[UPDATE: FOUND] Truck Stolen

Dodge ram delivery truckOvernight, one of Jacob McMahan Delivery trucks was stolen from the Evergreen Business Park between Redway and Garberville. The 2015 Dodge Ram 5500 has a blue flatbed. The license plate number is 71350T1.

“We are a family run delivery service that rely on our trucks,” Katie McMahan said. “Please keep your eyes open and report any sightings.”

If you have any information, please contact the California Highway Patrol at (707) 923-2155.
Dodge Ram delivery truck

UPDATE: The family wants you to know that the black bed truck is still in their possession and they are using it to deliver soil. The truck with the blue bed is the one being sought. Here’s a photo of both. The black bed has four doors. The blue bed only two.
Twin Soil trucks
UPDATE June 29: The truck was located outside of Redway.



  • Capitalist pig

    That’s terrible .i hope they find it soon.damn thieves!!

  • i hope they find it [edit]. Jacob is a great guy and dosent need this

  • So sorry to hear, Katie. I hope you guys get it back quickly and in good shape.

  • With all the criminals around now people might wanna think about getting lojacks on their rigs….I swear my girlfriend has one installed on me she knows every where I’m at….

  • I’m so sorry! I’ll be praying for it to come back in one piece!just happen in our family and wasn’t so lucky😣

  • Any thing not nailed down or if the thieves can get something under it, to pry it loose, it WILL be stolen!!!

  • We had someone siphon gas out of a couple vehicles on Wednesday night in the Greenwired parking lot. We got someone on our video system hanging out around our store between 12-1am. We think this might be the same vehicle and person who might have stolen Jacob’s truck.

  • well with the prices greewired charges what goes around comes around over a hundred percent mark up on solar inverters . so sorry that the delivery truck got stolen .

    • Really, what does your useless remark about Greenwired have to do with the price of tea in China? A complete non sequitur and mean-spirited to boot!

    • Hell the price’s the owner’s of these truck’s charge is outrageous!!! Shop around folk’s I myself have done the math on what it would cost to run one of these truck’s they could charge $80 per hour and still be bringing home good money!! Hell you could have a dump truck that hauls 7 pallet’s deliver your dirt for the price this guy charge’s and it will actually dump!!!

      • You are wrong , a dump truck cost 2x what he charges and can’t get where those 4×4 trucks can . A little rain and they are done . He can haul 4x what a normal truck can haul in one load . Have you seen the back roads around here ? He should charge more

        • You’re not going through the right company and yes I know what the road’s are like around here there’s not that many place’s a dump truck can’t. If a dump truck ain’t making it there that Dodge isn’t. Let’s do the math for a ten hour day!
          100 per hr on the low end =1000
          Fuel cost at most. 150
          Ware and tare. 100
          Ins and payment (high end) 125

          So his take home is 625 that put’s him at making 62.50 a hour and all the cost’s are on the very high side.

          • Oh I forgot check mate hippopotamus!!!

            • Haha . Here we have someone who has never driven a dump truck . That is the biggest crock of crap I have heard . If you had any truck experience you would know each and every vehicle is specialized for its own purposes. Dump trucks on a day like today without 4×4 will not make those slopes you see out island mountain with any water on the road . Most roads around here you could not pay a dump truck driver to go up ..which is why they have no rock and are barely passable . You also don’t sound like you understand the demand of the market . Not everyone wants dump truck soil . Lots of people want bagged soil because of the superior quality .
              Do all the math you want , it’s good for the mind .

              • Your right some spots they won’t go but not that many! I myself have seen plenty of dump trucks go out island mountain with a experienced drive those trucks can go some places!!

          • To Guest, let’s take your numbers for example. That delivery season lasts about 4 months. That’s 1/3 of a year. 1/3 of $62.50 is roughly $20.83. So to spread your estimated earnings over a year, that’s my annual hourly wage. Don’t forget self employment taxes are 15%.
            If the $$$ is so good, why haven’t you started a delivery business. I start my days at 5:00 am. I often times see my children for less than an hour per a day. The stress level of driving max capacity loads on our racetracks we call roads is extremely high. Don’t forget the off camber goat trails these trucks get driven on. There is a lot more to owning and operating a business like this than most know. You’ve forgotten some expenses; motor carrier permit, registration, loss of damaged goods, just to list a few. By majority the people who hire me to deliver are happy to have done so.
            One last thing, how would you know if the bed dumps or not? Do you have the truck?

            • Ask anyone that has had that truck deliver dirt it don’t dump. Glad to see you got a new one and hope the other one come’s back that still don’t change my mind all the truck’s around here are over paid!! On the very low side a truck like your’s make’s a easy 40 grand in that short period of time.

  • This is Jacob, my wife and I are the owners of the truck and delivery service. In a picture above it shows my phone number. If anybody sees the truck, please give me a call. I will deal with it from there. This way if you don’t want to deal with the cops you don’t have to.
    To the person who took the truck. That truck is our main source of income. This business is how I provide food for my three young children and keep a roof over their heads. Please just park it on the side of the road somewhere and let me have it back.

  • Also, I would like to say thank you to all of the people who have shared this info through Facebook. With as many times as it has been shared already, it won’t take long to find it. Keep spreading the word.

  • O when the [edit] take something it’s for a reason and you don’t get things back unless it’s burnt!! Good luck!!

  • I,m am definitely looking for it every time I go out. Please do the right thing. I know Jacob if I need help he would be there for me.

  • To In the woods,
    the only reasons tweekers theives steal, is to gane wealth for them selves because they are to high and brainless to make there own dam money. You must be a very unkind and immature human being to think that this delivery driver deserves to have his truck stolen. And what do you even mean when you say if he gets it’s back it will be burnt? Do you know something ? Why don’t you do us a favor and keep your negative opinion to your self and get a life!! Everyone else on here seems to know the driver and they speak highly of him.

  • Those edit people have plenty of
    money and arn’t tweaker’s lol, and if you knew those kind of people they don’t care, if you do them wrong and treat them like ur better then them they’ll do crazy thing’s like this, so for you Frumboldt learn how to spell and learn how to listen to the people who talk and are on the other hand who get treated different cause they arn’t from here or called a local, but tell you what ur poop stinks too aye Frumboldt just like mine and everyone else on this earth so good luck and I’ll stay positive but really learn how to listen to the people who talk and from the word that truck was out on the road last night around 3 with a tank on it lol good luck!!!

  • Mary Picknell-Scott

    People Please, let’s keep this about finding a mans truck! Thank You 😊

  • Jacob I so hope you get your truck back today ,and it is unharmed.ffffffin tweekers .

  • White Privileged Kids Causing Trouble!

    Looks like bored privileged white kids causing trouble. Probably locals out of control teenagers. Guy in photo doesn’t look homeless. Typical car that looks like a police car. Seems most of the people driving these old cop cars around are criminals. Whenever I see one the driver looks super sketchy. Need to think why did they choose that particular truck to steal. Most likely an inside job or someone very familiar with the business.

  • When is someone gonna check camera’s down across the old dazey’s or any other stores that have a camera on briceland rd to see it head out to see the car behind it to find out if it matches the photos above and then if so you need to start looking out at eddersberg or china creek!!!

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