[UPDATE 6:18 p.m.] Home on Fire in Arcata

Burning structureAt approximately 3:55 p.m., a single story, double wide trailer was reported burning in the 4900 block of Spruce Way in Arcata. Fire crews are battling the blaze.

The fire reportedly began in the bedroom and residents had to be evacuated.

UPDATE 6:18 p.m.: The fire is contained and firefighters are returning to base.



  • kym, do you listen to the scanner all the time?
    in only a few hrs there was so much happening at once.
    sometimes it gets me really down to hear of all the sad calls coming in…
    in this short time i heard “it’s a coroner case”, then a parent calling of their son’s “suicide”, these car wreck’s, the home fire…
    listening to the scanner and following stories, kym, how do you handle the emotion of it?

    maybe time to for me to get away from the grim and see some sun/rain/snow even….

    • Judi, try to remember as things do balance themselves out. As much bad and sad that there is in this world, there is also good. New babies are born, people helping each other through the hard times. People celebrating achievements of goals or work.

      Its just that it seems that bad outweighs the good. But if we get sucked into the the negativity it also makes it harder for use to be there for each other when we are needed.

    • I listen a lot. It is my job. And, yes, sometimes it is hard. I’m still aching from the 23-year-old shooting himself. It has to be so much worse for the families and friends though and I try to do what I can to help get information to the community and still find a way to share the good. Sometimes I don’t do a good job of the latter though.

      • kym,
        one of the reasons i’m sitting in here on your virtual couch reading your virtual paper in your virtual reading room (i love all the various house plants you have in here, btw…) is because of the positive items you find for us. those allow me to take a breath and smile. i also believe you’re a positive energy source and that energy is part of the experience here.

        i worked at hcar, and i learned about true gratitude.
        to be able to feed myself, to walk easily into my kitchen, even to just go potty…i’m very grateful i can do these things at all. maybe tomorrow i won’t be able to do those things unassisted. anyway…

        so, thanks kym, this environment is appreciated.

    • thank you, tj.
      i needed to “hear” that. i see people helping each other in my neighbors every day, and especially when they are being kind and helping me just cuz they want to…i really am blessed.
      so, i forget about perspective. i need to work on my balance.

      good fortune to you n yours, tj.

    • Byron,
      was the fire in your neighborhood? that just gives me goosebumps! i hope they’ll be alright. what a nightmare.
      thank you for putting the link up.

      is this your youtube page? are you pickles? are you pickles hacker?? lol

      talk about music…i’m listening to “wish you were here” ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

      floyd was at the top of bucket list.
      on july 3, 1994 i and most of my family + 61,000 citizens saw floyd at camp randall stadium in madison, wi.
      i need to sit here and write down that experience, it is still so vivid in my mind. really, this is the only memory i have that seems free of the patina of age that’s dulled the other memories.
      it has been the most amazing night of my life, so far.

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