Superintendent Scott Resigns From Southern Humboldt Unified School District

The Southern Humboldt Unified School District (SHUSD)Though she still has a year left on her contract, Southern Humboldt Unified School District superintendent, Catherine Scott, elected to resign. According to Board President Dennis O’Sullivan, “We received Catherine’s resignation Friday evening. We wish her well.”

At a meeting last week, the Board decided not to extend her contract beyond the 2018 end date, O’Sullivan said. The Board will likely look for someone to take an interim position and then conduct an in-depth search for a candidate able to take the position long term, he explained.

Scott began her time as superintendent in 2012 but had previously worked as Dean of Students at South Fork High School.

Scott grew up in Humboldt County, graduated from St. Bernards in 1987, and then returned to teach there after receiving her credential.




  • This superintendent has had some major complaints against her, she may have tried her best, but from what I have heard from inside staff, students and parents she was not beneficial to our already stressed school district. We also need to get some new board members on that school board!

  • Right to worker

    What else do you expect from a teaching institution that exalts human reason and pensions above God. Like all other “skeptical” scoffing institutions of history it will only end in a (French) revolution, and heads will roll.

    • Patriot in Willits

      You were obviously not a history major. The French Revolution was a revolt in part in against the power of the Catholic Church, which claimed to speak for God here on earth. Also, the monarchy was replaced by governments that exalted ideals of the Enlightenment, like human reason and skepticism.

      • Right to worker

        Your secular humanist history has failed you in an attempt to change the truth into a lie. France rejected the Protestant reformation. And as a result, the suppression of the scriptures by the Roman church was continued by godless and giddy France. By rejecting the truth that had enlightened Germany and other reformed states, France ended up in revolution, anarchy and the reign of terror. At the height, the people of France were eating bark off of trees to survive. Then comes Napolean. As a patriot you should understand these things lest you be found fighting on the wrong side.

        The Bible is an anvil that has worn out many hammers.

  • Catherine Scott was the best thing going for the Southern Humboldt School District. The allegations coming from the insane parents were untruthful and straight up lies. From my point of view, Scott’s work was so beneficial to the community. Look at the construction that’s happening at the high school. That’s because of her work.
    The nonsense that has been on this site in the last year regarding the school district issues are mostly things outside of her control.
    I’d have to agree with Old timer on only one issue, get some new board members! They all need to go. Board President, Dennis O’Sullivan’s daughter, needs to be removed from the district as well. She is toxic.
    I can’t wait to sit back and watch this district fail. Pull your kids out now because it’s only going to get worse.
    For all of you who complained about Ms. Scott, you didn’t know how good you had it. If you are so concerned with the “children”, why doesn’t someone speak up about the principal in Fortuna, who was busted the first week of school for growing pot and the school board has now continued to employ her in 2017-2018. Now that’s wrong. But I guess since everyone grows pot, that’s ok! #thewholecountyschooldistrictisgoingtohell

    And BTW, maybe everyone should check your facts.

    • The construction has happened at the high school because we have passed bonds to pay for upgrades to our schools. This happened before Catherine was in SHUSD. She had an extra load on her late overseeing the projects for sure. Really sorry to hear this news. Catherine has been easy too work with and solid in her position. I respect and appreciate her in our district and the work she has done to make it better for our kids. For those who have complained, I hope you enjoy whoever comes next. I have 7 years until my youngest is graduated, I wonder how many administrator’s we will see come and go in that time. Thanks for all your hard work Catherine, best of luck in what life brings you next.

    • I can see you’re passionate about your opinion on this issue, but I don’t see how anyone could enjoy watching a district fail. People need to remember the purpose of schools is to educate our children and give them the tools and confidence to become responsible, educated and caring adults. There is too much politics and personal agendas. And yes, I agree we need new board members.

    • Who was the principal busted for growing pot?

    • Covelo or busted

      Oh, and Larry London… YOUR INSANE! Cant wait to watch the district fail? [edit]

    • I don’t see a date on the survey, and anyway it doesn’t look like she got great scores. I worked there a few years ago and never ever saw her on campus. She was known to have manipulated the hiring of one of the principals, so that a friend of hers got the job. The construction came about because we as a community paid for it through bond measures. I’m glad she’s gone, but I know how hard it will be to find anyone good to replace her.

  • This is a opportunity for a reporter to do some investigating. Did she really resign? Leaving $ on the table? I dought it!

  • Sheesh, our kids don’t stand a chance with people running our schools with personal agendas instead of what’s needed and necessary. Dang.

  • Penguinlookinmofo

    So hum,is ass backwards in all aspects! Good luck with it.
    Hire an outsider with a fresh perspective and leave local wanna be in important positions out of the picture, this requires professional help.

  • Larry London and Cinnamon you obviously never worked for Catherine Scott or you might have a different opinion. As long as you agree with her, don’t vocalize your opinion, put your head down and look the other way, and aren’t a part of the union and fight for your rights you would like her just fine. She is vindictive, plays favorites, does not value teacher input and chooses to hire administrators that she can control who are ineffective. This district desperately needed a change….and Catherine leaving is the fresh start we need! Change is hard but to keep our students and teachers we needed to change things up….let’s all stay positive and work together for the future of our youth and for this community. Being in education is probably one of the hardest jobs anyone can have and being fully supported, feeling safe to express your opinions, safe to even disagree, and valued to make decisions that directly impact students is vital to teachers staying in this district. Yes, housing is always an issue, but how you are treated by those in power absolutely plays a part in wanting to stay and continuing with a commute. On that note we are in need of more teachers and support staff in this district this year. Junior high needs teachers, Redway needs a teacher……We will have larger class sizes, due to budget cuts, and need classroom aides, volunteers to read with kids, and yes we need to hire more teachers!!!

  • Covelo or busted

    Now that the damage has been done lets pick up the pieces and throw out some more toxic baggage while were at it.Looking forwards to a bright future with someone who really likes, and has children and obviously isn’t into it for the paycheck!……The sun is coming out. Lets get Anne back [let the students have a vote?]while were having a purge… Whatcha say!……. The gym + school project that C .S. started? Best laugh all day!

  • Yes !!!! The bigggest obstacle in the entire SHCUSD is FINALLY going ! Maybe now we can have water balloons 🎈 haha! Now let’s see if the board can hire someone with some real passion to help .
    This is a milestone in the path to betterment for the school district ! Everyone I have told of her fate have smiled ear to ear !
    She has been against everything that is good for the school . When one local woman asked questions the district sent her a cease and desist order !!! They tried to silence her with threat of legal action !
    You have to wonder why the first year councilor ( the daughter of a long time board member ) gets paid more than an credentialed teacher when she herself does not hold proper credentials . Why does Bambi get a 24k dollar raise ? That’s a huge raise ! I believe Ms. Scott was the hinge pin in this entire crooked mess . Either She used her position to punish people she had a grudge with or she was just too slow to know what she was doing . She would fight till the bitter end when it was obvious she was wrong . Good riddance.
    There are 3 seats opening for The board in 2018 . Let’s fill them with people who will look forward and be passionate about education, instead of getting their friends jobs .

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