Meeting to Maintain and Get Funding for New Recreational Facilities in Klamath Area

the Klamath River

[Crop from an image of the Klamath River on the Facebook page of Klamath Local Organizing Committee (KLOC)]

Press release:

On June 20th True North’s Klamath Local Organizing Committee (KLOC) will ask leaders from Del Norte County, the Yurok Tribe, the Yurok Indian Housing Authority (YIHA) and the Resighini Rancheria to commit to working together to maintain existing recreation facilities (ball fields, basketball courts and playgrounds) in Klamath neighborhoods and to seek funding for new recreational facilities for the children, youth and neighborhoods of Klamath California.
The Action will take place at Margaret Keating Elementary School from 5:30-7:00 PM. Light refreshments and childcare will be provided. The public, and in particular Klamath parents, grandparents and youth, are encouraged to attend. Please join the Klamath Local Organizing Committee in asking these officials to commit to provide and maintain the recreational facilities Klamath neighborhoods need.
For more information about this Action call Josh Norris at 707-954-7226.


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