Good Samaritans Aid Del Norte Deputy When She Was Assaulted

Posted to the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Facebook page:

Open Letter to Today’s Good Samaritans,

Being a law enforcement officer means that sometimes you don’t get to go home at the end of your shift in the same condition as when you started it. It’s an unpredictable job that can escalate within a split second and present situations where the ability to make a good decision can literally mean the difference between life and death.

At about 430pm today, a Del Norte County Sheriff’s Deputy responded to the area of Lake Earl Drive and Genevieve Lane for a report of a domestic dispute.

While speaking with the two individuals involved, one of them attacked the Deputy and became highly combative. As the Deputy was defending against the attack and subduing the subject, several good samaritans stopped to help. The Deputy was assisted with placing the offender into handcuffs and another samaritan even stopped traffic to allow a safer, more controlled environment.

Instead of passing by, people within our community chose to stop. Instead of pulling out their phones, they chose to act. In a time where the national media tends to sensationalize the idea that law enforcement isn’t supported, today only affirms that here in Del Norte County, our community truly values theirs.

To the folks that stopped and offered assistance today during a time of need, I would like to give you the recognition that you deserve. Please contact me so I can express my appreciation in person.

You’re heroes in my book.

And to the deputy that answered that call for service, I hope you never forget how appreciated you truly are.


Sheriff Apperson



  • Great news to hear. Thanks to all involved!

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Reality from someone that has owned a handful of properties in the CC.

    Benefits are it’s Pacific Power, no tier billing.

    Most people there work at Pelican Bay.

    If you dopers think you can move for cheap power to grow your drugs, guards will tax you on a level unimagined.

    Since everyone in CC is working at the prison, it’s expected people will aid in the capture of some marijuana user.

    Josh Lacy finally got justice…

    Keep your trash no further than Orick, it’s not wanted.

    • You have finally lost it!! for good Chump now you were good comic re leaf, one of the best trolls out there. but what is this? Come back to us buddy did some one slip you some devils brownies with your coffee? Thank you to all that helped good job in this day and age very nice!!

    • Half those people working in the prison are growing weed.

    • CuriousHumboldtian

      Hahahahaha wow someone has some serious distorted anger issues! Come down bro, no where here did it start ANYTHING about your “devils lettuce”.

    • Oh CHUMP.. stick to criticizing the harder, illicit drugs, that do actual damage regardless of the user.
      You started to, and then you fell back to critizing cannabis users on a forum about cop assaults. C.c is full of tweakers and junkies.. you said you came from there?? (: … or just rented to them??(:
      Good job citizens

    • Hopefully the officer is wearing a body camera and the vehicle that they drive is covered with an operating camera in the record position! The videoing that community members assist with helps to keep procedure and actions within the peramiters of the law! If people see it any other way they should truly attempt to re-evaluate their judgement skills! Only the guilty are questioning the support that law enforcement receives! If the officer was trained well he would have known to utilize back up and to be extreamly cautious when responding to Domestic disputes and definetly use every method possible to diffuse the situation! Law Enforcement are the highest paid with the least required experience! I can voice my opinion with experience as my father and grandfather were law enforcement offices as county deputies and federal officers!

  • Wow, yes! 😊

  • Cheers !

  • Thinking allowed

    I liked the ‘instead of pulling out phones’ remark. A truthful observation.

    • JustWantToHearTheEndoftheStory

      Yes, I noticed that. Too many people want a viral video with their name on it, instead of actually helping the situation. I always wonder what is going on inside their mind (if they have one)

  • Great letter!! The folks who stopped and aided the officer AWSOME AWSOME AWSOME

  • I would have loved to be able to help the officer not because he is a cop ,but because he is a human being in need of help.

  • Outstanding letter for some wonderful people out there. Job well done!

  • shawn the fisherman

    If she can’t do the job? Maybe time to get a job she can? She is just lucky some dumb asses were driving by…… Sorry truth hurts.

    • Shawn, what ever helped you come to the conclusion that the people that helped the officer were dumb asses? Are you that pathetic that because they helped a person in need you are the authority on labeling decent human beings as dumb asses? Perhaps it had been your wife daughter sister mother…being assaulted and nobody stopped to help? I’m pretty confident you would be spouting nonsense to the world about how pathetic the dumb ass citizens of CC are and didn’t stop to help. As to whether or not the officer can or cannot do the job, you sound as if you think that females are not supposed to be cops. I know more than a few male officers that have been in the same situation and were grateful for backup as they were about to lose the battle with an enraged suspect. The only thing you stated correctly was that , yes Shawn, the truth does hurt. Try looking in the mirror before you post such derogatory comments on something you clearly have a skewed stance on. God bless the officer and the Good Samaritans that did the right thing!

      • shawn the fisherman

        Raymond, You feel so strongly? You too should become law enforcement, If you think you have the tools of the trade. Most people are weak and pathetic when it comes to physical altercations. And you should not get involved with out proper training and where with all to end such problems that clearly are not yours. If those good people had been injured or heaven forbid killed because that female officer could not keep control of her firearm, There would be a different story and they would be left in the cold so fast your held would spin. Always look out for your self, Nobody else will when your left with a lifetime of pain and injury. I wrecked my back helping a person once, I blame my self for putting myself in that position. You go Raymond be a tryhard..

  • A late relative of mine was a cop in the SF bay area. There was one town in their area and one particular type of call that they all dreaded being called for. They always sent 2 cops to respond. What was it? A “domestic dispute”. There was usually a gun involved. Once they got the two people separated and were arresting the one who appeared to be at fault, the other would step in and say the arrestee wasn’t doing anything wrong. Then the other would say, “No, she was at fault. Then – well, I think most can picture it going back and forth until they both cooled down or the cops arrested both of them and the courts would take over. Some of the laws in this regard have changed as this was in the 1960s that he was a cop.

  • I am not a law enforcement officer. I do agree that all of them need more training for different situations. Yes, it is nice to have at least 2 law enforcement officers go to a domestic dispute scene, but sometimes it is not possible. I do not know what happened in this situation. I am thankful that someone did stop to help. I do hope that someone did call the dispatch for a back-up car. I wish the officer a speedy recovery.
    Thank You to all the Law Enforcement Officers that risk their lives to protect us.

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