She’s Behind Bars; Can You Set Her Free?

Little white and brown terrier
This adorable little terrier was found yesterday (June 13) in Miranda. She is wearing only a gray flea collar. She is extremely friendly. If you know who she belongs to, will you please call 932-1144.



  • Cute dog! I hope she finds her way home soon.

  • Those flea collars aren’t cheap, if it is the Serestro brand. Someone who is willing to spend $55 on a flea collar should go looking for their lost dog (hopefully). I buy them for my cat and large dog because they are worth it; they work and they last!

  • Thanks for that info on flea collars had no idea they work that we’ll. That dog is so cute. Hope babies mom or dad find him💙

  • Free the puppers!

  • What a little huny i hope she is taken care of,and be loved buy someone soon.

  • That’s an awesome little dog, they aren’t cheap and someone misses it dearly, thanks again for posting things like this miss Kym!

    Reason #801 why this blog rocks!

  • shawn the fisherman

    Sweet pup! Now that is a story I can get behind. Something good will come out of this post? I hope.

  • My aunt found this dog on the highway. We kept her for a few months and found a family for her. They have family in this area. I think she’s reached out to them.

    Her name is cookie and she is a sweet heart. One of the biggest lovey dogs I’ve ever met. She’s also the calmest jack Russell I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

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