Carjacking Near Pine Hill Elementary School

This morning before 8 a.m., according to the scanner, two men stole a car after pistol-whipping the victim in the Pine Hill Elementary School area of south Eureka. One man struck the victim in the chin with a handgun.

That suspect is described as approximately 5’9”, with a thin build and armed with a dark colored semi-automatic handgun. The other suspect is described as a heavyset adult male about 5’9″ tall. Both suspects were wearing black masks and black clothing.

The vehicle is a dark gray 2017 Dodge Challenger with black racing stripes and an air intake on the hood with the license plate of 7YQS017.

Below is the scanner traffic.

If you have any information, please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251.



  • Sounds like this was planned. Glad to hear no one is seriously injured.

    They may have taken a Hellcat. May it bring them to where they belong.

  • well that car won’t be hard to spot if they are stupid enough to go joy riding ,so sorry for the Vic.

  • Look for out of place cargo truck sightings in the area..

    • Exactly .. those oblivious cars get stuffed and toted in big rigs or shipping containers, possibly toy haulers.
      They were crossing that hellcat off a list.

  • I’ll assume the suspects are black since there was no mention of race. Typical lib reporting.

    • “Both suspects were wearing black masks and black clothing.” But you’re free to assume anything you like.

      • Oh… please! You would have a damn good idea the race of the suspects. Even fully covered you will see skin unless these are the most careful tweeker thieves ever. Dare I say you could tell by their voices, or is that crossing the line? Stereotyping is a very useful tool in an investigation. Sorry bout your feelings:(

        • One does not need to speak to rob someone. You think after getting hit in the face with a gun, you could take a close look through the holes of their mask and identify the color of their eye lids? Loser.

    • They had masks on I thought it said

    • There is no mention of race because…get this…the guys were wearing masks and the reporting person didn’t have a race to give law enforcement. Possibly the guy was just being racist though.

      When used as a descriptor, I, of course report race ( just as I report hair color. But when I wouldn’t use hair or eye color because it is irrelevant such as John Smith and Jim Jones beat up Tom Clark (who cares what race they are. We already know who they are) then I don’t.

    • Veterans friend

      You have proclaimed yourself asshole of Saturday. Good job.

    • guest, Major newspapers do not mention race to avoid stereotyping.

    • Seek help. Serious.

    • And yet you are the one implying this crime was committed by African Americans. Who’s the one racially stereotyping here?

    • Dumb ass party of STUPID Conservative can’t differentiate black mask from black person. Typical.

      • Thinking allowed

        If you read carefully, the poster did not say he thought they were black because he believes that black people do such crimes. He did not interpret black clothing to mean black people. He said he suspected they were black because there was no report as to race by the media. It was a criticism of the media and had nothing to do with black masks. It is true that officials and most media sources have done that very silliness where they don’t mention race if black since complaints a couple of years ago that mentioning black in such press releases burdened innocent black people with false reports. You know- where people leap to a conclusion without care simply based on race.

        I agree with the idea that refraining from mentioning race, where it is known, if officials are doing a BOLO, is pretty darn dumb. And the idea seems to be gradually spreading to eliminate any mention of race in all cases, apparently as a reaction acknowledging the utter illogic of not mentioning race only where it was black.

        If the comment about race being unknown is right, in this case it really means it instead of the media being politically correct.

  • WAIT. shaker? Think the owner of it pulled up to me at target talking to me about my car a couple days ago. It was two guys, is the front end Gavin issues due to drifting the other day?
    If so I saw that same car at appx 9 am going southbound leaving eureka

  • Car should have tracking software built in. Car will be found in a few hours

    • Dodges don’t. Only GM cars with Onstar…

      • Wrong, Dodge has UConnect, Their version of Onstar and it does have GPS car locator. Source: I work in Henderson Center and often check the UConnect App on my phone to see if my Charger is still in the parking lot.

  • My granddaughters car was stolen too. Shitty thiefs. So very right around the corner.

  • I was pulled over twice today. I have the same car but no racing stripes. The first time they pulled me over I thought they were going to shoot me. Not a fun afternoon with the police

    • I am so sorry. That is terrible.

    • And what made you think they were going to shoot you? Felony car stops are always weapons drawn. Cops don’t normally “enjoy” having to shoot someone. They do everything they can to avoid doing so 99.9% of the time. As long as you comply, wait until they feel the contact scene is secure, you will be able to prove it isn’t the people being sought. I’m not saying this to belittle you, but moreso to educate people on the matter. Also, sorry you were mistaken for the car stolen

      • You’re assuming cops don’t add a human element to their training, as their fingers are on a trigger pointed at you.

        You’re assuming that the cops remember the training.

        You’re assuming the training is was good.

        No denying the fact that these days there are far too many incidents of over emotional and over the top cops.

        • Sorry Brian, but I think that given all that has occurred and how society is treating police, can’t blame their caution. Same goes for civilians. As long as you aren’t getting squirmy and acting suspicious, cops don’t just shoot first ask later with no cause. Is there a bad apple? Sure, but chances you run across that one bad apple are pretty damn slim to non existent. The way the Obama administration and media has portrayed things in this country for the last 7-8 years, is vastly overdone. Does it suck he got pulled over and wasn’t in the wrong? Yes. I’ve been there. But does police being cautious due to an auto theft description matching and the violence criminals have used against police as of late justify them conducting a weapons drawn front car stop? Absolutely.

      • Your comment on cops is naive and full of lies. Some cops are pig murderers.

        • As I said. 99.9% are good. Some whites some blacks some Asians are thieves and murderers. Should we not trust ethnic groups because of something one member may or may not do? Your comment is pointless and wrong. Nothing I stated was a lie. The world is just too full of a bunch of sheep and weak individuals these days. Whenever I get into debate with a democrat, once I contradict something they say I get spoken over and/or they go off angrily not letting me get a word in. I have had debates with republicans, liberatarians, and other various political groups. They tend to at least consider what the other has to say and make a choice from there. So it should mean I can’t stand and democrat, huh? Nope. All people are given a fair chance until they do something stupid. Like make your comment.

  • Welcome to the new Humboldt.

  • The one who found it.

    It has been located, retrieved and secured. No need to look any longer. Thankyou.

  • just heard on the scanner they just located the challenger no occupants.

  • Friend of the owner

    The car has not been found so please keep looking and if spotted report to police thank you

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