Stolen Hard Drive Contains Photos of Deceased Dad and Close Friend as Well as Important Documents

This is a long shot but…

A white and blue canvas bag full of computer equipment was stolen from my green Ford Ranger truck on 17th Street Arcata sometime between the night of 6/9/17 and morning of 6/10/2017. In the bag was an old lenevo thinkpad computer, an ipad 2 in otter case, a rockstar mac formatted hard drive, an old blue plug in hard drive, a brand new hard drive, a brand new mouse, and a GAPS cookbook.

The old devices are worth very little in money but contain pictures and documents from the past 15 years of my life. Of sentimental value are pictures of my last trip with my dad who passed away in January, pictures of my close friend who passed away in February (I was in the process of creating a memorial book for his family), my entire college career ( I was in the process of applying for grad school and need documents), and several other important trips, moments, and documents.

The most important item is the black rockstar hard drive.
hard drive
I have absolutely no interest in pressing charges. I’m only hoping to recover these important pictures and documents that are really important to me. I’m willing to offer a reward for the return of these items, no questions asked. Please feel free to email, call, or text me with information.

Her phone number is
(707) 599-0632
And her email



  • Shouldn’t leave valuable items in car, especially in HumCo, land of theft.

  • Anything that isn’t nailed down or they can get something under to pry it loose with, seems to get stolen no matter how useless it may be to the thief!!!! ;-c

  • I hope it helps to alert pawn shops, electronic stores/shops that take such devices for parts, refurbishing, etc.

    Hopefully, the item(s) are returned, intact. You never know, the thieves may hear of the reward and give it back to claim it.

  • Sorry to hear this happened to you. I will definitely keep a look out for any similar equipment I might happen to come across.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.


  • Sorry that happened too you .i hope you get your be longing back .

  • I wish you luck on your long-shot ad. Anything can get stolen anywhere. My daughter-in-law had her computer stolen right in front of her at the Eiffel Tower and this was before all the immigrants and terrorists came into the country in the past four years. There are professionals out there and lucky first-timers. As they say about stopping terrorist attacks, they only need to be lucky once and we have to be lucky all the time. The first commentator Iohannes is obviously things I’d name but I don’t want this comment deleted for inappropriate appropriate comments

  • Unfortunately Humboldt has become a haven for thiefs!!! I hope you get back your equipment .Im sure your feeling bad enough without being told not to leave your stuff in your vehicle,I’m so sorry!!

  • Veterans friend

    Thieves are everywhere and have always been. To toss “immigrants & terrorists” into the mix is bigotry, pure & simple.

  • I was hoping to read that this equipment had been found, but obviously it’s a clear case of “Wish in one hand, & sPit in the other one”, then compare!!! See which one fills up faster!!! Best of luck on it resurfacing hopefully soon!!!

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