor, there are lots of intersections where busy roads are controlled by stop signs at most cross streets and where people are not very precise on following traffic laws. Pedestrians and cyclists included.
    How many times I have become impatient with out of towners who have the nerve to hold me up by driving safely…

    • I agree. The sight distances are poor at many intersections. And the traffic can be moving fast. Need to use extra caution in Eureka.

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