Multi Car Accident East of McKinleyville

Traffic Collision Car AccidentAt 12:55 p.m. traffic is backing up after a multi-car collision near the intersection of Murray Road and David Road east of McKinleyville Road. Reportedly there are three vehicles involved. An ambulance is responding.

UPDATE 1:06 p.m.: Fire was canceled. A 4-wheel drive Toyota Tacoma will need to be towed.




  • Just further confirmation of my theory of their being a CDL in EVERY box of Cracker Jack, as the Toy Surprise!!!

  • We need better people teaching folks how to drive. Do they still teach drivers education in high school? If not they need to

    • A class is needed now to get a license, either from a public school or private school, with so many hours behind the wheel. Last I heard a grade point average of B or better was needed to get a license before 18 yrs old.

    • g-ma, my son had drivers ed in 1995, but i think it was taken out of the schools after that.

      i had de in 1973 and they showed movies “signal 30” and “highways of agony” & more.
      we had the option of watching or leaving the room. some no one left at the start but not too far into the 1st movie a handful of kids did leave. a few of them dropped the de class and decided they didn’t want to drive a car.

      those gory movies taught me to be a defensive driver and expect the unexpected always.
      when my son started driving i had nightmares, but it’s all been good and he’s been driving 25 yrs.
      the number of crashes in this area is mind boggling. it can’t just be the roads.
      in humboldt i’ve learned that the bigger the vehicle coming in the opposite lane then the farther it will be over the center line and the closer it will be to me in my lane.

      a couple x’s my defensive driving became evasive driving – the kind where i’ve needed to pull over soon after to calm your racing heart – and say grace.

  • Let’s hope nobody is seriously injured.

  • G-Ma, one would need to re-introduce concern for others back into our society. That isnt going well right now.

  • Many folks around here don’t have DLs yet still drive. Many have had theirs revoked for dui. Many took their test at 18 without requiring a class taken. Many just plain aren’t paying attention. I drive Fortuna up to eureka every day at least once, and I see all kinds of shit. Someone talking on a phone, women doing their makeup with both hands, people drinking a beer while driving, rain sprinkles and people drive 50 mph on the freeway. Brake checking someone when in fast lane going 62 and someone gets on their asses for not moving over… plenty of factors that go into why we have so many accidents.

  • Veterans friend

    I wish everyone had to get their license on a motorcycle. No better way to understand defensive driving. You learn pretty fast that every car on the road really IS a lethal weapon pointed right at YOU

  • In the last five years or so I have witnessed people passing on double yellow lines,blind corners,or on rural roads driving down the middle of the road with no thought of another person driving on the road around blind corners this shit needs to stop ASSHOLES…

  • Steve , it sounds like you were driving on highway 36 .

    • Mogtx; thanks but no it was the Mattole road.I know that 36 is worse but I try not to drive it anymore…watch your ass,peace out…

  • Agree with you Mogtx… The most dangerous road in the state !!! Personally drive it many times per week. Have come upon many accidents including others that didn’t make it.

  • You’d think the state would notice how many wrecks their are. Young folks don’t know how to drive. They don’t look both ways or at all before pulling out.or use their turn signals which really is annoying. Lot of red light runners,can’t stay in their lanes they suck!! We taught our kids as well,I wanted them safe and to make sure they could drive before unleashing pretty soon everything will be self taught oh God have mercy take care

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