Vehicle Belonging to Wade Harris Burned Alongside Hwy 36 After His Arrest Yesterday

Wade harrisLast night at approximately 11:53 p.m., a vehicle that had been driven by Wade Harris when he was arrested yesterday morning was reported as “fully engulfed” in fire. Harris had requested that the vehicle be left on scene when he was taken into custody, said Humboldt County Sheriff’s spokesperson Stacy Hanson. The burning of Harris’ vehicle is being investigated for possible arson.

Harris was arrested after Bridgeville Resident Deputy Filippini spotted him while on routine patrol out Highway 36. Fillippini attempted to detain Harris but the man fled, according to yesterday’s press release. After a struggle, Harris was taken to the jail and is being held without bail.

According to Hanson, normally the Sheriff’s Department will have the vehicle towed but Harris preferred to have the vehicle stay beside the road. “Otherwise we tow it and then they have to pay tow fees,” she explained.




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