69th Annual Old Timers’ Day Parade and Picnic in Orleans

Banner in Orleans

Banner spanning the road through Orleans. [Photo by Penny Eckert]

Press release for this year’s Father’s Day Parade and Celebration in Orleans:

Every year for the last at least 69 years, the little town of Orleans gathers itself up for a big event.  We celebrate and honor our community elders in a big parade and follow it with a potluck picnic in which the elders are further honored with special seating and service.

This year’s theme for the event is the 50th anniversary of the dedication of the lovely bridge over the Klamath River at Orleans.

Painting of the Orleans bridge by Claudia Jennings Lima

Bridge over the Klamath River at Orleans by Claudia Jennings Lima

There will be a big photo exhibit at the picnic, with contributions from many of the elders and many fascinating photos from the Caltrans archives.  We hope for visits from some of our elders now living outside the community who were involved in the construction of the new bridge.  The parade starts at noon on Sunday, June 18th, at Big Rock Road and proceeds down Highway 96, then returns back to Big Rock, allowing the viewers to admire the floats and participants from both sides!  It’s always a lot of fun.  The picnic follows, this year to be held at the Karuk Tribe’s DNR/Community building just east of the Klamath River bridge, starting right after the parade.

Come one, come all!


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