Property in the Permit Application Process Busted With Over 13,000 Plants, Says Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

Greenhouse with marijuana plants.

Greenhouse with marijuana plants found on the property. [All photos provided by the Department of Fish and Wildlife]

On Tuesday, June 13, officers from the Department of Fish and Wildlife supported by deputies from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office served a search warrant on a property with over 13,000 marijuana plants that had applied for a cannabis cultivation permit near Blocksburg in southeastern Humboldt.

According to Lt. Chris Stoots of Fish and Wildlife, his department received “a lead or a tip that there was a large cultivation site.” Stoots said, “[It was] unlawful based off size.”

Stoots explained, “The majority of the [grows] we get involved with are extraordinarily outside of legality.” Something about these cannabis cultivation sites such as size or environmental damage, he said, would justify searching them.

According to Andrew Hughan, Public Information Officer for the Department of Fish and Wildlife, “[Although], the people had applied for a permit…until you have a granted permit you are growing illegally.”

The grower/s had a “1600 streambed alteration they didn’t have a permit for,” Hughan said. Officers found 13,524 plants, 25 guns of various calibers, and five to ten grams of methamphetamine, he added.

Mark Broussard was taken into custody at 11 a.m. and bailed out at 4:16 p.m. on Tuesday. He was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Hughan explained that the reason the Department of Fish and Wildlife had taken a more active role in cannabis cultivation raids recently was because of the new Watershed Enforcement Team (WET) that the agency was mandated to create and oversee. WET was developed to assure that marijuana grows on private lands do not impact waterways negatively.

greenhouses marijuana

Note: Marc Broussard and this reporter were classmates and friends.



  • Not too smart, an oversized grow, an unlawful, streambed alteration, & Meth as well NOT COOL, NOT SMART either!!!

    • Compare. Hogwash that operation looked ok .I see far worse off road.

      • CartOnTopOfHorse

        Wow that’s hard to beat with what we’re seeing up here. Oh wait is the salmon more important than those kids? Think locally and that’s about it.

    • Taurus Ballzhoff

      WTF is a “dep”, anyway? Is that throwing a blanket over the greenhouse, or some other tactic invented by you plant scientists to make your hash oil “better”? Go get AFU, that will help… See you in the Emergency Room when your children overdose…

      Hope all you idiots get your plants taken by LEOS.

      Have a terrific year in your illegal endeavor.

  • shawn the fisherman

    These are exactly the type of grows LE should be after! Great job! Take down these abusers and put them under the jail.

  • Oh my! I can’t believe that dope growers and dealers would break the law.

  • I also went to school with Marc. Still on meth bummer.

    • Jesse Broussard

      Thanks for the tone of your reply; it’s good to hear. It sounds like a cliché but I don’t think the meth was his. He might be back on it but I doubt it; he went legit and got clean over fifteen years ago and only went back to growing when the real estate market crashed. He’s been planning on getting out of the state, so it’s a reasonable hypothesis that he’s selling his property but letting the buyer use it to grow, and the buyer had meth.

  • These bozos were just asking to get popped.

  • Awww they took his babies. I guess that means he pulled bout 4 deps already. He has his bail $!

    • The first deps of the season are still about 6 weeks out.

      • I know people who are trimming their first dep.

        • That’s great, Kym. Please do your civic duty and call the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539 to report this illegal activity.
          Thank you.

          • How do you know they don’t have a permit? Or if they are in the permit process and haven’t increased their size, they are considered legal is my understanding.

            • CartOnTopOfHorse

              Also curious, did they run lighting and what was the power source. dep often looks like a scotch guard pad with this kind of spring.

            • How do you know they don’t have a permit?

              Just an educated guess. Almost nobody has a permit and there are 10’s of thousands of grows.

              Or if they are in the permit process and haven’t increased their size, they are considered legal is my understanding.

              Copied from this very article – According to Andrew Hughan, Public Information Officer for the Department of Fish and Wildlife, “[Although], the people had applied for a permit…until you have a granted permit you are growing illegally.”

            • Kym do you have the Steelhead,and Salmon DNA handy so someone can bring them back from Extinction? STOP THE ILLEGAL GROWS NOW.

              • Perhaps I should have qualified that. People, no matter what their profession, who don’t minimize damage to the environment, are irresponsible. Many growers however are responsible. More so than some more traditional farmers for instance.

            • Wildlife just said in this article if it’s not through the system it’s illegal

            • Not according to Andrew…
              According to Andrew Hughan, Public Information Officer for the Department of Fish and Wildlife, “[Although], the people had applied for a permit…until you have a granted permit you are growing illegally.”

              • I believe Mr. Hughan is mistaken here. As always, there are gray areas and cannabis laws are a freaking mess right now. But my belief based on my understanding based on recent questions to people who are working in the permit business is that if a grower applied for a permit and didn’t increase their size from the previous year, then they are legal per Humboldt and California. (Yes, we know that federal law is not a fan of cannabis.)

                • If the property has an application in process they should have received an affidavit from the County Planning Dept that confirms that the application is in fact in process and defines the parameters said permit will entitle if it is granted. Additionally the applicant affirms that they will not increase the size of the cultivation and refrain from any un permitted building or grading until such time as the permits pertinent to such activities are in fact granted.

          • Hahaha…. gotta love that. 40 years how many trillions.. are you winning the “drug war” yet with your tip line? so quaint. 🙂 how come evolution has to take such a long long time……

          • Sleepy Alligator

            Muggin here’s the number that you should call.

        • Is it dep or just indoor growing in a dep greenhouse.

        • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

          You should turn them in, as you just confessed to conspiracy.

          Just post the GPS on the DEA site and it’s cool, you won’t have to worry about deportation.

          • This may surprise you but most folks in SoHum know a lot of growers. There isn’t enough room to put us all in jail…especially as California just legalized recreational marijuana.


              reply to Kym Kemp’s comment/query

              “do you drink alcohol?” Do you PRODUCE millions of dollars worth of black-market alcohol,transporting cross-country,selling at 10,000 percent profit ,delivering it into hands of schoolchildren and drug gangs across the country,using profits to import meth and heroin and putting those drugs into hands of schoolchildren?does your drinking alcohol endanger the lives of our law enforcement personell? Shall i continue?Does your alcohol consumption entice THOUSANDS of youth/criminals of many ages and types to flock here on promise of (mostly non-existent/grossly exagerated)get-rich-scheme alcohol processing employment leading to further cycles of meth/heroin black market trading and violent/murderous robberies of our local population ???????


              • You must be so pleased that marijuana is now legal as black market sales will gradually almost disappear like moonshine has.

              • Sleepy Alligator

                Is weed responsible for x amount of deaths every day in this country? Hell no but alcohol sure is! And not only do the people who drank and got behind the wheel end up dead but all too often they kill innocent people who may have never even taken a sip of alcohol in their life, and that includes children! So just because alcohol is legal you approve of it and use it as your tool to discredit anything weed related. Your argument only shows that you’re just another robot who has no ideals or ideas of your own. This country is full of you’s and it’s sad. Stop believing the hype and start creating your own thoughts!

                • Do you have proof that people have not been killed by someone high behind the wheel. Do they test for drug impaired driving regularly? In this county they hardly do a tox screen when someone comes to the ER which they should as the results would be shocking. How can kids get 215 cards and not be able to buy cigarettes, drink, drive or serve in the services? This is ass backwards. It is legal in the State of California but not legal by Federal law which regulates the sale and dispensing of narcotics.

            • I”People throw rocks at things that shine “!!!😀👍😉
              You and Kym are correct There are good people just growing an herb that has healing properties. Then the ones who point their fingers. ..well guess what they have three fingers pointing back at them . SHALL I GO ON….the same.people who looks to a dirty homeless veteran and point his finger saying get a #$&cking job. …Some people need to grow a heart.

        • We’ve already sold our first and planted the second… some people just can’t get with the program… smh

        • Must be really dank after the all those sunny days.

        • i’m sorry, what does dep stand for?

          • Light deprivation. People deprive marijuana of light to force it to flower early. Which allows the grower to get the buds out early for a better price and maybe multiple grows in one year.

            • And what impact does it have in our communities when the growers do not give a shit about hiring locals. I have strangers in my neighborhood 24 hours a day! Traffic 24 hours a day! Vehicles from all over the country. Its like living in the city. I really do not give a shit how m any crops they can harvest. I live in the country not a fucking industrial zone. I have NO PEACE!
              The other thing that is absolutely infuriating they hire people WHO are NOT residents and mostly male. Hey one of them was on your site and is still wanted.

              • Many (heck most) of us in rural neighborhoods are affected by the industrialization of marijuana. I don’t mind the strangers so much but the traffic damaging the road, large trucks on narrow roads, Lights from uncovered greenhouses, denuded hillsides washing soil into waterways and worst of all the sucking of half the water from our creeks destroying our fish and other wildlife…it makes me crazy.

        • Veterans friend

          😎 yep

      • Jorge Cervantes

        @hmm What? Plant April 1. Harvest June 1. First deps 6 weeks out my trasero.

        • AnonymousHumboldtian

          You must have a really early finishing strain. It’s more like plant April 1 and harvest mid June.

      • You don’t know what you’re talking about .

      • You are wrong

    • CartOnTopOfHorse

      Did you see the weather this spring? You think this guys already pulled with that setup?

  • I’m not sure which industry I despise more. The illegal growing of plants for market, or the industry that makes a living off the criminalizing of plants for market.
    If it were never made illegal, neither industry would be able to make a huge production out of it.
    I have to hand this one to Ron Paul, who desperately tried to stop the politicians from creating a war on self responsibility.

    • CartOnTopOfHorse

      This is black market government, how is a grow even legal unless it is tested and setup to prevent diversion. What’s probably bothering you is it’s all a sham. It was illegal now it’s worse.

      • There wouldn’t be a money rush industry if it weren’t a political industry. It would be just another bush in the backyard, or a shared experience on the front porch after work. Before politics got involved, it was just another stinky plant, enjoyed by the average Joe as well as the above average Joe’s, such as Shakespeare. It wasn’t a problem, until it became a political campaign. A global campaign at that.
        So, I guess my response to your post, is: you nailed it.
        Take the money and politicians out of the equation, and we’re back to sharing and caring. Want a toke? No thanks, but go ahead, I don’t mind.

        • So true. 13,000 plants is not sharing and caring. 13,000 plants is greed with a capital G and 25 guns and stream diversion and big bag of meth is not your sit on the porch have a toke kind of people. Good riddance to them.

        • The power of one

          I would tend to agree, but I know there are bad actors in this industry, selling for organic prices when they’ve actually used toxic pesticides. Do you really want to spend big bucks for organic food and MM and then find out your grower isn’t honest? Unfortunately, either we have to know the farmer or we have to submit to some regulation.

  • What is MOST DISTURBING and counter-intuitive, is the quote on the ‘front page’ / lead-in to the article, ‘According to Andrew Hughan, Public Information Officer for the Department of Fish and Wildlife, “[Although], the people had applied for a permit…until you have a granted permit you are growing illegally.”’
    Are all those who have applied to assume they are likely a target? After all, in the process, applicants are even asked to give directions to their property, and a map of where the gardens are….. 🙁
    While the article doesn’t state how many square feet that the busted grower/ applicant had applied for, that the enforcement agencies chose to bust this person(s), while lots of people with destructive grows have not put themselves on the firing line by applying to ‘come into the light’.
    That said, it says something about the character of those busted, that they allegedly had so many guns, and the meth. That does not, though, negate my earlier expressed concerns.

    • Nothing is based on plant number moving forward. It’s just a nasty tactic to paint every grow they are visiting with an ugly brush. Those plants are packed in there. If it’s just that site, probably under 10,000 sq feet. It would be a type 2b probably. The things that are coming up in the decision making process for visiting sites in process with counties must have more to tell. They have been very active in trinity as well. It seems if they come, they will cut you down. Some bad sites are cut alongside some very clean sites with fewer than 40 full term with no violations. It’s the last season before state licenses can be in hand and I think the way they are dealing with violations isn’t keeping up with the changing times. They have all types of contact info for any farm in the permitting process. They can send paperwork, call to set up a site visit, request documentation from the permittee about their area of concern for environmental degradation. But instead full tactical gear and weapons drawn, they are coming through gates and tearing apart homes and cutting gardens. It’s going to be a long one, and it seems dfw is the enforcement for this season.

      • Life time local

        I agree completley. This should be a civil fine for not filling out your paperwork. Those streem bed alterations can get expensive anyways. This shouldn’t be full on enforcement. Northern California is still in the dark days. A generation of children are quickly loosing any ability to compete against large scale grows in other parts of California. I wonder if they had hired any consulting companies to do their paperwork?

        • Hopefully this generation of children will learn to do something else, and also spell…

          • I agree. Too much exposure to cannabis, in developmental years. The number of plants per sq ft is all in permit paperwork. This person started paperwork, then screwed himself by going half-assed (water permits) and having guns/meth on site. This is not one of those mythical “responsible” growers I keep hearing about. This is a criminal. There are 8000 illegal, mapped grows out there. Time to get your happy butts to the Central Valley, where agriculture is King. Let Humboldt return to nature, let the area heal, let the Trimmsients camp out on the I-5 down south, and find an economy that is sustainable for this area, besides another prison.

    • Yes. luckily this highly reformed Jew learned not to sign papers…

      You do know who our president is yes?

      This is last ditch effort shit.. once the central valley flips the switch no need to truck water and diesel up a 45 min dirt road… and the 1/4 mile long greenhouses along the 5 are already built sound.

      (Esp) So. Humboldt is and will always be the mom and pop –medical– cannabis connoisseur shop

      I hope at least one of the supervisors writing this legislation favoring the large players reads this. You will be our demise.

      Mom and pop is our legacy. (AKA Keep your day job)

  • Lefthanded Lunatics

    25 GUNS? Meth? 13000 plants!

    Oh hell, THAT is legal…

    • People like this clown are the reason that Eureka will never be a sweet, little baytown to visit. It will continue to be a long, ugly, dirty truck stop where you can’t let your kids out to use restrooms anywhere. Crime begets crime.

  • CartOnTopOfHorse

    The plant count numbers are way more impressive than the grow. Not very interesting.
    Yeh MOGTX Meth is always a bummer, I watched my dad destroy himself for over 30 years on meth, I grew to detest it so bad I stay far away from anyone who does it.

  • Twinkle Winklestein

    South fork Eel dropped two feet last night, I wonder why?!!!

    • Twinkle Winklestein – I also have been dismayed with how quickly the So Fork of the Eel has gone from a lovely river to a stream that looks like mid to late summer already.

    • Not to say water usage isnt an issue, the Eel river is listed as one of the most silt ridden in the country. The natural siltation is already high. Its pretty interesting to read about. Look it up.

      The logging practices of clearcutting dumped, and continues to dump, so much silt into the Eel its ridiculous. Then this winter all those clearcuts and logging roads dumped so much silt you can see picures of it going into the ocean from space.
      Its interesting also to note that grapes take a bunch if water, no one seems to care anymore. The wine and logging industries are barely regulated, and most companies are big enough they can afford to violate the law and pay the fines. Theyre laughing all the way to the bank.
      Where was fish&wildlife when maxxam destroyed our ecosystems here, and truly are at least 50% responsible for the salmon decline. Were their ops shut down when they broke the law? No way. F&W also did the poor me we dont have funding and it takes away from going after poachers, etc. How much are you putting into salmon poaching arrests this year???
      The logging industry dumped and sprayed herbicides with diesel fuel to help it stick in forests all over the county. Guess whats in the water now? All that crap.

      Whatever you think of enviro groups, epic was started because folks noticed all the frogs disappeared from the sprowel creek watershed. They started watching and found latino workers washing their spray backpacks of poisons in the river. This was when PL had that camp of illegal workers who lived in the riverbanks and sprayed pesticides and herbicides with zero safety gear or knowledge of the dangers. We followed a pl truck after seeing men lay down in the bed and be covered with a tarp, they went down a random road to an encampment on the riverbanks where they quickly all jumped out.

      All this to say the pot industry has its problems for sure, but lets have some perspective about past land use and employee practices. If all heavy water use industries were regulated like this it would be great, singling out one industry is not fair. Like it or not, its been legalized. The average farm size in CA is 385 acres. Thats what we dont want here, obviously.

      And please get it together authorities!!! The planning dept personnel have personally told us that if you are in application process you will not be busted. If thats not true then you need to make that known to the other govt employees. Those plants are tiny and obviously dep and not full season so they wont take as much water. I bet that size plot of grapes or corn would use more water. Lets just all be real about ag.
      The grape growers in sonoma get over 50% of the eel river water diverted to the russian river at potter valley dam. Now that we have a larger legal ag industry, why are we not demanding to have our water come to us? Where are the representatives?

      • sorry, where are they exactly logging along the south eel river? there is grow after grow and some are not even hidden from the road.

        • miranda…active logging…kahn living trust…timber management plans are available to look at for all via cal fire…there are many active plans along the river…i live next to one…their idea of thinning is real close to clear cut…

      • Because non-hemp growers in Napa Sonoma counties continued to draw water from their wells, those areas are going to be subject to more controls by the water board. I read something not long ago about this, sorry I can’t remember the source but the grape growers especially were screaming bloody murder. The rains of the past winter haven’t refilled the aquifers (it’s believed because so much was taken out in the SJ Valley that those areas are so damaged the aquifers will never refill properly) so the water board is going to require users install monitoring devices and adhere to what they are permitted…because ultimately one well draws water from the aquifer that provides water to many other property owners.
        Now would be the time to start demanding the Eel River water back before the counties south of Mendocino start asking for more.

      • You seriously can’t be serious. Logging is heavily regulated! Yes practices in the past were pretty reckless but not these days. Vineyards on the other hand I believe are quite harmful to the environment. Mostly bare soil fenced off property. Taking lots of water to support. They push back most of the wild life to the edge. Logging on the other hand often creates habitat for wildlife. Logging is very closely regulated. The silts and so on draining into the eel river drainage is mostly due to soil types not practices. Oregon with year round logging and cleaner streams isn’t because of logging practices being different they are actually less regulated than here. It’s the soil types.

        • Wrong. Most grapes don’t get watered after three years of getting established.

        • CartOnTopOfHorse

          Soil types are definitely a factor, I built a 75000sqtf facility in the applegate valley Oregon that I stared in September, had it finished by April. I worked on thru the winter. Enuff clay in the soil everything holds together. Runoff was usually clear, erosion non existent.

        • I sometimes think that if the Natives could have figured it out there would be lots more Oak Woodland . We are losing more and more of these kind of nut farms every day.

      • As I recall the hack and squirt use of herbicide in Sprowel Creek and subsequent rinsing of equipment in the stream was done by a contractor working for Barnum not P.L.. Workers were paid $100 a day to ring and squirt tan oak and crawl under and chop whitethorn with chain saw. I suspect more Salmon have died as the result of potato and hay growers in the Klamath basin and their fricking dams than the pot growers. Not to say some canabis growers aren’t greedy and careless with the environment.

      • I was one who spraded herbicides talk about no safty gear $6.00 a hr I pray that stuff don’t catch up with me i lived in humbolt for 20 years now I have a small operation about 30 plants gets me thur the year

      • You are so full of shit. Those comments were exactly like a typical left wing liberal. Totally spinning the truth. It is true that logging has led to erosion and sediment discharge but the development of the local ranches into subdivisions has been a much bigger long term problem for sediment discharge that continues today while the clear cuts of yesterday heal. If it were for the “back to land” movement and Pot growing there would be very few people living in these subdivisions on dirt roads with fresh earth work continuing.

    • I could say it’s because it stopped raining but that would make to much sense.

    • The power of one

      The gate that controls the water sent to the Russian River probably was flipped. Our water goes to wineries down there. Join “Save the Eel River” (and report your illegal neighbors who are siphoning off, too).

  • HaHaHa! Get a life losers.
    Love to see this stuff and looking forward to the next one. Hope the property is seized and all future permits revoked.

  • Same here cart on top of the horse meth it ruined my life at one time but that was 17 years ago,and it is a shame Marc is still on the shit..hes 58 or 57 yrs old .when do u say maybe I ought to quite someday. it looks like to me in the pics only one green house had plants in it .the one green house must have 13 000 plants in it 3 inches tall .Marc done some prison I think 20 yrs ago .looks like maybe he will see some more time .Maybe this time he will give up the meth .Sad huh kym

    • CartOnTopOfHorse

      Im glad you got away from it. 17 years is a while, I hope you were able to heal and feel well after whatever experience you had with it.

  • Chump now here you go,be the troll we know you can be!!!!Please come back and give us a good laugh.We all know you can do it!!!

  • What ever happened to his papa??

    • CartOnTopOfHorse

      He developed schizophrenia and threatened to kill me several times because I protested his hanging out with a 15 year old girl when he was in his 50’s. I had a daughter shortly after that and my parental instincts made me draw the line.
      He did meth into his 60’s and had got leukemia. He tried to track me down last year but I am still afraid, don’t know if he’s still alive or if I’ll ever see him again.

      On top of that I have Nero lyme wich included bells palsy and neuropathy it was all just to much to deal with.

  • But it’s medicinal meth, it’s hard for me to stay awake all week, and I have ibs.


    Crazy. googled Mark Broussard & all of of his info. is public knowledge online. shows his family tree. this is not Marc Broussard the musician.,%20CA



    According to Andrew Hughan, Public Information Officer for the Department of Fish and Wildlife, “[Although], the people had applied for a permit…until you have a granted permit you are growing illegally.”

    IMO this is a sign of things to come. Reread Big time Ballers With Mega Grows Thinking It Is Ok To Blow It Up Before Getting Your Permit, “until you have a granted permit you are growing illegally”.

    What like 15 permits granted so far in the County. That was the last count I read. I’am sure there is more, but way less than 100 is likely. that means that 99% of the Humboldt Growers have Illegal grows going, Until you have a permit you cannot grow. That is the rule. EVERYONE IS BREAKING THE RULE!!


    • CartOnTopOfHorse

      Even with the permit its still black market. There’s nothing stoping diversion. Why does anyone even care if it’s permitted. Your hung up on some paperwork. I guess it must be concern with the growers wellfiar?

    • Keep it under 1500 save the rain and stick to the AAA.

    • Richardlsiebert@gmail

      The obvious moral to this storie is don’t applie for no permit don’t tell them what your doin. And don’t pay them fools any money kill more samon and piss them all off to to hell with your legalization

    • Richardlsiebert@gmail

      The obvious moral to this storie is don’t applie for no permit don’t tell them what your doin. And don’t pay them fools any money kill more samon and piss them all off to to hell with your legalization number one co. In dumbolt is the jail employee more people than anybodie else , that’s what’s wrong with this county

    • The power of one

      I believe that quote is wrong. Sheriff said he wouldn’t go after folks already in the permit process, but this guy increased his size over what is stated on his permit plan.



    According to Lt. Chris Stoots of Fish and Wildlife, his department received “a lead or a tip that there was a large cultivation site.” Stoots said, “[It was] unlawful based off size.”

    the bust happened, because they were narced out. someone reported them. most likely a neighbor. Humboldt has been and always will be about your neighbors. good grow neighborhood where everyone is on the same team and everyone gets crazy rich. just look at Panther Gap. no big raid there in over a decade. everyone is going huge and making tons of money. why don’t they get busted? They don’t have bad neighbors. also in the Gap they don’t show their plants. everything is under wraps. if the cops can’t see the plants it is hard to get a warrant. as long as you are not committing environmental violations you should be ok if you have no bad neighbors. all it takes is one bad neighbor to bring a whole ranch down. it happens. the growers that have been most successful live in areas where the growers are in control. it’s going to get crazy out there. With all the new green rushers there is bound to be lots of pissed off neighbors calling the cops and reporting violations.

    • The power of one

      Seems you think the “bad” one is the neighbor who reported the oversized large grow. To me the bad one is the one doing other than what is stated on the permit, and or committing other, horrible environmental damages, or spraying a medical/organic crop with pesticides. It’s all in the definitions, right?

  • Life time local

    But how much square footage was it? It could be 13000 plants within an acre and be trying to be considered completley legal. This could be a family man with children trying to expand in order to be able to compete with large growers in the Central Valley that don’t get negative press. And say it was he has paid money to the county and has hired companies to help him with the paperwork…. but has not yet done a streem bed alteration permit. Theoretically I feel this should be a civil matter. A fine for not properly filing. They need to fill out the paperwork and send it to fish and game. Or for not having proper storage. But a fine not chopping all you agricultural products down. So will the spunky still expect to be paid for there square footage tax on this grow in the process of being permitted. What are people suppose to do to try and compete with the rest of California ? I want to know what they were doing that was so bad? Or if u have permits is ur name just in the hat for this wet teem?

    • CartOnTopOfHorse

      Definitely something to consider before casting judgment. Lots of big grows letting slide by the black market government. This is small and the environmental damage is less then my jeep makes ripping though the woods legally.

    • “This could be a family man with children ”

      and “five to ten grams of methamphetamine”.

      • CartOnTopOfHorse

        Nice cherry pick. Read the rest of my comments plz , I’m not defending that aspect just putting up something to think about. Obviously the meth is not ok.

  • Yeah well everybody I know who has applied for those permits is now blowing it up to extreme sizes. “It’s our last chance this year!” they say. And “We got permits so they should leave us alone” was the strategy. Honestly the HCSD will not do much as they are lazy and stupid and corrupt. But what they should do, with federal funding from AG Sessions is immediately focus on all the permit-application farms. That’s where you will find the most outrageous violations. And you don’t need search warrants to roll up as the permit applicants agreed to random inspections! Cut and chip and send a message. But again I will say- do it efficiently. Hit a neighborhood and stay a few days to eradicate many mega-grows at one time. HCSD will not do that though! They will drive by insanely massive grows to chop down 40 spindly plants on logging land. They are pathetically inept and probably criminally negligent in their approach.

    • I think I get your double entantdra name. Do you even own land or live here?
      Could it be you are a also a farce?

  • Bottom line for me is the stream bed diversion issue, and I am glad Fish & Wildlife are focusing on the health of our rivers, streams and watersheds. Without water, we and all the wildlife that inhabit this area are screwed.

  • Applying for a permit is not looking like it’s a very good idea, is it? More incentive to continue to grow for the black market and not go “legaL”.

  • Good! Now bust Redcrest industrial park, all that shit is illegal too

  • Key sentence here is ,until permit process is COMPLETE you are growing illegally!!!
    I knew this permit shit was a chumped up process with greed ,control and power of the corrupt officials in the world famous Humboldt County as it’s only agenda and it makes me hate authority…,ashamed to be from humboldt.

    • CartOnTopOfHorse

      It sure seems to be working out that way. Being legal right now is basically being protected/enabled by your county.

    • The power of one

      That quote is incorrect. The greed in this story is the grower who ramped up his grow beyond the size he applied for, thus the raid, would be my understanding of the situation.

  • It’s not corn why is it planted like that

  • Took & Spent Fee's - Now Banning Marijuana

    Could this happen in Humboldt?

    This California county took in $3.7 million in pot fees. Now it might ban cultivation

    Read more here:

    • CartOnTopOfHorse

      That’s cool and all, media hyperbole is at an all time high because of the way money is made on the internet. Fake news, click bait and all. I read the article I’m not sure how things will pan out there but they haven’t seemed to figure it out.

  • If you have a collective formed, sellers permit and were previously cultivating the same amount you are cultivating now then you are still legal. These folks were illegal because they had illegal water diversion.

    You only need to have a permit after 2018 You can still cultivate until 2018 with nothing more than your 215 or collective.

    Humboldt County has a rule that your allowed 100 sq ft per patient. You need 100 patients to grow 10,000 sq/ft.

    Even in the future if you have a county permit you can still be illegal.

    You need a collective with back paid taxes from 2016 onward to get a legit state license.

    Without the collective and the back paid taxes you cannot get a state license.

    If you are trying to dump your weed on the black market and have no tax evidence for 2017 and you have signed up for the legal program then you are stupid and are setting yourself up.

    Only join if you actually plan on following through with the total legal process.

    • O’ please you just file a crop loss affidavit -95% will employ this loophole.

    • You do not need an established collective
      Before 2016 with taxes paid
      In order to get a state permit next year to commercially grow.

      You can call the Cal Cann office. Aka California Department of Food & Agriculture. These are the real deal state Licenses issued in 2018.

      Any type of operation has priority if it was established before 2016. I should also point out there is no cap for how many licenses they can hand out except for type 3 licenses.


      Lots of miss information floating around

  • Where’s the rest?

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    I’m glad!

    Parachute convicted growers into North Korea and let Kim handle this issue.

    That empty hoop house is pretty, only wish an Abrams MBT was parked on top of it.

    They earned it, IMHO.

  • Felons are being issued permits to grow???

  • If I read one more “now that weed is legal” stuff, im going to shit my pants!!! Its NOT LEGAL!!! Read the Supremacy Clause. Federal law is the supreme law of the land. Broken down to those who still don’t get it…when a state law and a federal law are in direct conflict of one another, the federal law wins out. Not sometimes, not depending on other factors, not just when you feel like following the law, its every freaking time the laws conflict, the fed law governs. GET IT ?!?!

    • CartOnTopOfHorse

      I know of people that got into the industry that have millions from non canabis related businesses. They put there name down on land, permits everything. One had over 200 million to their name when he started and he just got his permit even despite all of this federal gov stuff. Interesting thing they don’t seem worried. What do you think will happen? Why would successful businesses people do this, he’s running 2 acres and projected to make 300-500k a year after price settles. It wouldnt be worth the risk.

    • You are about to go through a lot of pants!

      • CartOnTopOfHorse

        If it was me yeh, if I had 200mil I would not risk it to grow a federally illegal substance. Just see these big money guys not giving a fuh. I design and build infrastructure and this is what I’m seeing. Pretty common in the current time.

  • Ok, now we just have to wait for several dozen people plus a food blockade/tariff to either cut us off from cheap food or reduce the food person ratio and we can start making food money.

  • Fortuna has been given the green light on their Creek and Steambed Alteration…they will be driving vehicles INSIDE THE CREEK!!! LEAKING OIL GAS AMD TRANSMISSION FLUID ALL DAY EVVVVVVERY DAY!!! INSTALLING A BYPASS DRYING UP THE CREEK!!! Yet growers are the scapegoats

  • kym, for the information of you’re readers my property has been in escrow for a year and the permit is in the buyers name. i didn’t apply for a permit to be on this possible Shindlers list. The application was for 68,000 square ft, that got reduced to 1 acre, 43,560 sq. ft. when the rules were revised. the history justified the 68,000 grandfathered in at the time of the original submission, reduced by the new rules. the property is well within the square footage of the application, to set a few things straight, the goofy planted greenhouse, it is a sea of green crack, that wasn’t really even wanted, done to use the clones. Of corse, the charges are on me! I’m supposed to be insulated from it, and am not very happy right now! And for all who judge without knowing, the meth belonged to someone from the east coast, not me, thank you! there is NO stream bed alteration, there is no stream within 1000 feet of these locations. There is grading without the permit that should have resulted in a fine! There was no reason given for cutting the plants, that by the way, didn’t look anything like the just planted thrown up greenhouse in the photo, the only one like that on the property. With the agencies trying to make you look and sound inept, the wise cracks in the comments from people whom know nothing about what happened here, reassures me I made the right decision in moving away from this! it WAS a wonderful place to grow up, very beautiful with a lot of really special people, a lot of whom I’ll never forget. But this is not my circus not my monkeys! marc broussard. Oh and as for my estranged father, who’s problems were many, and i’m not so proud of, never did drugs, the 15 year old girl thing doesn’t surprise me though, I don’t know if he is even still alive or not. Again, marc broussard

    • Jorge Cervantes

      Thanks for the clarification!

    • Hire a environmental attorney and sue the county and Dfw for damages. you are correct a fine should of been issued if your statements are true.file the complaint .

    • very important!

      Thanks for your reply. This should be at the top of this page. KYM! Let everyone know the truth. Important reply here. Thanks for clarifying. Have a good day!

    • You got what you deserved you piece of shit! I don’t wish prison, even though you’re a conman of the lowest order, but I hope you lost shitloads of money you rotten motherfucker. Evidently I’m not the only person you fucked over you greedy scumbag; karma bitch. Did it ever occur to you that while you’re claiming: not my monkeys, not my show, not my property, you’re simultaneously naming off the strain being grown in the greenhouse and bragging about how good the other greenhouses looked? That’s how I know this is the real Marc Broussard. Your ego is such that your hypersensitive need to defend your shitty looking greenhouse blinds you to that fact that you’re potentially implicating yourself. Good luck dumbass!

      • Thanks kev, glad to hear you squakin

      • Hey rolling 21 you must of been the person who sent the “anonymous tip”, you know what’s worse than a conman? A snitch! Sure seems like you are mad enough to do it.

        • [edit] People eventually get what’s comin and that’s exactly what happened. If i was gonna snitch I’da done it long ago; I’m no fucking rat. [edit]

    • you just admitted to growing over 68 thousand square feet of pot before it was in escrow, not too brilliant. Lay off the drugs . Irs should be talking to you soon right? where did all of that go? Just to dispensaries? Sure buddy lol

      • I didn’t say I grew it. I said , ” the history justified the 68000 ” I was working out of state, the property was leased. By the way it went to the same place this did, well almost. So I guess the IRS can go talk to the F&G or the sheriffs dept. whom take the bud with them.

  • Always a good day when a grow that big is taken down. Mom and pop or BUST!!!

  • i see all those truckloads of dirt, see the commotion around the garden shops and think, “Don’t they know it’s over?” well, maybe it’s not but it is for me: i started 250 plants in april and just sold them, i’m done! so it’s over for me, and some others–first it was the multiple hoop houses that lowered the price and now its the regulations that only big grows can make pay.
    okay, it WAS a good run, a great run, but it’s not fun anymore, well, for me–could this be the year we’re left holding the bag of last years outdoor? anyone want some sour d for 900? cookie for 800? blue dream for 800?

    • CartOnTopOfHorse

      Those are good tickets you listed though. If it’s average humboldt quality then that’s really good. The only problem I see is if it isn’t moving.

  • Every reply I have made seems to end up somewhere randomly down the thread.

  • Fresh headline from the Bee.
    Some say Orville Dam crisis trashed the Feather River. Is the State responsible?
    Get your heads out of the sand Fish and Game!
    The State controlled Dam might have ruined not just an entire river but ruined one of the finest fish bearing rivers on the planet.

  • I have seen F&G call it stream diversion even from a small spring far from any moving water. They just say it flows underground into the creek. Any water you use on your land is sufficient cause for them to arrest you or write you up if they feel like it. It’s part of their arsenal now. Notice F&G can raid your land based on a “tip”- no warrant required. Just sayin’. Not defending these dirtbags.

    • Money that would have been better spent fixing Orville before it trashed a major river in a way that makes cultivation damage look like a fart in the wind.

      • CartOnTopOfHorse

        Fish and game. Let’s have people who make under 75k a year regulate people who make over a million a year. That works really good.

        • For me it was always the people living there might be more qualified to make judgement than college trained resource people.
          Yet even I agree many greenrushers don’t get and will soon be chasing pot dollars down into the valley and other areas.

  • I know this is so far down the comment line that no one will see it, but the F&W guy was totally wrong in his statement of the law. You do not need a permit to be legal in Humboldt. You need to be in the permitting process and not past the deadline to complete your application. That makes your use of the land for cultivation legal (assuming you are within your application limits). You also need to be connected with, (rule of thumb) 1 medical patient for each 100 square feet of canopy. That makes the cultivation legal under State law. If you have the 215s and are in the process (& not exceeding your app limits), your cultivation is legal. There is no question about that. I don’t like it when people who know nothing about it start spouting off about what the law is , but I really don’t like it when cops start doing it. If the facts in the press release are accurate, this was an illegal bust and the guy should sue Fish and Game, and the Sheriff’s office for it. There’s no mention of 215s in the release, obviously if he didn’t have the association with sufficient patients, he would be illegal but the cop does not seem to know that. I know they claim he had meth, and maybe he did, but that does not make the bust legal. You don’t bust someone, then figure out why you did it. You have probable cause first, and the press release does not indicate that the cop had any authority to interfere in the business.

  • Very well explained and never too far down the thread. It makes me uncomfortable that LEO’s may not be aware of legal definitions.

  • I agree. LEO might be ignorant of the process. Great post!

  • Great pot growth! Superb post!

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