[UPDATE 10:13 a.m.] Suspect Vehicle Crashed Into EPD Vehicle During Pursuit; B Street Blocked Near Buhne

The suspect is on a stretcher following a crash on B Street this morning. [All photos by Stormy Taylor]

At approximately 9:20 a.m., during a pursuit by law enforcement through Eureka, an EPD vehicle were struck by the suspect’s vehicle, according to traffic over the scanner.

B Street is blocked between Buhne and Long.

UPDATE 10:13 a.m.: According to a witness, the suspect’s vehicle hit a Prius and pulled into a driveway. The EPD officer pulled in behind him, jumped out and yelled, “Stop or I’ll shoot.”

The witness said that the suspect reversed his vehicle several times and hit the law enforcement vehicle. The officer, according to the witness, pulled out his baton and struck the suspect’s window. He then opened the door, said the witness, and yanked out the suspect.



  • Looks like a methy situation.

  • Veterans friend

    Thank goodness the officer showed such restraint. Kudos!

  • Not so sure he would’ve used restraint had it been a black male

    • JustWantToHearTheEndoftheStory

      Tiresome. Really, your constant appearance with comments about racism posted under various names is simply tedious. Find something else to do, like get a job…

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Marijuana user on marijuana user violence ruining communities, open disregard towards safety and law enforcement.

    Time for law enforcement to fly into a rage and chop down every single plant and arrest every single grower over this.

    • Yeah that guy looks super stoned. Not.
      Meth or crank most likely. Give it a rest. Most people these days like pot that knocks you out. Their the ones driving 20mph everywhere
      On the other hand, watch Dr Sanjay Guptas segments simply called “Weed”.
      A person who smokes regularly can smoke a joint and drive just fine. The non-seasoned smoker did swerve more but at a super low rate of speed. Driving super stoned sux anyway, stresful, walking feels way better.

      • [edit] meth and crank are the same thing (basically). Some of you people have watched too much daytime tv and forensic files and now seem to “know it all. Please, shut the fuck up! Your dumbing down the thread.

  • The Officer sure showed restraint. Great job! Wish there was a way to make the suspect pay for the damage to the Patrol Car.

  • Really you let some ass hat post fuck on a reply and the rest of these clowns put whatever they want and you edit the tard out of my comment Liberal Tard and completely \wipe out my comment about shooting this piece of shit, Fuck you Kym you are no better than the rest of these dope heads that have taken over Humboldt which my family moved to well over 120 years ago

    • Chas, Swearing does not offend me. But calling names and encouraging violence don’t create the kind of conversation that I would like on my website. Also, not a dope head and, if we are going to play that game, my family moved to this area in 1850…but it doesn’t make me better than you. This is my place of business and I have rules about behavior. Even the wildest bar has rules–don’t like the rules, don’t patronize that business.

    • And there you are for all to see, Chas. A beautiful soul.

  • Eureka pd’s push bumpers are weinie! Was that China product from Cheapobumpers.gov.ca? Old school from the 70’s would never bent.

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