Big Rig Filled With Soil Overturned on Hwy 36

overturned semi icon featureAt approximately 11:09 a.m., a 48′ big rig with a flatbed trailer filled with soil overturned on its side while driving on Hwy 36 about two miles east of the Swains Flat Store. The truck is partially blocking the road. The driver appears to be okay. A tow truck is on the way.



  • Good time to plant some tomatoes.

  • You’re kidding me? No, these are the safest drivers of all…

  • the stupidity of trucking soil uphill to farm is astounding.

    • Hey, just another spilled load! Normal trucking in Humganistan! Yes, grow pot in a place as far from the market as possible, in soil that has to be brought in by burning as much diesel as possible! The sensibilities of “Cannabis Farmers” are totally unbelievable! You all look pretty unintelligent!

      Probably should move the whole operation to some actual farmland, somewhere else!

      Guess what? You are about to be competed out of business. Bud will be sold for $100/lb, if that much. Nice work guys! Could have banded together and gotten a plan, instead of just raping the land and going apeshit crazy polluting everything, endangering everyone and cultivating the greatest drug culture and the largest group of drug wrecks in the world!

      • No, all the county and State taxes will drive the black market and legal market up eventually. Has alcohol or tobacco gone down?

  • Yikes commen occurrence lately!!⛟

    • Agree wholeheartedly, but your spellcheck isn’t working so well, sorry to say!!! COMMON is the correct spelling!!!

  • The “Swain’s Flat Store” is named the Swain’s Flat Outpost, just FYI in case any are interested!!! In “other news” yet another wreck on this treacherous road especially the “BIG Rigs, as opposed to the slightly smaller Growdozer type vehicles found EVERYWHERE of late on 36!!! Also this is further proof of my oft stated theory that there is a CDL of your choice of class 1, 2 or 3, in EVERY box/bag/WTF Ever of Cracker Jack snacks, as the Toy Surprise!!!

  • Sadly I have to agree it’s too early in the year for all these wrecks already!!! I shudder to thing of what it’s going to be like when Summer gets here in full force!!! Then we’ll have a LOT more tourists as well as the Growdozers to deal with!!! A very sad state of affairs indeed!!! :-C

  • I’m happy to hear nobody was hurt. Drive safer everyone!

  • There seems to be a difference of locations on this wreck I just came back to Swain’s Flat from Mad River!!! We drove by the 2 miles & then some on our way to Mad River & nary a sign of a wreck anywhere!!! On the other hand my son came in from Eureka & said the WAS a wreck involving a “Big Rig” just about a mile West of Grizzly Creek Park!!! Methinks someone got their facts twisted somewhere along the line!!! Color me “Confusticated”!!!

    • Possibly, I got the information from the CHP Information Page

    • Decafinated coffee does wonders on ones ability to communicate properly, Kym does a great job and we’re glad you were able to locate the disabled vehicle, thank you, it was keeping me awake wonderin

      • Sounds “Par for the Course” for CHP to get the details mixed up!!! I they could just use Mile Markers instead of locations when they obviously don’t know WTH is going on or at least in this report things got considerably jumbled!!! As for Coffee I prefer mine with some Caffeine for a bit of “Wake Me Up” action!!! ;-]]

        • C’mon, Dan, be fair. This is preliminary information they get from people reporting an accident. The people are freaked out and often don’t give accurate info. The CHP does the best they can to make sense of that. I do the best I can to pass on accurate info and sometimes, unsurprisingly, details aren’t perfect. We’ll keep trying to improve but they can’t give Mile markers when the people calling them don’t know what mile marker the accident occurred

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