Streets of SoHum, Prepare to Be Mapped

Apple mapping car

Apple vehicle pulled to the side of Redwood Drive. [Photo by April Mccrady-Hirsch]

The notoriously secretive world of SoHum is about to get a bit more public (yah…like Google Maps hasn’t already offered a look!) An Apple mapping vehicle has been spotted in SoHum.

Apple explained their cars are collecting data. They posted,

Apple is driving vehicles around the world to collect data which will be used to improve Apple Maps. Some of this data will be published in future Apple Maps updates.

We are committed to protecting your privacy while collecting this data. For example, we will blur faces and license plates on collected images prior to publication. If you have comments or questions about this process, please contact us.

So, there you are SoHum. If you don’t like the mapping, you can let Apple know about it. We’re sure they’re listening… .

Apple mapping vehicle on main street in Redway.

Apple mapping vehicle on main street in Redway. [Photo by Sai McCrady]



  • Makes me want to post a rude sign.

  • They’ll probably leave sohum out of the final maps since the streets are filled with degenerate derelicts and meth smoking transients.

  • Google Street view has already been here. Although they may have only captured Redwood drive from Garberville to Redway. I have a friend who was photographed exiting his vehicle in front of his own business and he feels his privacy was violated. I told him he could write to Google and express his concerns but he is not a computer user and did not ask me or anyone else to help. So, his picture remains.

  • Penguinlookinmofo

    Street view of some hobo hippies, gotta love it!

  • Still will probably not correct the maps of dirt roads around here.
    Probably that is best for now.

    • Private roads that are posted as such won’t always appear on the surface photos, though the road will likely appear as a road. We live on one such road. It is not a public road and, as such, not maintained like the public roads SHOULD be. Those potholes come in handy.

  • Saw 'em watching

    A couple years ago I saw a Bing street view vehicle way out on Sprowel. It was turning around where the road turns to dust.

    … I just checked, and the Bing street view doesn’t go as far as the vehicle did. It stops where the road becomes one lane, but is still paved, about half a mile before the spot where I saw the Bing guy.

    During the storms, people using Google Maps were thinking they can go all the way out Sprowel Creek Road and get past the slide that was north of Legget. Nope. They could when covered wagons traveled the lanes, but not in my time.

  • Double speak outside of cheek

    Drove by my house yesterday and I live on Pine Hill.

  • I spotted one in Fortuna two days ago, I was gonna stop and video them but I had things to do…

  • Thinking allowed

    For years my area escaped notice. Probably due to mistaken county maps with the road misidentified. But just recently someone said that they used GPS to find my house. So maybe my time of being below the radar has ended. Or the county has finally corrected its parcel maps.

  • I live on a private road in town and they drove down it yesterday afternoon

  • Thay were in all the same places ercp wher thay could have helped pick up houseless camps

  • We were in all the same places apple were thay could have helped ercp pick up houseless refuse

  • Ah shit I forgot to put on my tinfoil hat today! I know they’re reading my thoughts! Both of them!

  • They were also in Northern Mendo maybe a week or two ago.

  • charles engebretson

    Ever want to post something but you dont want to have to deal with the argument afterwards?

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