[UPDATED 10:33 a.m.] Garberville Farmer’s Market Open in Spite of Terrible Fire

Garberville fire Photo by

Garberville Fire as seen from near the town square early this morning. [Photo by Lindsay Giffin]

The Garberville Farmer’s Market will be open today in spite of a major fire that burned the Presbyterian Church and the Food Pantry on Maple Street. (Click here for more information as well as photos and video.) However, the streets have been impacted by the fire.

Church Street which normally would be lined with vendors on Fridays is now lined with fire trucks.

Church Street which normally would be lined with vendors on Fridays is now lined with fire trucks. [Photo by Tim Tietz]

Please note the following:

At this point (6:30 a.m.) Church Street will be closed as normal on Market day BUT the market will be entirely inside of the square not on the street as usual.
2nd Street will be open and farmers can use this to access the square and unload their goods.

Locust Street will be closed from Maple Lane to Pine Lane. Make plans to park elsewhere and walk. UPDATE: Locust Street is open as of 10:21 a.m.

Red lines on the map below indicate the current plan to close streets.



  • Such a senseless tragedy.

  • Arson, I bet.

  • So sad, they do such good things there. Hosting flea markets, food pantry, etc. What a loss. Thankful for firefighters!! We could have lost all the stores and homes around it.
    Please let the community know how we can help.

  • Thank you so very very much to all the firefighters who were out there in the early hours of the morning fighting this awful fire.

    One question – will Chautauqua be open today?

  • Must have been part of God’s plan.

  • The heart of Garberville, destroyed. That church and facility has provided so much genuine, love-based service to the community for decades. Along with the Vets Hall and the closing of Paul and Kathy’s bookstore, the (non-commercial) community has suffered another big loss.
    Yes. What support is needed from the community?

  • Veterans friend

    I hope the supervisors (are you listening Estelle?) will understand how important our community institutions are, what a series of losses we have experienced, and get moving on the Veterans hall. ASAP or faster.

  • What a lovely church and to be destroyed by fire is so sad. I hope they can rebuild it.

  • Wasn’t that were the homeless man was beaten, last week. Was probably burned down by some tweeter/homeless drug addict. Yeah lets be nice and encourage more homeless to feel welcome here, lol…….

  • Camille McNall Schulte

    My father, LD McNall, built that church.
    Ruth Young called me this morning to tell
    Me this heartbreaking news. So so sad.
    Camille McNall Schulte

  • My heart goes out to Patty Rose and the rest of the Church members.

  • The food pantry and the dining room area of the church are gone. The chapel and the preschool are damaged but not destroyed. The RV is burnt to a crisp, though there is a pretty nice bicycle on the back. It’s a huge RV. Thank goodness that person didn’t park in front of a house.

  • Lori Young Hobbs Rithauge

    This is heartbreaking news. My dad and grandfather helped build that building and my Grampie made the alter.

    The Church, however, is the people, not the building. That can never be destroyed.

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