Peter Childs and Chris McCurdy Have a New CD

Peter Childs and Chris McCurdy

Peter Childs and Chris McCurdy at the 2013 Summer Arts Fair. [Photo provided by Peter Childs]

A part of Humboldt’s musical history, the melodious duo Peter Childs and Chris McCurdy, have released a new CD. According to Childs, the CD is “appropriately titled ‘FINALLY!'”

Chris McCurdy and Peter Childs will be on Honkytonk State of Mind (KMUD) this Tuesday, the 13th at 10 a.m., talking with Honkytonk Bill about their new CD.

CD’s are available for $15 at the Branscomb Center in Garberville, at The Works in Eureka, or from Goat Rock 2, P.O.Box 71, Miranda, CA, 95553.



  • I can’t wait to “Finally” listen to two of the best

  • ‘Finally’ C&P memorialize their music as a duo. If the CD has Chris singing that song with the lyrics, the “…horses ass”, it will be worth the price of admission. He is a passionate singer who has lived the life of an half crazed, alcoholic, mountain-man artist. (Think he’d agree with that). If you haven’t, hear him while he’s hot (vertical; above ground; still breathing).

  • Lynn Hazzard Abney

    Chris, where can I get your CD. I now live out of state. You played at my wedding in Redwood Park years ago…. remember me? Would love to have your new cd with Peter. Thanks, Lynn Hazzard Abney

  • Two of my favorite people! I look forward to getting this CD.
    Thanks guys for ‘Finally’ recording this!

  • The CD sounds great, and you get the additional enjoyment of knowing you’re supporting local music, especially two long-time SoHum talents!

  • Yeah…if I turn it up real loud will it keep the bears out of the trash cans? Congratulations you guys. A lot of memories around your performances. One of the benefits of growing old here in So Hum.

    • Dave, I’m sure that I speak for Chris as well as myself when I say that the CD, far from repelling the bears, will be much more likely to bring them in, arrange them in a circle, put them in a peaceful mood, and make them our friends. I’d say order several to ensure ecological harmony in the ‘hood.

      Next time you run into Chris, ask him about the bear that sat in his yard looking right at him and happily going through the pile of old plastic bags he had in his lap. Best, Peter

  • Peter and Chris are icons of So Hum music history. Peter’s picking is legendary!

  • I can’t stop listening to Finally!, and when I’m not listening I’m humming the music.

  • sure a happy moment runnin into you two on this putter, brings bk memories of our buss trips roun Humbolt middle a the nite high after a gig as Salmon Creek Band. Michael O’Leary aka Ruckus 🙂

  • I still have the tape of Chris singing at my 23rd birthday party at the old ranch house below Chris’s. Now I’m turning 70! How time flies. I tell the story of finding books in the apartment I was moving into in Cambridge MA with the name Peter Childs in them. When my roommate and I moved to CA we shipped the books also. Then I met a Peter Childs when I lived up Salmon Creek. They turned out to be his books! I will be ordering this CD for sure.

  • Hi this Bandon from the Works. The CD is advertised as available here but we have not received it yet. We would be glad to carry it.

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