Mother Tries to Exorcise Demons From 11-Year-Old at Centerville Beach, Says Sheriff’s Office


This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On Friday June 6th at approximately 9:00 am the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call in regards to a small child being attacked by the child’s mother at Centerville beach near Ferndale. The caller stated that the mother was attempting to perform an exorcism on the 11 year old child. The mother had stripped the child naked and was shoving handfuls of sand in the child’s eyes and into the child’s mouth. The mother stated she was trying to remove the Demons from the child.

The mother, 45 year old Kimberly Felder of Ferndale, continued the assault by viciously striking, biting, and choking the child. This assault was being witnessed by a crowd of approximately 10 to 12 people. When local citizen John Marciel arrived on scene, he immediately stepped in and attempted to restrain Felder and prevent further assault to the child. Marciel struggled on the ground with the Felder, while Felder continued her persistent attack on the child by hitting the child in the head with a piece of driftwood. A short time later a Sheriff’s Deputy arrived and Felder was finally pulled from the child and placed in handcuffs.

John Marceil further assisted by tending to the child while deputies controlled Felder. Emergency Medical technicians arrived and transported the child to a hospital where she received further treatment for her injuries. The child received multiple injuries from the attack including severe damage to her right ear.

Kimberly Felder was later booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for attempted homicide, assault with a deadly weapon, felony child abuse, and aggravated mayhem.

If it were not for the intervention and heroic actions of John Marciel, it is very likely that the child would have been killed by Felder. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office would like to offer special thanks for his assistance. The Sheriff’s Office will also be requesting that John Marciel be recognized for the Red Cross Life Saving Award.

Anyone with information regarding this case is encouraged to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.





  • Humboldt native

    One thing that bothers me are the other witnesses..Why didnt they step in and help?

    • They must have been part of the “ceremony”.

      • Me too. That disgust me. How could they just watch? Thank you sir for saving this child. You are an Angel.

      • The idea that they just watched is sick enough to actually put some cred in this thought.

        • For real, why the hell else would 10-12 people watch just one person attack a kid without stopping it. Every last person that didn’t help should be charged with something!

    • Sandra Bradford

      Thank you!
      My thoughts exactly!

    • Yes that is a very good question and WTF is wrong with people that they stand around gawking at something like that? Are they members of her church perhaps and not objecting to it? They should be arrested as accomplices then.

      • The woman looks like a meth addict. Probably crazy and evil combined. She is not a member of any real church.

        • I agree…
          The only reason why she saw demons is because she was high on meth. As for the bystanders, they are just worthless POS’s.

    • That was the first thing I was thinking when I read this report. In my eyes sitting there watching this happen and doing absolutely nothing is damn near as bad as what this mother did. Thank you John Marciel for exemplifying what many more people should around here should be like.

    • How could 10 to 13 people just call police. I am sickened by people not stepping in faster.

    • They should be charged with accessory for not stepping in.

    • Exactly what I was just thinking how can I just stand there and watch somebody do that to a child maybe this is too far but I wondering if they can get charged with anything it’s just horrible to me

      • Theyll hide behind religious freedom b s. They most likely believed the demons were there and this was the way to get them out.
        I highly doubt 10-12 people just randomly came upon this and decided to stop to watch but not call 911.

        • Religions also have to stay in keeping with the Constitution. No hurty others.
          You can believe whatever you wish to believe, but your actions must never oppress, enslave, assault, murder, rob, another’s right to life, liberty and private property. We have a right to property and we have a property in our rights.

          All religions, races, genders, citizens, wannabe citizens, cultures, must abide by the Constitution. The constitution secures everyone’s rights. It doesn’t hold bias for one and favor for another. It is smack down the middle equal for all.
          You destroy another’s right to life, liberty or private property, you face consequences. Otherwise, you are free to enjoy life as you see fit for you.

          The little girl was being oppressed & assaulted. Period. It matters not the who or the why. The woman is guilty as sin.

      • I am a Mandated Reporter,because I am an LVN,as are all people who are in any law enforcement job.If I see abuse of any kind,on or off the job,I am mandated by law,to report it within 24 hours, or face a citation on my nursing record. I recommend that people read online about abuse reporting, and all that it entails, to become enlightened and empowered.This mother was more than likely abusing her child,possibly in view of people, before she escalated to the point of homicide. A report to Child Protective Services can be processed in such a way that the offender will not know the reprter’s identity unless it becomes absolutely necessary..Thank you for reading this.

    • If this doesn’t get posted at least I tried again … [Edit: I don’t allow encouragement of violence.]

    • I’ve seen that happen before. What the heck gets into people’s minds when they just freeze like that? Sort of the same thing that makes people deny something wrong is happening in other situations.

      Thank God someone with a sense of self happened by. Thank you John Marciel!

      Usually when one person starts to help at least one other person will snap out of it and help too. Something was really wrong here.

  • This is beyond weird. Glad to hear someone helped, and the child will survive.

  • This assault was being witnessed by a crowd of approximately 10 to 12 people…wtf people just stand around and watch? Thank you for stepping up John Marciel.

  • if not for him…she would have been killed while 10 to 12 other people watched. Unreal…

  • Penguinlookinmofo

    Always start by ridding your own demons first,…


  • Hard to read. Very hard. I pray this child is warm and fed. NEVER TO BE RETURNED TO THIS EVIL SOUL!

  • So . . . thoughts and prayers right?

    Do you god-botherers ever think about the consequences of your delusions?

  • charles engebretson

    Hope the kid can recover… Mentally.. Demons. in a child’ve gotta be kidding me…

  • How the hell do 10-12 people just fucking stand there…. [edit]… Shame on the ones who did nothing…. SHAME ON YOU!

  • Sounds Methy

    Or PCP

    Or just plain f***ed

    • Most likely the last one Johnny H!!! Or better still ALL the above, seems to be the most obvious choice now that I think on it!!!

  • I agree with everyone else who is disgusted by the 10-12 people who stood by and did nothing. I mean seriously, if you can stand by and watch a mother shove sand in her child’s eyes and mouth, hit and bite the child, what, if anything, would it take to rouse you to action?

    Seems likely the mother is mentally ill. But as to the do-nothing onlookers — what they hell is their excuse?

    Kudos to Mr. Marciel. Everyone else there should hang their head in shame.

  • So ten to twelve people watched this terrible assault and did nothing. So when I say 10-12 out of thirteen people in this county are insane…well you do the math.

  • Everyone focused on 10-12 people that did nothing instead of focusing on the hero.

    If you picked 10-12 people at random from,say, the streets of Eureka, probably 80% of them are too messed up themselves to even know what’s going on.

    • I agree with your guestiment on picking 10 to 12 people from the streets of Eureka. But these people where at centerville beach…which means they had cars and we’re actually doing activities besides looking for a fix or stealing shit for their next fix, which is what more than 80% of the street dwellers in Eureka are doing at any given time. That alone gives them less of an excuse for doing absolutely nothing. You’re also totally correct about Mr. Marciel, I said it above and I will say it again…
      Thanks for stepping up and being a proper human being.

  • How dare those idiots stand there and watch. [edit] those people standing by and watching should be charged as accessories..!!! What the f*** is wrong with people these days..

  • What is wrong with people not stepping in to stop this meth monster. I definitely would have had I seen something like this. That poor kid, I feel so bad. Something seriously needs to be done about the drug problems, it is all over the place, every state and every city. Most of the problems we have that include violence, murder and robberies are due to crazy mentally drugged up people. It just has to stop.

  • Prayers sent to this sweet little girl! Thanks to the hero who stepped up and helped the little girl. To the “mother” and the 10 or 12 onlookers, go to f*cking hell and rot in pieces there! [edit] SHAME on the people who just watched and did nothing!

  • I am the type of person who intervenes and runs towards danger to help others.

    I know that not everyone can or will do that. Maybe they underestimate their strength. Maybe it’s self-preservation. Maybe it’s just plain selfishness. Some people freeze up in an emergency situation. It’s like their mind doesn’t know how to process what’s happening. One or more of them obviously took action by calling 911.

    Remember that 2 men were recently killed in Portland trying to defend 2 women from a racist bully. Go easy on the by-standers. They witnessed a trumatic event and will be living with the images for a long time. They also committed no crime.

    • Thank you for the sensible and kind response.

      • I’m with Kym on that one. And thank you CnD. This is a very sad and unfortunate story.
        But I wonder how many times any of these ‘commenters’ have been to Centerville Beach in the last month. Its a BIG BEACH folks! SURE, these people may have been there at the time, many could have been tourists, but they all could have EASILY been 50 yards away or more not quite understanding what exactly was going on at the time, but would still be considered a witness.
        Twelve people at Centerville Beach, is FAR from ‘cozy’. And I doubt seriously they were all standing around in close proximity doing nothing. At least I would hope to think not. Its sounds to me me like many of you need a much needed vacation. 😉

        • What would you have done ? You seem to speculate what those standing by did watching a Naked 11 year old being brutally beaten by an evil beast- So now speculate what you might have done. This is far from just a very sad and unfortunate story. A child was being brutally murdered, it’s evil in full force. No excuses to watch this horror and not intervene.

          • There is no excuse for watching someone murder a child. How can this even be debatable. No “kind” comment should excuse this. It was a child -being murdered

          • Since you asked… I would have done whatever it took to eliminate the situation, that’s the nicest way I can find to say what I feel.

        • That makes sense. They may not have been able to tell what was going on.

    • I see both sides to that. I’ve stepped in by myself before and had no one else defend me when the person (s) turned on me. I’ve also seen people who did not step in deny that anything happened even when it was witnessed by a crowd. All out of fear. Fear is a very dangerous thing and I think it’s good for society in general that people are peer pressured to act right in spite of fear.

  • To those wondering how people can stand by and watch, look up “diffusion of responsibility”. The larger the group, the less likely any one person will act.

    Thankfully, an “outsider” showed up to save the day.

    • Kitty genovese, NY.

      Bystander effect; the more witnesses the less likely someone will do something.

      • Kitty Genovese and the supposed “bystander effect” was ‘fake news’. The entire story of many people listening while she was murdered and doing nothing was an inflation created by media, in particular The New York Times. The true story of what happened that night in that courtyard has been carefully researched and published; there was no “bystander effect”.
        Many people called the cops; several people left their apartments, trying to find the source of the scream. Her lungs were punctured by the stab wounds; it was impossible for her to scream for as long as was falsely described in the NYT articles.

        Kitty’s brother debunked the “bystander effect” and is featured in the documentary,
        ‘The Witness – A Documentary About Kitty Genovese’
        ‘The Lie of Kitty Genovese’s Murder Lives on as an Allegory of Urban Despair’
        ‘Kitty Genovese Didn’t Die Alone: Debunking the Murder Myth That Shaped New York ‘

        “It emerged about a decade ago, however, that the public’s perception of the Kitty Genovese case had been based on distorted reports about what really happened on that fateful night, and its history has since been rewritten, with the Times acknowledging its role in perpetrating that distortion and the fact that many of the details in Gansberg’s report were inaccurate.

        Contrary to what Gansberg originally wrote in the Times, “The Witness” reveals that Mosley attacked Kitty Genovese twice – not three times – and that most of the neighbors had no idea what was happening, owing to the architecture of the housing project, which hid the deserted parking lot and the back entrance from the view of most of the tenants. In addition, Genovese tracked down his sister’s neighbor and good friend Sophia Farrar, who told him that a neighbor called her at about 3 A.M. after hearing Kitty’s screams, whereupon Farrar quickly got dressed and went outside to the stairwell minutes after Moseley had left.

        …The story was that ‘38 watched for over half an hour and did nothing,’ as if there were people sitting in an amphitheater and watching a show – and that’s a myth. More people acted, starting with Sophia Farrar, Kitty’s neighbor and friend who came down in her nightgown to help her and cradle her in her arms during Kitty’s final moments. There was no way that 38 witnesses could have watched for so long, since the attack took place in two separate areas of Kew Gardens. Many heard, but very few were able to watch what was going on. There was no collective understanding of what was going on.”

        Could there really have been 38 eyewitnesses [who stood by passively]? I always wondered about that, and I think we now know for certain that this description was inaccurate. Most people were ear-witnesses rather than eyewitnesses: They didn’t see what was going on in the dark parking lot, and they didn’t realize a murder was taking place. A neighbor named Karl Ross called Kitty’s friend, Sophia Farrar, who ran down as fast as she could to help my sister. So the reality of Kitty’s death was substantially different than the description in Gansberg’s report. We now know that Ross also called the police shortly after Moseley left, but it was too late.”

        …the New York Times’ inaccurate report shaped the collective memory of this event as ‘38 saw murder and did nothing.’”…”

        • Bill’s mounting evidence that many of the witnesses were not eyewitness to Kitty’s death, but instead were earwitnesses. One earwitness tells Bill that Kitty’s screams sounded like Fay Wray’s in King Kong (1933).

          During production, Bill hired an actress to scream as Kitty did that night, from the two locations where she was attacked. It is the sole reenactment in The Witness, and perhaps the documentary’s most disturbing sequence. Bill mounted cameras and recording equipment in nine nearby apartments, hoping for more empirical evidence.

          “More people, I believe, heard my sister than fessed up to hearing her,” he says.

  • So upsetting that people stood around and did nothing (sorry, no excuses for that in my book). I hope that lil girl goes somewhere safe…what a horribly traumatic experience.

  • Look clearly the woman is Mentally ILL. They should have put her in a mental ward. And yes everyone there should have helped that kid. And I am wondering about that kid. Why the kid did not run away from the mother? Poor kid.

  • Thank you John Marciel. You are probably a modest type and will claim that you only did what needed to be done, and I would agree with that. The reality is that you are a hero and most probably saved that lil girls life because you had courage in your conviction of what is the right thing to do. You are her guardian. You are a hero. You are awesome! 🙂

  • Mind boggling

  • Religious addiction, meth addiction, mental illness. Mom is a walking TriFecta of massive dysfunction. Poor girl.

  • Would these 10 to 12 people be considered witnesses or congregants? It makes a difference. Religious people can be capable of anything, especially in groups. This makes a difference between assault and conspiracy.

  • Thank you John Marciel!!!! Way to step up!!!!!

  • To bad John Marciel couldn’t become her guardian. I know that child will never forget him. God Bless you John. Good things will come your way. I just hope John will check up on this child, especially if she is turned over to relatives. Bless you, bless you, bless you John.

  • Not condoning the actions of the 12 plus cowards, however It’s not too hard to figure out why so many people sit around and did nothing, for the last 30-plus years our government has not only told us that it’s not our responsibility to take action to help others but that we can actually be held accountable for hurting anybody while taking action. this is obvious when observing the court system, where people trying to help people out of car accidents are sued by the people they’re trying to help, that’s just one example. I for one am surprised and happy that the police are praising the hero John Marciel and not arresting him for assault, I salute him and the police for doing the right thing. I just hope when this evil bitch gets out of jail she doesn’t file assault charges against him, which with our screwed-up system it is a strong possibility, she could probably even find a lawyer who would do it pro bono or on contingency.

    • From Division 2.5 of the California Health and Safety Code as it stood in 2004, when the original incident happened: 1799.102. No person who in good faith, and not for compensation, renders emergency care at the scene of an emergency shall be liable for any civil damages resulting from any act or omission.Mar 27, 2017

  • CRANK!!!!

  • Thinking allowed

    It does seem really odd that in a crowd of 10 or more, not one other person tried to intervene other than by calling 911 obviously. I wonder why. Usually when it involves a child, even with a crazy person doing the assault, someone will try something.

  • Thank you John! Really an upstanding thing to do. I hope Child Protective services removes the mother’s rights immediately and the little guy gets to know what love is from a great set of foster parents. I also hope CASA gets involved because this child needs their help.

  • I hope the officers took the names of the people who just stood and watched and that they do a thorough investigation into why they didn’t help that poor child. If any of them actually knew that crazy woman I hope they are charged as accessories to the crime. That poor child… I hope a sane person steps up to raise her with patience and love and that she never has to see her “mother” again.

  • Who gets to perform the exorcism on the mother? Holy crud! If any or all of the bystanders knew the mother technically they’re not merely bystanders.

  • I hope that this woman gets a complete tox screen and a thorough psychological evaluation.
    Whatever else is true in this awful story, this broad is NOT right in the head.

    And I am not sure what the *legal* obligations are for the bystanders, but I have no doubt at all that they all failed shamefully and shockingly to fulfill their *moral* obligation to intervene.

  • The Spectators need to be brought out into the public eye.

  • “They witnessed a traumatic event and will be living w/ the images for a long time” seriously?? What that poor child was enduring is beyond comprehension. Its probably safe to say the child is well known in CPS, finally some one stepped in to help her.

  • Thanks John for being the kind if person this world needs more of!

  • naw f all y’all sideways. f that , i got no remorse for the by standers feeling too shocked n traumatized to step in. TEN TO TWELVE PEOPLE watching and only the angel John Marciel ran to help AN INNOCENT CHILD. I don’t know whats weirder, in all honesty, the fact that this lady had a mental breakdown and beat her child nearly to death , or the fact that nobody helped……………

  • Does anyone know if the exorcism was successful? If it was, what happened to the demon? Let`s hope there`s not some nasty demon running around loose out there.

    • Go over to LoCO & into Thunderdome, then ask there I’m certain the “Nice folks of the T-Dome will be happy to tell you about Demons!!!

  • Those who stood by are sick really. Not protecting a child from a torturous homicidal woman, that child watching you “be ok with it enough to just watch” that is abuse, not to mention stripping her naked, that is sexual assault. should be a criminal offense to just gawk at a child being murdered. SICK PEOPLE. You out numbered her!
    The only good thing that came out of this is that this sweet child will NEVER have to go back to that murderous witch. The village needs to embrace this child and help her in every way they can. Thank you for the Angel that saved her. You deserve the greatest blessings.

  • Are those meth sores on her face? Every parent arrested for meth should have their children removed from their custody.

  • According to the news release, the age and sex of the 10-12 bystanders isn’t stated. What if they were 3 or 4 grandmothers out with their grandchildren? Would you expect them to intervene? Did any of you witness this event that are being so quick to condemn? So easy to jump to conclusions without knowing the facts and often so wrong.

  • Sounds like speed psychosis. Scary scary sh*t.

  • CartOnTopOfHorse

    When I want to ward off evil spirits I just throw on my pink bandana.

    • CartOnTopOfHorse… Good thinking…. I do as well, however I bump it up a notch with my PINK MANKINI… I can send pics if you like!! JOKING

  • The thing that concerns me is why at 9 am and at the beach?They drove was cold and heavily misting and above all else …if she will do that to her child in a public place… imagine what she does behind closed doors.It wasnt the first time she beat or humiliated that poor child! And those humiliations,at that age affect the very soul if any child.May God bless this child .

  • God is the reason she was doing this, its doin gods work to exorcise demons, eh?

    Its pretty surprising to see how many people think the bystanders were just some random people who happened to all be in that spot and did nothing.
    Most likely these were supportrs of whatever beliefs this woman held.
    Really, in our county, the majority of the time people help each other when they come upon car accidents or whatever.
    Id bet money this group will turn out to be people supporting her.

  • Clearly the “mother” has the demon

  • Norma Olson Matney

    I’m not strong and physically disabled, but I would have came at her with my cane probably falling on her but I would have tried to do something to take her focus off beating the child.Thank God someone stepped up. Prayers to this child .May God put his loving healing hands on her mind body and soul🙏💖.

  • I’m praying that this little girl is safe and with real loved ones. I was that little girl,I was sent to live with my GRANDPARENT’S thank God everyday for them. I was finally loved. I’m saddened to hear people didn’t help her out 10-12 against 1

  • Jorge Cervantes

    Ayyyyy por dios ! Terible tan triste.

  • Has a fund or some type of collection been set up for this poor child? How could I get gifts to her? Does she need somewhere to live? How could I gain that info? I’d love to welcome this child into my family.

  • I too agree that it is horrible that so many watched and didn’t do anything. Wonder what else that poor child has been through? Thoughts and prayers for this child in hopes that she recovers both physically and mentally and never has to be with that demon (mother) again.

  • Veterans friend

    Please consider, people are afraid…of getting hurt by a crazy woman, being sued by a crazy woman, being held liable for something. I doubt anyone was entertained. People are just afraid.
    Many blessings to the man who intervened

    • Please consider that this child was way more afraid then those adults. I am wondering if they made the 911 call after John got there? If they waited till they “Had to” then something is very wrong with this picture. When it comes to this kind of evil – I would have not waited a second. Watching a child been murdered is not an option. What if it was your child that was stripped naked at the beach and brutally attacked by someone? Would you be afraid to intervene? Would you understand and be ok why people did not intervene and just watched.? Some things are just not debatable or acceptable.

  • I think the other people should be charged with not stepping in and stopping it. [edit]

  • Lock her up & throw away the key, Boss!

  • Thank you John Marciel! You are a true hero! That poor child. I hope the mother never gets released.

  • Thank you John Marciel!

  • This a prime example of methamphetamine psychosis. Note the open pick sores on her face . my Hart goes out to the poor little girl .I hope she gets all the care she needs

  • Thank God for people like John

  • OY VAY! I am a matriot. I could break up a big bad dog fight with a couple other able bodied/able minded humans…hey! We be grabbing their tails and running in opposite directions… I would be deep toning chanting Tibettan Buddhist chanting loud two and a half octaves below the normal human vocal range…That will purge a shit load of demons… Also carry spray cans of mace for attacking out of control dogs and humans when walking anywhere… Must have for walking with or without a well trained dog. Also carrying special models walking canes with mace dispensers and/or tasers built in… Ones with heavy lead loaded to use as defense tools yes!

    IMHO going out walking anywhere requires best defense methods and materials including meditations. I would like the names of all the witnesses who stood by watching this public satanic ritual…another chapter in obscene random pedophilia pederasts… Child killers. They could be a cult and must be investigated.

    I hope our community comes together full circle on behalf of this young 11 year old girl. It is my huge prayer that we may be able to bring the most healing feeling wheeling and dealing sanctuary network to rescue and serve this severely traumatized and physically molested child. She is about the same age as the young woman who started……was when a woman noticed she was an at-risk-youth and got her engaged with horses as healers. My passionate dream and plea is: that she gets warm wrap-around TLC and maybe she will be blessed by being a resident at Wild Souls Ranch! See the documentary film trailer about the amazing healing stories ongoing. I have been aware of this since they were searching for rural land for the ranch over 10 years ago. Such blessed healing for many kids! The documentary shows the sacred evidence… Our Coast Central Credit Union just announced their community grants…all excellent…and one grant goes to Wild Souls Ranch. Go to their website and get the documentary film and tell everyone to make donations and volunteer!

    Yikes The mother needs mental hospital prison which seems a very broken system.
    Everybody carry mace or other options to use to stop violent attacks wherever whenever necessary. Please will others share tips for neutralizing attackers…
    Maybe if the 10-12 onlookers had been carrying something besides a cell phone and trained to use legal repellents…they could have taken the demon possessed woman down. Take her to URGENT CARE LOCK UP.

  • This story is horrific in many ways, the first is to this so-called Mother what F–k is wrong with you? Granted I must say you spend a lot of time tweaking and picking holes in your face so that must not leave you a lot of time to be a loving caring Mother who is there for her child. No, you have fried your piss-ant of a brain into thinking and saying your child has demons inside of her, so you decide to attempt to kill her. The only one with the demons is you lady, what makes you think you had the right to try and kill this child? And as for the 10-12 bystanders, SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!! how do sleep at night knowing you stood watching and not doing a damn thing to help this 11 year old girl? As for the man who did step up and help you are a rare breed in this messed up world we live in today, there are not enough kind words to express what a good person you are thank God you were there to try and stop this horrific event. And to the little girl I pray you will be ok in time and can move forward from this and may that woman never be allowed to see you again

  • My comments is gettin deleted or worse.

  • Thinking allowed

    Does no one think the difference between what people say they would do in this comment section and what is thought to have been done by the 10 or so bystanders raises questions?

    Supposedly the bystanders did nothing but call police. Yet everyone posting here is certain they would act with even violence to protect the child if they had been there. So the oddness of apparently the only few people in Humboldt Co not willing to be involved all happening to be on the beach at the same time, with the exception of Mr. Marciel, needs some explaining.

    I would like to know more because, of course, that difference is so unlikely as to be impossible. Something either kept people from acting or people would not be as likely to act as they say. A report with more details might make it clear. What kept people from acting on the beach?

  • I’ve seen many times where a group of people will cheer-on violence like a bunch of animals. Ooops, I forgot we are animals…

  • Why in the hell were there people watching and doing nothing???? That poor child!!!! OMG!!! YOU SHOULD ALL BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!!!

  • I first heard about this story from my daughter. It made me sick in so many ways. My grandson knows the little girl and the mother. After seeing the Mothers picture he said she looked so different from just a week before. The marks on her face are from the child trying to get away from her I can’t imagine how the little girl is coping, my grandson was having nightmares because of this . I hope someone is stepping up to help this child. These are local people someone must know what was going on in the home. Thank God for Mr Macial stepping in.God put him in the right place at the right time.

  • Thinking allowed

    I read elsewhere that Mr. Marciel said no one was there when he took action to save the girl. There was no group of ‘spectators’ and the police report based on a phone call was in error.

    I wonder if this incident too will become an unstoppable legend about the mass of people who ‘just stood by’ while a child was assaulted.

    • I’ve seen a tv interview (North Coast News, I believe) and read one (Ferndale, I believe) and John Marciel said that the “bystanders” were his family and he didn’t want them to intervene.

      • Thinking allowed

        One of the reasons I so love follow up stories. It is good to report fast based on best information of the time but also good to end up with as much reality as possible.

        It is one of the reasons the comments sections are useful despite the judgements flying fast and furious. Someone somewhere will know more.

  • From the Times-Standard. Third paragraph, 1st sentence.


    So disturbing to see the outrageous comments made when the details are not know.

    “Marciel said right after they pulled around the corner they could see a woman beating a girl, so he called 911 and got out of the car to try to help. He said in between the woman’s strikes, the girl cried to him for help and that is when he decided to step in.

    “I’ve seen some crazy things in my life,” Marciel said. “But nothing like that.”

    He said the only ones at the beach were his six family members. A previous Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office news release said a 911 caller had reported that a woman, later identifed as 45-year-old Kimberly Felder of Ferndale, was viciously striking, biting, and choking her child and shoving handfuls of sand in her 11-year-old daughter’s face, and that the assault was being witnessed by a crowd of approximately 10 to 12 people.”

  • I was pretty upset about the apparent people there who did nothing but the man who saved the girl has publicly stated that the adults who were standing around were his relatives visiting from out of town. Several were calling 911 and he had shouted at them several times to stay back as he did not want to put them in danger.

  • Has anyone heard anything about a toxicology report? From everything I’ve heard, I believe this woman lost touch with reality, a psychotic episode. So many other are stating she looks like she’s a meth user due to her mugshot. I don’t think so. She looks like she was in a physical altercation.

  • Sounds like a cult type situation to me! Meth or no meth, Heroin no heroin, acid ,no acid. Ive read about “church going” people doing that kinda stuff. Almost feels like what im experiencing. People fear what they dont know and instead of thinking positively about unique people they assume theyre possesed or crazy or autistic or disabled. Maybe just maybe some people are possesed by the dead. Ever hear of past lives or reincarnation??? Duh loik at how many ppl die daily, if you honestly think they dont have unfinished business when they die than yall are fooling yourselves

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