Attorney General Sessions Sends a Letter to Congress Asking for the Right to Use Federal Funds to Prosecute State-Legal Marijuana Businesses

Attorney General Jeff Sessions requested permission from Congress to once again use federal funds to go after marijuana growers and other businesses. A letter which he wrote to Congress on May 1st  just became available to read.

In the letter, Sessions is pushing back against the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment which, according to this morning’s article in the Washington Post,

prohibit the Justice Department from using federal funds to prevent certain states “from implementing their own State laws that authorize the use, distribution, possession or cultivation of medical marijuana.”

To read the Post article or the original story in click the links.



  • He is probably just trying to promote the Russian Cannabis Industry.

    • Lol holy smokes I think you hit the nail on the head!!

    • Expensive bureaucracy

      This California county took in $3.7 million in pot fees. Now it might ban cultivation

      Read more here:

      • How is he selling it as an LLC and for profit? How are dispensaries buying it from an LLC?

      • A couple points in focus:

        1. “737 marijuana growers ”

        There weren’t 737 different individual growers. Many registrants have more than one property registered; some have more than 10 properties registered.

        2. “unless we come up with $2.3 million, we’re going to lay off 23 people?” asked Supervisor Jack Garamendi”

        The article doesn’t mention that as part of registration growers had to declare their sq.ft. canopy size, and allowed up to 22,000 sq.ft. There’s a $2 per-canopy-sq.ft. tax due right now.
        The county has already received over $2million of those taxes; there’s still more time til the due deadline.

        Cannabis won’t be banned in Calaveras. The economics are too plain and simple; the county desperately needs the weed money.

        ‘General Fund shortfall highlights day one of (Calaveras) county budget hearings’
        June 13, 2017
        Paper: “County officials reported they collected $1.1 million last week.”

        Calaveras Cannabis Association commentor: ” Based on the speed of payments that we are tracking, the county has likely collected over $2 million by this point in measure C taxes and will likely have collected over $4 million by the end of this week, possibly more. “

      • it’s just a temporary halt, while they hurry to add the cultivation permit laws to the books. They did the same thing to that poor WHEAT farmer in Red Bluff. He complied with permits, despite his better understanding of the constitution, and was therefore granted the permits to plow and seed. However, come harvest time, he was fined and jailed for harvesting without a permit.
        These are the rulers our founding fathers fought to escape from.

    • It’s about time someone does something about the unregulated grows and the Carnage that they cause. The total collapse of the fish runs on what used to be productive Rivers and watersheds is nothing short of criminal. Start with the governor, then the stupidvisors. Don’t get me wrong I’m pro weed done right. This is being done ass backwards. The feds should call out the national guard,the army,the Marines. [edit]

      • Thanks for the fucking edit. It’s still fucking wrong,come on down Mr. Sessions do your magic. You fucking idiots don’t get it once the fish are gone they are fucking gone… dollars fucking first…hope there are lots of fires this year. Fuck the green rushers go fucking back where you came from and fuck that place up. You are all pieces of shit.

  • “requested permission from Congress”
    Hey Congressman Huffman, what say you? Are you going to fund or defund? The ball’s in your court.
    Blame Sessions while the unconstitutional epa funded by congress confiscates the lands, or not blame Sessions while the unconstitutional epa funded by purse string holders confiscates the lands? Decisions, decisions.

      • Congress has created the unconstitutional agency called the EPA. They then gave the EPA unconstitutional full power of authority to create their own laws, rules, fines, fees, penalties, and even enforcement. The House of Representatives funds them. They then send sound bites to media, to demonize all who oppose. Then they sit back and say, “go gettem”. Go get me that ranch at the Rio Grand. Go get me that gold mine in Oregon. Go get me all the water, air, resources, & land in every state usa. We will demonize all who dare to oppose. We will create such poverty that no one can fight us in courts. We will own it all.
        The people have nothing but promises of a better tomorrow.
        Speaking of promises, are you aware that States cannot make deals with foreign country’s? You might want to share this pesky detail with your congressman and governor. China today, who knows tomorrow?

    • Yeah, what are you talking about. Sessions, EPA?

      • Read the Constitution. Literally. Then you will see.
        Congress has made unconstitutional laws & agencies against the people. The house of representatives funds these laws & agencies. The executive branch enforces these laws. The media spreads the propaganda the politicians want dispersed. The dept of education, (an unconstitutional dept), brainwashes the students and teachers into believing the unconstitutional laws and agencies are constitutional. And they all point fingers at each other and the people. It’s always the fault of the people. The people must pay extra fines, taxes, permits, or the world will implode.
        THE world of the tyrants will implode, not the real world.

        Either way, you’ve been had, unless we return to the original intent of the Constitution. But that takes balls.

        • You lost me.....

          While in the last few years the ol EPA has gone overboard with it’s enforcement more than a few times, to unconstitutional levels I must agree (one more reason why unconstitutional action needs CRIMINAL law attached to it, not just “civil” aka jail vs suing), I fail to see how the Education dept is? It has fulfilled the promise of equality, helps “promote the general welfare”, promoted the “establishment of justice”, and helps sideline tyranny due to PEOPLE BEING ABLE TO READ AND DO MATH every day. Please, explain your position on the Dept of Ed.

          • Powers not delegated to the government in the constitution are retained by the states. Education is not a delegated power, it is a state’s power.
            The clause called General Welfare, is not intended for governing over the people’s daily welfare. It is a clause that gives the permission for the government to do what is needed for getting their delegated jobs accomplished. Building offices, roads, post offices as well as staffing, securing, stocking & maintaining them. The red tape.
            Because education is not a duty delegated to them, it is an unconstitutional agency. Same with EPA, FDA, IRS, and all the abc branches.
            People were reading and writing before the government was formed.

          • While students and post students are protesting the cost of education, the teachers and professors are encouraging them to do so. Every promise made by every politician, promises to lessen the burden of costs and to improve the quality of environment and staff.
            The crowd goes wild. Taxes raised for free books and tuition! Every freshman should have a free start, while they learn how to prepare for taking on their own responsibilities in the future. We can dig this!
            But, that’s not where the taxes go. Instead, the taxes are spent on classes that incite violence and division. Here’s just one out of many more out there. You can google your State’s own payroll. Discovering that the special teachers and sell out principals rake in 1/2 million dollar salaries/benefits/retirement/ etc totals, should blow your mind. If it doesn’t, may I remind you that the average teacher used to scrape by on a measely $10,000.00 per year salary. They deserved a raise back then. But, there’s no way any of us would vote for one today, after seeing where and how the money is spent in reality.

        • Shak, are you really that [edit] stuck in your own bubble? The EPA keeps our lands, water and air at a somewhat safe level of toxicity. Do you even realize how far gone our planet would be with out the laws that the EPA enforces. Do you think we can just dump crude oil and chemicals into our streams and pollute our air poisoning everyone and everything in sight. You really think the USEPA is just a worthless branch of government when you live on a planet that already has streams you can’t touch because they will kill you, and water fossits that catch fire when you strike a match. And animals being forced to migrate for things that should be abondant. Truly the republican agenda you agree with seems like more than half the time contradicts what its supporters wants anyways. But let’s face it republicans can’t get anything done they can barely tie they’re shoes without help. Now you have Trump who literally has been pampered his whole life he’s never had to do anything himself. You Trump supporters got played so hard! I said it all along he conned you good ol’ boys and girls so hard, you didn’t only get played like a fiddle you got shredded like jimies guitar!

          • Those scenarios were unlawful before the EPA. The people of the states rallied against company polluters, and they demanded for legislators to create limits and penalties. The EPA is not the superman of your dreams. Colorado river, Copper mines, sewage dumps in the southern calif/mexico .. oh, the long list of grievances are still there, with or without the epa. The epa just steals the lands through excessive fines and court trials.
            What they don’t steal, the local governments do.
            Perhaps a reading of the 8th amendment concerning excessive fines and cruel and unusual punishments would help achieve an epitome. Maybe the laws that state no land confiscations without just compensation.
            I’m not a Trump fan, btw, but neither am I a basher of the president the people next to you voted into office. I respect their wishes. They seem to be doing a fair job of reminding him daily of his promises.
            Playing the political party game is, imo, laughable. They all work for the same goal. They scratch either’s backs. They are both owned by BIG corporations. They are owned. Party’s are not fun free for alls, they are controlled by private owners, with the end goal of owning all. Stack it up.
            Not my cuppa tea. Enjoy yours though, while it’s “hot”.

          • By the way, while all Calif ears are tuned into Sessions, the Dems are passing their Calif budget plan. No road repairs, no Dam repairs, no recalling officials anymore, … enjoy your morning news about Sessions who is playing his part of executor for the laws that your Calif legislators hand him and fund.

      • What is the Attorney Generals job?
        It is to uphold federal law. Until federal law changes, Sessions should not pick and choose which laws to enforce. Like our previous AG and FBI director did.

        • To be Constitutional, you have to enforce constitutional laws and veto non constitutional laws. Sessions is trying to execute an unconstitutional law. The house of representatives are funding unconstitutional laws. Dems and Republicans both parlay for the same end goal. They work for the same team and that team does not include Joe America.

    • Colorado has the easiest paper trail to follow…let’s see what happens. The state of California couldn’t regulate Medical after 20 years! They couldn’t get the 4000 illegal gardens, now they have 8000! Who’s gonna feed all the trim Migrants? Will they even get into USA? You have to surrender your devices& passwords for all your accounts or go back home.

    • Yikes, I am not entirely sure that the constitution was written so that mega grow guys could do whatever the fuck they want… I suspect that black ops will be coming to take you all out!

      Paranoid much?

  • this is just a stupid try at the Keebler elf trying to get a little bit of air time. he can go fuck him self. Pot is here to stay forever!!!!

  • This F@#%ing Guy needs to partake in some sessions, or already has and is confused.

    • Write your congressman if you want it changed.

      The “legal” states do not want to make it national, it would be bad for business. They get to issue new taxes and fees then bust or let the feds do it. Then more fees, permits etc.

  • Gov. Brown and his cronies responsible for trashing this administration with liberal crazy idealogy has made enemies with the elites in DC. Now watch the feds saddle up and put the kabosh on legal Marijuana growers by confiscating the land.Sad indeed. The black market will still prosper regardless and we’ve gone absolutely nowhere in helping curb the onslaught of environmental damage done by unregulated grows. Very sad indeed. But keep calling this administration nazis and racists mr.moonbeam. I’m sure you think fighting against the federal government with your unsubstantiated anarchy in your pea brain mind is what’s good for all Californians. Wrong!

  • Thanks Kym.

  • Look at all the demented zombies walking the streets of Eureka overwhelming public services.
    The overwhelming number of them owe drugs to their downfall but stupid California voters still went and legalized pot and soon all drugs.

    Good for Sessions, pot isn’t a medicine it is only good for getting high.

    • News Flash…. Those “zombies” that are overwhelming public services didn’t get there by smoking pot. Cheap heroin and meth from Mexico and no wall is going to solve that problem.

    • The Zombies in Eureka are on Meth, Heroin, Bath Salts, combo drugs and everything else they can put into their bodies. It is not a pot crowd. Your analysis is incorrect. Lets thank Phillip Crandel and the county for focusing on payoffs. Physicians and nurses have bailed because of the misguided illegal God awful priorities of our Politicians.

      • Where is the all growers taxes? Who is monitoring the ‘County’ & ‘State’ income’s from all this? Jerry Brown couldn’t even keep track of State Park $$$. And yes the EPA and their FAKE science creating FAKE news is part of the problem and they are a corrupt and inept appendage of the past Obama disastrous regime.

        • What are you, a parrot?

        • Oh yes fake news lmao, you think the thousands of scientists that are smarter than you could ever be or anyone you know for that much, got it wrong? How’s about you go conduct some studies yourself, go turn you car on and breath the exaughst for a half hour see how that goes. Hows about you take some chemicals that leach for a millions of years and dump them in your favorite stream and water supplie. Do you have kids or grandkids or are you just a lonely person who doesn’t care about if our grandkids have a planet. Truthfully it’s you old farts that are ruining our planet because you can’t see past your old tire fire days, make America great again! Yeah right you just want white people to be on top again. Scum of the earth Republicans!

      • Methican Americans have every right to tear our society down and blame the old folks who lived and built this County the last 60 years….. or maybe that is the objective???

        • Back off the pool-aid, man!

        • Wow Ralph you make me want to Ralph, your blatant rascism is something else. Really methican American? Your really worried about Mexicans right now while our country is in shambles are you fucking kidding me. Seriously you aren’t even worth it because you are so misinformed. You are brainwashed by the rascist ways of republicans. May god help you cause you need it.
          By the way you old folks who “built” this community didn’t give a crap about the environment nor did you guys think about the future. Want to Know how I know that? I’m fifth generation southern humboldt and I know the shit you you old farts did, I got stories from my dad, grandma, grandpa, mom, aunt, uncle, cousins, sisters and brothers, so go ahead try to lie some more I’ll call your ass out on your BS! What’s funny is, now you Republicans have another shot at it, and the man that is leading you guys is Donald J Trump, you really think he knows how to do anything? Like really I don’t think he could cook an egg or ties his shoe without help. Good job on electing a spoiled brat 8 year old for president. How do you feel now?

          • Hey Einstein he is leading you too, the whole country. stop whining and pointing fingers, we need solutions not more hot air. I feel great I didn’t vote for either lunatic, if the left side is like you were screwed too, we need middle ground.

    • Dr. Straw is taking pain patients. Appointments start at noon at his house. All drug addicts welcome!

      Cannabis is a medicine! Or at least according to my Dr.s at UCLA, Stanford, and Johns Hopkins. But trolls always know more than scientists and Dr.s. Dr.Straw is in the house and has declared he knows more about science after all trolls are all knowing and don’t believe in learning.

      • This argument that it’s okay because it’s medicine is getting old. What’s next? Are we going to push for Poppy Field permits? Take a look at what’s happening to a non-medical plant that has been legal for hundreds of years. Tobacco taxes on July First will more than double. Where do you see legalization/Taxation in say Twenty years on Pot? Then, we are right back to where we started.

    • Not medicine? You need to do your homework

  • Keep black market alive! Many of our jobs are on the line.

  • Federal policies change like the direction of the wind, yet here in CA, 20 + years of medical pot

  • Were is the chump you would think he would be all over this ?they need to spend money busting the meth ,and heroin ,but it seems they are never going t o do that,and it costs to much money cleaning up labs ,and illegal cartel grows .plus all the environmental damage done buy them .spend some money dealing with the root of the problem.

    • You’re the enemy wimp. Say your name. Oh wait, you’d embarrass your mother by giving out your name. I k ow who you are, you can’t paint over the truth forever

    • After all these months, I can finally tell that you’ve been yanking our chains this whole time. Good one, takes dedication.

    • You just HAD to ask, half an hr later & guess who shows up, spewing hatred toward anything faintly resembling Pro Cannabis!!! ;-\

    • What we are waiting for??? Oh I know, for the CHUMP to lead the charge of course!!! We may have a LOOONG wait ahead of us folks!!!

  • Hey now don’t be bashing those zombies walking and camping on the streets of Eureka. Those are city council woman Kim Bergels constituents.

  • Were is the chump you would think he would be all over this ?they need to spend money busting the meth ,and heroin ,but it seems they are never going t o do that,and it costs to much money cleaning up labs ,and illegal cartel grows .plus all the environmental damage done buy them .

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Oh yeah!

    All out unrestricted war against the terrorist groupings!

    Predator drones, main battle tanks, Marine divisions securing the area.

    Razor wire, fencing, and minefields were invented to house growers until they can receive a trial.

    I’d like to see the penalty for marijuana be changed that on conviction they are parachuted into North Korea.

    Let the North Koreans deal with this problem.

    Let Kim have them, the pit bulls wearing bandanas, the scragle beards, the hipster talk, give it all to Kim.

    Make America great again- raid every grower & deport convicted ones to North Korea with their pit bulls.

    Let’s hope this happens soon.

  • ???? Don’t drink the bong water.

  • Trumps take on things,
    Trump admires a dictator’s brutal anti-drug crusade

    Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has encouraged his constituents to kill drug addicts and has overseen a bloody anti-drug crusade that has resulted in thousands of deaths at the hands of law enforcement officers and groups operating extrajudicially.

    In late April, Trump called Duterte to praise his drug war and invite him to the White House.

    “I just wanted to congratulate you because I am hearing of the unbelievable job on the drug problem. Many countries have the problem, we have a problem, but what a great job you are doing, and I just wanted to call and tell you that,” Trump said.

    One of the key architects of Sessions’s sentencing memo was Steven Cook, a former federal prosecutor and a lifelong hard-liner on criminal justice issues. Cook is now considering changes to policies governing marijuana and civil asset forfeiture, according to the Associated Press.

  • It’s about the only thing that can save this place! I’m all for it! [edit] I miss old humboldt, the old timers will still be able to prosper this is nothing new to them. Peace out!

    • Well there a major problem with that, in the summer when they have plants it will be too dry to shell without burning the whole place down, and in the winter you would just make more holes to fill with soil for the summer time, So you would actually be helping them. you want to help! I knew you liked growers 😊

  • CartOnTopOfHorse

    Hmm, nothing solid has really emerged from Jeff Sessions. We are still in his opinion phase. We will probly not know until we see some raids/forfeitures invoked solely by the federal government. Then to what extent, what will the criteria be. He sited a case that was shipping large amounts out of CO. He seems to like to call it medical marijuana also. Covering all bases perhaps?, state sanctioned rec and medical programs, or just the back door ops.

  • About time! Let’s get this thing started!! Easy eradication- just drive up and cut em all down! Easy RICO convictions and confiscation of lands, houses, vehicles all bought with marijuana money. Easy federal conspiracy charges for Emerald Family and others who have already provided all necessary paperwork. Let’s see that new federal courthouse in McKinleyville bring in lots of cash and proceeds from auctions of confiscated property. It will be like shooting fish in a barrel!! And once it kicks in we will see our county get much nicer in terms of people. Drive those greedrushers the heck out of here!!

  • So much for ‘States Rights’ eh ?

  • Liberal[edit]s sure get worked up when they think they are going to lose there dope

  • Wow chump ,I guess ,I pushed the wrong button instead of using all that fire power you’re talking about eradicating marijuana you should use all that fire power to eradicate meth, and heroin. Although I think what you have planned in your mind is a bit excessive.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Marijuana is a gateway drug, the growers now deal meth because pounds continue to lose value while the late comers still have huge notes to pay on property.

      B-52 used over Trinity Pines & AP would send a message. The Navy could hit grows all around SoHum & Mendo.

      After the dust settles give the growers 24 hours to leave before the ground invasion begins.

      Once the growers leave the rest of the drugs will leave also. During the ground invasion all.drugs would be targets, but you’ll find hard drugs are centered around grows.

      The Devil’s Lettuce goes hand in hand with hard drugs.

    • Absolutely so!!!! Those dangerous substances are deadly, no if ands or even Butts (buts) about it!!! All I ever want to do after smoking a little Cannabis, is find something to eat & then take a nap!!!! Go out & harm someone is NOT on the menu!!!! Never has been NEVER will be!!! Go back to your delusions CHUMP!!!!

      • You’ve described my Cat’s life purrrfectly ! I guess that makes Snickers an upstanding, righteous Human-being. Now, go back to your catnap.

  • 164 northerncal

    The wife and kids and myself have lived off grid for 38years. We used to drink our creek water but have not been able to in the last 6 years due to contaminants in the water from illegal grows. We have had to drink bottled water that comes from? Mater of fact any grows in our watershed. The grows effect not only water but wildlife also. We have hunted and fished for our food and have watched it all go away due to greedy growers the move into Humboldt county from other places on this earth. The growers don’t give two nickels about the first people here in this county. I could only hope that somehow it could be reversed by some gift from God. You people that have sold out for money, our resources, that give us life sustainability , should maybe go to Mexico or maybe Afghanistan.or some other country . I can see the medical aspect of mary jane . I don’t see how you all, that destroy our economy and our land can sleep at night. I think you should be well aware of a faction in this county that hates you and your kind . [edit]

    • Sessions should hang em all. And make them pick the tree. If you grow you die. Worthless greedy f*ers… Start in Sacramento and work his way up. In my opinion.

    • And how many “years”did Native Americans “live off the grid”? Everybody needs to take deep breath and, as John Trudell says, “Let your intelligence be your medicine.”

    • I drank untreated water for years. Once when the water stopped running I found a bloated frog blocking the line.
      Personally I think it helps the immune system.

  • Meth ,and Heroin is the most destructive drugs or narcotics known to man a lot of people refer to it being a disease . i suppose at some point in the cycle of addiction it becomes a disease ,so if we can just find a way to at least slow it up .mthe production and distribution of Meth and Heroin through out Humboldt county .This I think is what law enforcement state and federal should consintrate on instead of the refer to the devil lettuce.

    • It’s “Concentrate” sorry lol Dan made me do it. Devils rock candy? Devils pop rocks? Devils roofing tar? Chumps tic tacs? Let me know when I get a good one,

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        Satan’s Sizzle?
        Lost Coast Lobotomy?
        Medical Mayhem?
        Salmon Creek Crack?
        Hmongfork Mud?
        T-Pines Peanut Butter?

        Better stop lettuce heads will simply rename strains with these cool names.

        Only when the last marijuana seed on Earth is thrown into a fire, will we be safe.

      • thank you.
        good spelling and grammar is like armor when going up against authority.

  • It puts the lotion on the skin or else it gets the hose again

  • why dont we use medical marijuana funds to prosecute jeff sessions? seems fair

  • Yeah right,, every idiot in California is growing 1000+ pounds of light dep, what other checks and balances are there when the governor and assistant governor are some of the biggest players? It’s out of control and everyone knows it. Say hello to the 500 dollar pound of indoor

  • the sheep offered wool to stay “In ” compliance ” now the wolves have come for blood

  • CartOnTopOfHorse

    When and where is this 500$ Pound of indoor and what market? And who can grow indoor for 500? And why is 500$ a bad thing, not profitable? What do you know about anything?

  • If u live in humboldt, buy some luggage cuz the games over. There is another player in town it’s called the other 55 million people in California and they want to get in too. So do the math. Don’t let your false EGO fool you, the only reason you were successful is because you had an environmental monopoly. You sold yourselves out to the man. GAMEOVER….

  • CartOnTopOfHorse

    I do not disagree, A diesel grow on de1000s that would be out of the question yeh. If that is the case then they should get some luggage. Without commercial rate power and a decent size solar grid, efficient lighting indoor would not be profitable. I will also add that most of that depo you speak of would fail testing if only they would test. Enter the era of black market government.

  • CartOnTopOfHorse

    California needs to have already added strong testing, tracking, and security measures. Cover all canopies with 24/7 high res cameras that cover every step of the growing to final packaging weighed and stored. Software like DW Spectrum let you do advanced search capabilities with enhanced motion capture. I have set these up in licensed grow facilities and can train how to use it to the extent nothing can get by. Trust me we can talk tech if you want. But if I set up your system you would not be diverting to the Black Market.

  • Casey Terwilliger

    What a freaking idiot! Like to smack the smug smirk off his face asshole! I’ve visted pain clinics didn’t work. Yes let’s continue our opiod epidemic. It’s the DEA cash cow… sessions needs educated. Go back to keeper factory where you belong prick.

    • He can’t do a thing unless the House of Representatives writes him a check.
      All should be held accountable over this. None of them are keeping their oath of office, which is to secure the rights of the people.

  • A Senator warns us what’s going down fast and furiously.

    “Democrats’ budget strips power from the people and rigged insider deals include no money for flood protection after the Oroville spillway failure.

    Conspicuously absent from the budget deal negotiated by the Governor and Democrats are projects to improve and upgrade our deteriorated and compromised water infrastructure including Oroville Dam, and river and bypass levees.

    This budget is packed more than any previous budget with major policy changes including blatant changes in California’s 100-year-old recall law which permanently will diminish citizens’ ability to recall elected officials. It opens the door for direct voter intimidation by organized special interests. For the sake of staving off a current burgeoning recall of an Orange County Senator, this cynical ploy permanently disenfranchises citizens.

    This budget is filled with broken promises made by Democrats to the citizens when they passed the massive new $52 BILLION gas and car tax; it takes gas and car tax money that is supposed to go to roads, highways and bridges to pay for recruiting lifeguards, park rangers and state park maintenance and local park operations.” -Senator Jim Nielsen.

    A few headlines people are ignoring while distracted with Sessions and the new news articles:
    Incarcerations of rural people are increasing.

    Last chance grade will cost too much for.

    Get on the phone. Demand that they stop playing games. Tell them to do their job of SECURING your right to freely travel, live, prosper, and vote.
    Tell them you’re tired of hearing the slogans, “fight for your rights”. We KNOW we own our own rights. We KNOW our rights are off limits to officials. We KNOW the duty of officials is to SECURE our rights, not grant or deny our rights. We KNOW and we’re not going to take it anymore. FIX OUR ROADS!

    When? NOW. They are passing a law to forbid recalling of officials. They are raising taxes to incarcerate rural people, instead of for fixing the roads they supposedly raise the taxes for. Do I need to continue on and on? WAKE UP!

    Volleyball is fun on the beach, let’s keep it where it belongs.

    Call, write, and raise awareness that you KNOW officials are elected to SECURE our rights, by protecting them. No more doling them out like presents to kids. WE OWN our rights. We are BORN with our rights.

    Read them the 9th and the 10th amendments. Those amendments confirm what’s what. Powers are not rights. Rights are not powers. Federals are not States. States are not Federal.

    Forget the headlines of distraction. They are pro’s at distraction. Create a crisis, offer a pre-designed solution is their motto.

  • What’s being overlooked is the fact that the EPA & regional water boards, both non-elected, both unconstitutional agencies, also admitted that STRAWBERRIES, orchards, your precious tomatoes and onions, your small veggie gardens, ALL your water sources, are also going to be busted just like your other Constitutional plant that is in question.
    EPA =Federal government. EPA writes their own laws. Sessions enforces the law, the House of Representatives FUNDS the law.
    See where this is headed? WAKE UP!
    Read those guidelines. If you have a medical plant, you can only have x amount of other plants.
    Robin Hood didn’t rob from the rich to give to the poor. He robbed from the tyrannical King to GIVE BACK to the robbed. That King also claimed ALL resources as his own. No hunting, no crops, no shelters, no coin, unless permitted by the King. He, too, called it “sustainable”.
    Wake up!

  • Wow. The comments are all over the map! I thought there would be a more specific dialogue about Sessions desire.
    A lawyer told me yesterday that Congress turned down his request for the funds, which would have been an interim authorization of the extended/old budget they still retain (since, apparently they can’t agree on a new budget). This holds until the next Federal budget is completed. So. Stay tuned!!!

  • Mr Sessions looks stoned in that picture

  • Lol. He kinda does.

  • Rand Paul, Thomas Massie and a handful of others are busily drafting something up to slow Sessions, & those who don’t vote oh hell no, down.

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