Four Teenagers Miraculously Walk Away After Their Car Tangles With a Fence

White car that hit a fence

[All photos provided by a reader]

Last night around 9:30 p.m. four young girls returning from a visit to the beach via Centerville Road near Ferndale crashed into a fence. One board embedded with glass shoved through the front windshield and came out a back side window–miraculously without seriously injuring one of the teenagers, according to a reader.

The vehicle tore off approximately fifty feet of fencing alongside a straight stretch of the rural road.

Ferndale Police and CHP responded to the scene.

Board with embedded glass shards.

Board with embedded glass shards.

White car that hit a fence

Sedan battered by boards.




  • Better to be lucky than smart. “Uh, mom, we had a little problem with your car…”

  • Wow thay are lucky young women.

  • Many stories on same situation and others did not live to tell about it. Hope the young ladies learned a invaluable lesson and how close their lives were to being cut short. Watch you tube videos how vehicles were impaled by road debris. Went to school with a lady that experienced the same situation. Survived but her face is scarred for life. A reminder in the mirror everyday.

  • That’s a sporty looking car for teenagers they had to be going way to fast for that road. Lesson learned I hope

  • Talk about being extra lucky during a very unlucky moment! I’m glad they’re alright. I hope they share their blink of an eye moment with others who daily ride on a prayer.

  • Was impairment a contributing factor in this crash?

    • What difference does it make?

    • Being that they under 18 years of age the details can’t be released.

      • I didn’t know they couldn’t state details; I thought they just couldn’t state their names? Do you know they’re minors, or just assuming? And seriously what kind of car is that? Was it luck, or the car that saved them?

  • My ex father in law once held a lady who was pinned to the drivers seat by a 4 x 6 fence post that came to rest thru her abdomen. Until the paramedics arrived. He was already scarred from Nam, but this accidentally he came upon that day didn’t help him any. Bless the POWS and all our men and women in arms.

    • butterflymom707

      i worked on that girl in surgery, i think…..was it about 15-20 yrs ago? i was a surgical nurse, and a young lady was impaled this way…..we saved her…it was like a miracle. no one knew what to expect, many surgeons of different specialties together….what would happen when they pulled it out….i was very proud of our team that day. You just don’t expect to walk into surgery and see that.

      • Yes, it would have been about then. Glad to hear she made it! You and your team are truly miracle workers. I know, I had an amazing neurosurgeon who saved my life! Thank you to all of you who choose the health care field. As long as I have been in the system, I know the sacrifices you have made in your own lives in order to give life back to others.

  • Stupid kids, slow down… You are not invincible…. Tired of seeing this kind of shit happening…. It’s getting bad here with idiot drivers …

  • It is a miracle no one was killed or seriously injured! I hope they can learn from this experience that cars are very dangerous, and they need to be more careful.

  • butterflymom707

    i am a surgical nurse…..about 15 -20 yrs ago, a similar accident impaled a young woman thru her abdomen….when i walked into the OR, i couldn’t believe my eyes….they had to saw her off the fence to transport….many surgeons all deciding what to do, when they removed it…..unbelievably, they removed it, and it had missed all the vital organs…unfortunately, she would never to be able to have kids….but it was a true miracle to witness….most don’t survive…..these girls are soooooo lucky, and must have had an angel watching over them.

  • I must have missed the part where it said they were speeding????? I am so tired of people just assuming since they were young they must be drunk of speeding. Maybe they were but also maybe they werent. Maybe they were avoiding a deer or something!

    • I agree, so many so quick to judge when they have no idea.

    • Most wrecks, usually with teen or inexperienced drivers, happen because of excessive speed or impairment or goofing off when they should have their full attention on the road. Its pretty easy to come to a conclusion of what happened when you take out that much fence. You dont cause that much damage going the speed limot on centerville road

    • Centerville Road. Tore off 50 feet of fencing. Photos of car.

      It’s called deductive reasoning.

  • A lot of accidents on that side of the river lately…

  • How lucky no one was hurt!so glad everyone was ok,except being shook up.😇

  • I agree with Heather. Speculation is a drug. It fuels our society.

  • We should thank their lucky stars or overtime working angels this didn’t end in tragedy! <3

  • We’re they drinking?

  • Omg with that much fence being messed up they are so lucky ……if they were not going fast there would not be so much fence messed up 😱

  • Oh deer….

  • glad there ok a lesson well learned is a lesson well earned,if it was because of initentive driving.I wonder if schools now days teach drivers ed,back in my day they would show us the film blood on the tracks,kind of a clockwork orange thing,got our attention though, again glad no one was hurt.

    • No more driver’s ed. It was a free program offered in HS. Now, they have to pass a driving school program and pay for it. Probably have seen the cars around Humboldt.

  • Glad that they are ok… but I have to wonder if this was the car that went flying past my house just an hour or so before this happened going way to fast in front of the elementary school in Ferndale

  • Boy are Mommy and Daddy going to be pissed that their daughter totaled their car. Learn to walk or take the bus little lady until you grow up!

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